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Many bloggers rely on social media to drive traffic to their blogs. Almost every person that goes online relates to one social media or another – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and several others!
On every social media, there is an audience for your niche. Pinterest is a social media platform with the second-largest referral traffic.

What you will learn in this post:

  • My Pinterest experience
  • Why Pinterest is right for you
  • Creating your account on Pinterest
  • Get your desired traffic
  • Making the pins right
  • Images you should use on Pinterest
  • Benefit from Pinterest
  • Conclusion

My Pinterest Experience

The first time I came across Pinterest, I was not enthusiastic about it. I thought it was for some boring set of people. I could hardly get convinced to give it a try. But now, I think about it differently.

Pinterest is worth the time you spend on it and much more. On the platform, you can get a lot of referrer traffic. It is only second to Facebook and has over 320 million active users monthly. It is a great platform where you can invest your time and content, and you will be better off for it.

And you will find topics from so many niches there. In fact, it is more resourceful than several other online social media platforms.
I stumbled upon Pinterest again by chance. I was using a tool (IFTTT) that allows me to repost from my blog to several other platforms and Pinterest was one of them. That day, after I had set up a brief profile, I just allowed the automation to run.

It would repost content from my blog post to my Pinterest account. Well, I expected that it would generate some traffic for me, but I was not expecting very high traffic. Initially, traffic was slow.

I made some observations, set up more boards, and made sure that they had content. I also used automation to follow, unfollow, and like the content on similar sites. My profile received a boost, and all of a sudden, I began to receive traffic. My repins were getting lots of shares. It kept increasing and in no time, I hit some appreciable traffic to my website.

Now, I get tons of visitors on my website every day, with many followers. This might not seem much, but considering that I started out with no follower at all, that number gives me much inspiration.
I noticed that it is so easy to share content on Pinterest. Whenever I published new content, the traffic would get so high for say, 2 weeks, then there will be a gradual decline but some content would go so viral that for up to a month, the traffic will keep building. Even after it peaks, it does not wind down so fast.

Why Pinterest is Right for You

Now, why should there be much interest in Pinterest when there are other social media platforms that are popular?
1. Pins do stay longer on Pinterest unlike on other social media platforms where pins don’t last longer than a few days before they become invisible. On Pinterest, after you make a pin, you can continue to view and share them for a long time.

As long as you remain active on Pinterest, your pins will keep building traffic. Even after you stop being active, you will still keep getting referral traffic.

2. Pinterest is a platform where people share; the users are always on the lookout for what to share. When they come across a pin that they appreciate, they either click the “Like” button for it or they repin, by which they share it. If you make a good pin, it can get several hundred thousands of repins in a short time.

Creating Your Account on Pinterest

When you create an account, your profile will show the following:

  • The logo that you have put – It would be good to use an image that shows your area of interest
  • Your name -You will be identified by that name. You can use your personal name or a brand name that can be used to identify your business
  • A short description that can easily tell what you do.
  • The URL of your website.
  • The boards where you place your pins for sharing. You should have a separate board for each category of pins that you share.

With this information, you can proceed to set up your account and fill out all the relevant fields.
To use Pinterest, you need to set up your pins. A pin will usually have an image and a description. You can add hashtags to it. This brings your content up when a search is made in the Pinterest search bar.

Users can find pins when they place search queries or look through feeds. These pins are seen as smaller versions. When they click on them, the full version comes up.

So setting up your Pinterest account isn’t a big deal.
Get your desired traffic.

Now that you have set up your account, what do you do to get the desired traffic?
Driving traffic to your website from Pinterest is not difficult.

  • Get interesting content with fascinating images from your blog
  • Let the link of the blog post be the URL
  • Get as many likes and repins as you can
  • You can repeat the process several times as you grow your traffic

Making the Pins Right

Creating pins correctly is quite important. As you grow in popularity, you will find your audience also creating pins for your content. You can find out through (you should substitute ‘daily routine’ with your domain name).

You can decide to post only your own content or also repin content from other Pinterest accounts.
Use the add pin button at the top left of the board to create your pin. Click on it to upload a picture or add the link of an image. Use the edit button at the top of the pin to edit the information. You should decide on which board to place the pin and the URL it will lead to. Make sure that the URL directs the users to the right page.

Images You Should Use on Pinterest

The type of images that you use adds to how users appreciate your content. Many people appreciate their sight taking in images more than reading texts. Images also stay in the memory longer than words.

You can also use images to arouse the emotion of your audience. On Pinterest, you will find out that there are some types of images that get a high number of likes and shares.

  • Image of a beautiful background with a clear text overlay. To create such an image, you need a quality background image. Make sure that it can relate to your content. Then you set a transparent box above it and add the title of information of your post. It is quite easy to make such an image. Make sure that you make a different one for each post


  • Infographics: This continues to generate repins and drive traffic to your blog for a very long time. Infographics help you summarize complex information. People hardly hesitate to share them, so, they are an easy way for you to get likes and shares.


  • Images of people: People love to see pictures of other people. So, if you can use images of yourself or those of others that you have got, it will be cool but as much as possible, let the images relate to your niche.


  • You can also use customized images as they are usually well appreciated on social networks. Pinterest users also love attractive graphics. Sometimes, you may have to spend some money to have the right image designed for you.

Benefits from Pinterest

Let us look at ways that you can get the best out of Pinterest
1. Re-orientate yourself just like I did about the platform. Rather you can benefit from the kind of traffic that patronizes the platform. Remember that it is the second biggest referrer of online traffic after Facebook.

2. Before you pin content, do a lot of research about what topic will be valuable to your audience. Get the right keywords and look up the pins that have performed well at the top of the keyword result. Look up influencer accounts in your niche to see pins that have inspired their followers.

3. Your profile tells a lot about your brand and about you too. So, if you need to edit your profile, do so. Your logo, brand name, and other description should give the users the right perception about you.
Using appropriate and relevant keywords is also important. You can create about 20 boards in your niche and pin inspiring content that will inspire the users to share your content.

4. Get the words right, the images, content structure and everything that you think will be pleasing to your audience as you post.

5. Repin content as much as possible. It will help you know the type of pins that go viral rapidly. 50 – 100 posts every day should be your target. Look up other accounts to know what the influencers are pinning and repinning. And schedule pins that the search returns at the top of the results of your keyword.


Pinterest is one platform that you can use to refer traffic to your blog. There are many benefits that you can derive from joining the platform best of which is the traffic.
It is a great place where you can market your brand. Be sure to create interesting pins that will keep the users liking and repining your content.
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