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Link building
You need to accept the fact that Social Media marketing is becoming an effective tool for SEO. A good number of times, you must have noticed a social media post URL comes up when you search for something on Google.
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn have been able to create platforms to help you showcase your brand and the potentiality to build a fan base. Few individuals have been able to leverage on the power of Social Media Marketing because they know how to build links through Social Media.

Links are important in generating traffic and improving SEO. In this article, you would be able to learn how to build links to meet the right audience on Social Media and the importance of link building in Social Media.

Connect with Other Brands and Bloggers

This process is strictly about interacting with people. You need to search for bloggers and content creators who are in your industry and are interested in what you do. This is in no way a competition as bloggers enjoy meeting with their colleagues in the same field to be able to help one another. It’s to help one another open more opportunities to meet with people in their respective fields and share ideas.

Here’s how to connect with brands and bloggers:

  1. Google out a list of bloggers and company brands in your niche. For example, if you are a writer, designer, you could search for bloggers and industry content marketers. As you do this, try to avoid your competitors.
  2. Thereafter, search for their social media handles and connect with them.
  3. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Send them friend requests on Facebook and Linkedin. Above all, be an active member on their timeline by liking their post.
  4. While you do this, you’ll notice the favor is being paid back.
  5. Now, you can message them and build connections with experienced people in the field.
  6. For those in similar locations with you, same city, you could set up a date to meet and discuss with them.

Connect with Journalists and Influencers

This method works best by creating a relationship with known Journalists and brand Influencers. They are usually always online, open to meeting new prospects since they understand the concept of Social Media and are in constant search of raw information to keep them at the top of their colleagues who are in the same field with them.
They always want something in exchange for another, maybe information for a repost! You can always bargain with them on whatever you have got to offer.

Here’s how to connect with journalists and influencers:

  1. Create a list of journalists and influencers who have made a name for themselves in your industry.
  2. Follow them on social media, like and comment on their posts.
  3. Get to know their likes and dislikes in their field. For instance, an automobile journalist may be fascinated by fast cars and love to come up with a report on them; on the other hand, the journalist would report or talk less about trucks and trailers in the automobile industry.
  4. As you do this, you get to understand how broad the Industry you are in is and the new opportunities it presents.
  5. The approach here is to make them like you and your work since you are seeking for their help. Now you got to message them and interact with them.
  6. You could also write them emails. But this is a slow and steady process as the approach is not clever. Since most journalist and influencers have a bulk of mails to hurriedly read every day, if you also wish to write them a mail, keep it short.

You can follow the format below.
Utilize Twitter Hashtags.
Twitter makes use of hashtags as a way of communication. Instagram also uses hashtags to draw the attention of people in a particular specialty to a given post. Hashtags also help in link building and connecting people in same field together since it draws the attention of individuals who love a particular brand or news.

Some Instagram hashtags are used to send signals to people to make them like a post and follow it. Examples are #followforfollow, #bloggerrequest and many more. These are popular hashtags used by bloggers and influencers to source for information.
In social media platforms, you could use more than one hashtag to draw the attention of people. #pilots, #aviation, #flight and #airtravels are examples of similar hashtags used to draw people’s attentions in the same field.

Increase Rankings through Increased Engagement
Google once stated that social shares have a low impact on their SEOs. However, one cannot underestimate the impact of social media on SEOs, since it plays a necessary role in sourcing for information.
Most companies and brands often link their websites to their social media accounts where they have most of their content for interactions with consumers. This in turn leads to generation of traffic in their social media accounts. Since Google is interested in real human traffic, this makes social media post URLs to appear on search engine results pages (SERPs) and sometimes at the top.

If you have a lot of followers on Social media and less likes and comments on your posts, you should seek for expert advice from brand influencers, journalists and bloggers.
Here are some tips to help on generating traffic via your social media accounts.

  1. Keep your content real.
  2. Always post content when your followers are active. There are tools to help you know what time your followers are active.
  3. Learn to engage your followers in active discussions and debates on your timeline.
  4. You could leverage tools like Crowdfire to copy the followers of your competitors that you feel are more active than yours.

Join Blogger Groups
Bloggers love creating communities to help themselves. There are several blogger community and affiliate marketing mastermind groups on Facebook where you can meet with people to build your network and also source for information. This process can be time-consuming most times but you get to learn from experienced people in the field and learn how they were able to overcome some challenges.

Leverage Pinterest
No matter your area of specialization, Pinterest helps grow your brand. Pinterest also creates a platform where people are able to link up because they share the same desire for a particular subject or field. It generates the traffic which is needed in SEO. Pinterest also gives people a chance for them to be quoted on journals and newspapers.

Reconsider Other Platforms Such as Quora and Reddit
Companies often underestimate platforms such as Quora and Reddit when developing Social Media links. These platforms enable experts to write extensively on their areas of specialization. It also helps generate referral traffic for them and natural content mentions. A lot of Journalists and Bloggers visit Reddit in search of information and to verify scientific actions from experts and also stories if it is possible or not.

The Takeaway
Social Media creates opportunities for link building; it also helps in building contacts and a great network of people. You can get big wins from hashtags. Meet brands and people for collaboration and brainstorm on ideas. Lastly, Social Media has helped increase the profit of companies and help create a large audience for them to showcase their products.


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