How to Increase Your YouTube Views

By | May 6, 2020



how to increase your youtube view


Every day, we have more than 1 billion active users that log on to the YouTube platform. Video content creators post videos to get views and also earn income on YouTube.

Having a high number of views helps you rank higher and earn more income. How can you increase the number of views on your YouTube channel?

Let us take a look at steps that will help you earn more views.

Your YouTube Channel Tells Your Audience a Lot about You

When your audience logs on to your channel, what is the first thing they come across? You should have an image that your audience can use to identify your channel every time.

It could be an intro about you or even a short video that will always be on the opening page of your channel.
If you have an intro about you, then you should also include how your viewers can contact you if they take an interest in your brand.

Decide on a Niche and Focus on it

There is no need going into content creation without having a niche. What will you focus on? What type of audience do you want to create content for? What type of problem do you wish to solve and what values will your videos add to your audience?

There is an audience in every niche. So, don’t worry about having an audience to create content for. Having a niche guides you about the personality of your audience and their needs, so you can have an area to focus on.
It also streamlines you, so you don’t go astray from what you are talking about

Do Online Research

This is important to your strategy. You have decided on a niche! What are the problems that the audiences in that niche are having?

How many of those problems do you think you can solve? You can find answers to these questions using the YouTube’s search engine.
You can type in keywords in that niche and see results from the search engines. When people have problems and are seeking solutions online, they type in keywords and these keywords determine the results to be displayed by the search engines.

To get your videos close to those that will rank most in the search results, you have to know what people are running search queries for.

Look at the results as they are ranked. Now, think of a topic around the top-ranking results. You can use Google keyword planner to conduct your search.
After finding what people are looking for, you can look for a topic with many queries, but also one that is not saturated with videos.

This means that there should be low competition in that area. When you create your video, ensure that those keywords people are searching for are included in your metadata.

You can also find out recommendations for topics using the YouTube algorithm. With these steps, you know what the audience wants and you can decide on what to choose, from what they want, to offer solutions to them.
After you have decided on a popular topic in your chosen niche, you can go on to take a look at what your competitors are doing.

Find out what is spectacular about their video that made them able to fulfill YouTube’s objective of engaging users for a long time.

You can look up their libraries to check for the most popular videos. What do these videos have that make them interesting and captivating to the viewers?

When viewers stay long on YouTube, they are able to see adverts posted on it.
What type of videos does the YouTube algorithm present to the viewers? It can push videos from the same channels, videos based on the viewers viewing history, popular videos based on watch time, engagement, and the number of views and videos with similar descriptions of metadata.

After you have looked through these popular videos to guide you, take your time to think – even though you are not planning to make the same video as those of your competitors!

What can you do to make your video as interesting as theirs or more interesting? Look at their video again.
If you were asked to make the same type of video as they have done, what would you add to yours to make it better than theirs?

Use Well-Designed Custom Thumbnails

They help your viewers decide if they should watch your video or move on. Your thumbnails speak a lot about your video.
When designing your thumbnails, they should be made to reflect the title and content of your video and they should be distinctive. The graphic used should not be such that it will irritate the viewers.

Prepare a Playlist

With a playlist, videos on your channel are arranged such that as soon as one ends, another begins.
This strategy helps you keep viewers on your channel for long and reduces the chances of them leaving it after watching just one video.

After they have watched one video, you should be able to know what else your viewers will like to see or be informed about. That knowledge should guide you as you organize your playlist.

Use Cards and End Screens to Take the Audience to Your Videos

Cards are pop-ups that can be clicked on your channel to enable you to interact with your audience or walk them through some other videos on your channel.
If by your observation, some of your audiences hardly reach the end of your video, you can use cards to influence their choice.

Once a card pops up, they will probably click on it and they’ll be taken to another video, your play list, or some other link.
What you have on your card will be what the audiences have an interest in. This will motivate them to click the link.
End screens, on the other hand, motivate the viewer to take an action such as subscribing, liking your channel or following a link to your website.

You don’t have to create the same type of videos that everyone is making, especially videos on how to make something.
There are so many people making such videos. Look for what people have the need for but not many videos have been created on it.

Such videos can earn you higher views than tutorials on how to do something. Make sure you create videos that will be of value and also add value to your customers.
There are so many valuable videos that you can make for your audience, but be conscious of the category of your audience and put some creativity into the videos.
It is not enough to make videos and upload them on YouTube; you also have to develop a relationship with your audience

As they like, subscribe, or even share your videos, you can use the opportunity to relate with them. Answer their questions, appreciate their comments, react positively and encouragingly to their views.

You can even add more information to the comments they have left. Communicating with your audience will help get more views as they would love to follow your channel and new viewers would like to be a part of your interactive community.

Sometimes, you can collaborate with other content creators and feature them in your videos
You can also be a guest on other channels. You can hire a content creator to come on your channel and do a few things that will delight your audience.

But be sure that it is what your audience can relate with and what they would love to watch. You can also interview renowned and notable personalities that your audience will love to have on your show.

Post Your Videos across Social Media Platforms

Do not rely on YouTube alone to get your views. Promoting your videos in different social media helps you reach out to a large audience at a time.
This is a fast way of connecting with viewers and getting them to watch your videos. On those platforms, you can post a short part of your video, but not all of it, and then add a link back to your YouTube channel where they can watch the full video.

You can use HootSuite to schedule your posts for your followers. Each time you post a video, remember to encourage your audience to take an action such as subscribing to your channel. As your subscribers increase, so will your number of views every time you post a video.

It is the desire of every content creator to see his subscribers increase on his channel every day.
Successful YouTubers spend much time planning and strategizing on how to achieve that goal. YouTube has a large number of audiences that log on every day to watch videos.

You can choose a niche to focus on and create useful and interesting content for your audience on that niche.
As much as you create content that will add value to your audience, you should also make videos of high quality that will be interesting to watch.

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