How to Creatively Repurpose Your Blog Posts

By | April 22, 2020



As bloggers, we work very hard to give our audience the best content that will add some value to them. Some of us try to see that every day; there is some new content on our blogs. Imagine creating 1 or 2 posts every day with content that can help your audience solve a problem!

By the end of a year or two, you would have had so many posts in your archive, some of which their rankings would have declined. What will you do at that point? Will you delete the posts and create room for more posts? Repurposing allows you to be able to renew content and restore its value. That is what you should do.

Why Should We Repurpose Content?

Having so much to do online and offline, you can conserve your time repurposing content. Instead of taking so much time to research and create content, you can renew and recreate previous content.
When you re-create content, you increase your audience because you already have it in one way that was beneficial to your audience; then, you will be doing it again in some other ways that will also be useful to another category of audience.

Repurposing also gives you room to use other keywords that increase its search value. This is like expanding on the number of keywords more than when you first published it. This increases its chances of ranking high on SEOs and attracting more traffic.

Another merit of repurposing is that it reminds your audience of the value and purpose of your content. Sometimes, a potential buyer may see a campaign several times before being convinced. Repurposing it also makes the message suitable for different media and different categories of audiences.

What Should You Repurpose?

If you look through your archives, you will certainly find some posts that ranked you very high and got you so much traffic, and you will find some posts that still relate to contemporary times and posts that you have researched more on and you will like to add something to the content.
You can use analytics to find out about your most popular posts. With such posts, you are sure to generate traffic as before or even more than before.

Now, how do you repurpose this content?

There are several ways that you can convert your blog posts into some other creative and valuable posts. Some people are okay with reading blog posts. Some others do not care much about things that have to be read. Some have a preference for what their eyes and ears can take in. Let us consider some ways you can repurpose content:

1. You can design a white paper or a guide. If you are not skilled enough to do this, you can hire someone to help you design it and also convert it to pdf. Designing a white paper will make the content look formal, easy to read and can be downloaded. You can do this for a ‘how-to-do’ task.

2. You can convert the content into a slide show and upload it to Slideshare. Each valuable point of the post should be a slide. If there were 10 notable points, then there will be 10 slides.

At the end of each slide, you can add a little information about yourself. Let the title of your slides be somewhat different from that of the blog post. You can share your slides on different media.

3. Another thing you can do with your content is infographics. This is converting your content into visuals that your viewers can relate to. For example, if you have a post on how to set up a garden, infographics will very much suit it because you can show a photo or graphic of each step of the process.
Infographics can pass on very clear and visual messages to your audience and hold the attention of your audience. If you are not good at it, you can hire someone to do it, but give specifications of what you will like to see.

4. Your infographic can also become a video graphics. This is when you convert content from your blog into video animations. This is a medium of passing information that is getting more popular every day.
Your audience will see practical steps being taken. Some may wish to also follow the steps as they see it in the videos. It is expensive to make videography but it is usually worth the effort. Remember to include an appropriate title, tags, and keywords, and optimize it for search.

5. A webinar is something that you can also do with your content. Webinars are a very creative way to reach out to your audience. They can listen in, make comments, ask questions and even get more information if they so desire.
Webinars can help you market your brand to potential customers. You can interview a notable personality during the webinar and he can even answer questions from your audience at the webinar.
You can refer them to some of the posts on your blog if necessary. You can also invite them to subscribe, so that they can stay informed on further developments in your webinar. You can also prepare and use slides during the webinar.

6. The content can also be converted into a video recording. Prepare your scripts, set up your studio and get your lighting, microphone and recording equipment ready. Make sure you include your keywords in the script. Make sure that it is well-edited and then you publish it on YouTube or on other social media.

7. Your content can also be prepared as a podcast. Your audience can listen to it as they go about their daily activities, as they relax, at the gym or as they drive. Just make sure that what they are listening to adds value to them. You can hire a professional voice for the podcast.


There are so many other things you can do with your posts. You can re-write them for different social media, you can convert them to emails for your subscribers; you can join online communities and even write guest posts on some blogs.

There is so much you can do with your old content. All you need is creativity. Remember that what is really important is the quality of your content and the value it adds to your audience.
So, whenever you look into your archives, your posts are not wasted. You only need to re-touch and re-new them. Sometimes, you can even repurpose them, so you can take in some other category of an audience and also give them value through your posts.

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