How to Become a Home Inspector

By | November 10, 2019

Today, having a career as a certified home inspector is one of the most challenging but rewarding ways to make a decent income. In spite of what a lot of people think, it does not require any serious qualification such as engineering, constructions or architecture. It is a field that is very open to virtually anyone.
Individuals of various ethnicities and educational backgrounds have trained relentlessly over the years to begin their own home inspection business. Doing home inspection as a part-time business is in fact an excellent way for retired citizens who would like to make extra money. All that one needs to begin is proper training and certification.

Who is a Home Inspector?

A Home Inspector is an individual who typically spends most of his/her day inspecting homes for buyers, marketing to consumers as well as real estate agents, speaking with prospective clients and writing reports. Home Inspection comes to play when a real estate agent or even a client calls and books an inspection.
The Inspector will take a look at the exterior and interior part of the building and explain findings to the client, giving a detailed description of the condition of the building and how it can be improved.

 How do You Start a Home Inspection Career?

As soon as you have decided to become a Home Inspector, there are a couple of steps you should take in order for you to start off on the right foot. First, it is important that you determine the requirements of the state or region that you live in so as to get a license.
Some states like New York, Texas and Florida require over 100 hours of classroom training as well as passing an exam to receive a Home Inspector’s license. In some other States, students are required to have proper field training under the supervision of a certified Home Inspector before they will be given licenses.
However, there are some states that do not require Home Inspectors to be licensed.

Broaden/add to your knowledge of Home Inspection: On completing your training, you will automatically receive your certification, after which you are expected to actively work as a self-employed Home Inspector or work for a Home Inspection Company.
Sharpen your social skills
: The bulk of your success a s a Home Inspector will heavily depend on your ability to interact with people, establish and maintain relationships with real estate agents as well as others who are associated with the real estate industry. These are the people who are in a position to regularly send business your way.
As a self-employed Home Inspector, it is of great importance for you to maintain positive relationships with home owners as well real estate agents, as they will help to regularize income.

Learn how houses are constructed
: As a home inspector, it is important that you get as much knowledge as you can on roofing, cooling systems, heating systems, plumbing, electrical wiring and many more, in order for you to become a good Home Inspector.
As you probably already know, construction patterns and practices have changed over the years and a house that was built 20 years ago is likely to have no similarities whatsoever with one built recently. Therefore, you should have detailed knowledge concerning the way houses are constructed so as to have a better understanding of harmful housing conditions.

 Inspection and licensing courses: These days there are numerous educational institutions as well as organizations that offer courses on home inspection. If you would rather not be in a physical location or learning environment, you can take online courses from the comfort of your home, to achieve your license. Ensure that you study extensively for the Home Inspection examination and pass, in order for you to become certified.

Get a mentor: In many states, it could take months, sometimes days for you to become certified. Whether or not your state requires this, working under an experienced Home Inspector will not only give you insights but skills on how you should go about the entire process of inspecting homes.
You can also speak to veteran inspectors, requesting to be an apprentice under them. Being an apprentice will give you hands-on training and a proper foundation to start-off your career as a Home Inspector.
Additional Training: A lot of people tend to become relaxed soon after certification. It is highly advised that you search for seminars and regional meetings that you can attend in order to stay abreast with the latest trends in the industry.
Many Home Inspection Organizations put on workshops and events for existing inspectors. Additionally, you can invest your time into networking with other inspectors. Ensure that you follow up with people you meet at trainings and educational workshops by sending them emails and keeping in touch with them via phone calls. Some States require you to complete educational training in order to keep your Home Inspection license up to date.

Determine your Career path: Several opportunities will present themselves to you after you have received your Home Inspector Training and certification, but you will need to make certain decisions pertaining to your career path, like- being self employed, working for an established Home Inspection Company, working full-time or part-time, specializing in commercial property inspection and so on.

 How Long Before You Become a Home Inspector?

Various trainings are available and most programs do not have a time limit. It all depends on a person’s time schedule and how much time an individual is willing to invest in training. It allows partly depends on the Home Inspector licensing requirements in your state.

 Do You Really Need a License to Carry Out Home Inspections?

Every State has its own requirements for becoming a Home Inspector; so it largely depends on where you live. There are states that require classroom training, where inspectors are required to go through several hours of classroom training as well as field work before getting licenses.

Bottom Line

Home Inspection is a business that comes alongside the freedom to set your own working schedule. You also have the option to operate as a sole practitioner or to grow it into a multi-inspection. It is highly rewarding, as Home Inspectors have the capacity to help individuals make an informed buying decision in a matter of hours.

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