How Long will I Wait for SEO to Start Working?

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This is a question that has been on the lips of every new entrant into the online business of blogging. There is always that desire and need to know how long it will take before SEO begins to acknowledge a new entrant’s effort.

How Long Does it Really Take?

It takes to say, roughly six months with certain factors being considered. You can drive traffic to your website and push it to the top pages of SERP in six months. However, there are SEO factors to be considered such as the age of the domain, backlink profile, history of performance with search engines, competition in the niche among other several factors.

The quality or otherwise of your website also determines how you gain traffic. But that is really not what is important.

What is Important?

The important question that you should be asking is how long it will take for SEO to generate leads that will boost your online business and make sales.

Now, the answer to this question is different from the answer to the first above. It will take longer than six months to begin to see real profit. That does not mean that you will not be receiving inquiries and making some sales in the early part of your business.

SEO result increases with time so, the results that you see in the first six months will gradually keep increasing as time goes by.

Does it Happen the Same Way for Every Website?

The answer is No. Getting results in six months does not happen the same way for every site. There are so many factors to be considered before your site can achieve ranking in that short time.

Many websites take as long as two years before they can begin to rank high on search results while some even rank high in less than six months.

Some factors that affect how long SEO takes to rank your website are:

1. Your Domain: How new is your website? Has it ever had anything to do with Google or worked with some other SEO? Have you ever been penalized? If your website is new, it will take a long time to rank high.
It may even take as long as two years. But if it is an older site, it has more potential for ranking higher. Likewise, older pages do rank higher than newer ones.

When your domain name has the right keywords, it makes it easier to see your website and also know what the content is all about. So when searchers enter search queries related to your keywords, Google may include your website among the top listed websites.

2. Penalized Sites: Also, if your site has ever been penalized by Google, then it is going to be difficult to rank high. You will need to work your site back into regaining Google’s trust again before you will be able to gain a high rank.

There are many factors that can make Google penalize a site such as low-quality content on your site, duplicate or thin content, keyword stuffing, getting backlinks from spam websites, or content scraping.

Google considers all these and more as types of black hat tricks and as such, penalizes any website where they are seen.

3. Location of Your Audience: If your niche caters for the audience in your location or nationality, it is easier for your site to rank higher because the competition among sites in that specific location will be lower as against when your site is to serve everyone all over the world.

It will definitely take you a very long time to rank high against several thousands of websites in the same niche as you, some of which have more valuable and quality content than yours. So, if you will like to reduce the competition, then your demographic audience should be more specific and constrained to your particular target audience.

4. Content: By how much does the content on your website reflect your niche? How quality and relevant are they? How often do you create content for your website?
If you want to rank high on search engines, then you must have content that makes your site worthy of being recognized.

SEO cares about your content more than it cares about you. If you create valuable, quality, and interesting content for the audience and use the right keywords, then Google will be sure to take note of your website.
If the content on your website can directly answer questions that are searched on search engines, then you will find your website listed among search results in no time.

And if you create and update your content regularly, then you will, in a very short time find your website ranking high among search engines. The more content you have on your website, the higher the number of inbound leads that you get, and the higher the potentials for conversion.

You also have to develop a strategy that will help you rank higher and keep ranking as such. Remember that there are already many competitors in your niche, all of whom are aiming to rank higher just like you.

So you have to strategize on how best to promote your content to your audience. Google associates your content with the amount of traffic that you get. This means that you need to find a way that your content will be seen by the right people.

5. Having trustworthy backlink profiles: Having backlinks to your website is one factor that helps you rank higher. But it is not enough to have backlinks. How authoritative are they? If you will have backlinks, you should get them from the right sources.

Those backlinks are a factor that will affect your rankings. The search engine uses TrustRank to determine the quality of your inbound links. Inbound links are a very high ranking and the trusted signal used by Google to rate websites.
If your site has several authoritative, relevant, and quality websites that link to you, then Google will see your site as trustworthy. That way, you will be able to improve your ranking.

However, you have to be careful about where you take your backlinks from as having backlinks from the wrong source spamming your site with irrelevant backlinks can make Google penalize your site.
Once Google penalizes your site and brings down your ranking, it will take a lot of hard work to regain your ranks. If Google also senses that you got a lot of backlinks in a very short time, then they suspect that you are getting unnatural backlinks.

It takes just a few days for Google to notice your backlinks but it will take as much as ten weeks for the backlinks to rank your website on search engines.

6. Competition: In your niche of interest, there are definitely those who have been there before you. Some of them are doing it as well as you and some, even better than you. So, you definitely have competitors.

Now, you do not directly influence how SEO ranks your competitors, but your content can go a long way to determine how your site is ranked in relation to your competitors, and it can influence your audience’s choice.
If you have good and quality content that adds much value to your audience better than what your competitors have to offer, then you will be able to rank higher and also attract more traffic to your site.
Now, it would be good of you to know who your competitors are and how they are doing on SEO. It would also be good to know what their strategies are so that you can be guided as you develop your strategy or look at areas where you should improve on.
Some things that you should find out about your competitors include the following:

How many of your competitors’ pages are indexed on search engines?

  • The sources of backlinks to their site
  • The quality of their content
  • The type of keywords that they use
  • Time Needed to rank high on SEO

As a new website, it will actually take some time before you can rank among the top ten SERPs. You have to be very patient and keep working on your website. As Google crawls your site, it will be looking out for a number of things and their presence or otherwise affects how you will be ranked.

It is important that your site should focus on a niche and the topics should be well planned to meet the needs of your audience. As you build your links, try to get them from sources with high authority and do not go for links that will spam your site.
Continue to create relevant content on your site and update content when necessary. Also, develop strategies that you will use to drive traffic to your site. If possible have a monthly target.

You can achieve a lot through marketing on social media platforms. Keep working until you find your site ranking among the first ten pages.


It is possible to get your site ranking high on SEO in as short as six months or even less but a lot of work has to be put in to achieve that. Make sure that you focus on your niche of interest and have quality, relevant, and high ranking content that will add value to your audience.

Look at the other factors too and work on them as they contribute to your ranking boost.
Do you want to build your search rankings in less than six months? All you need to do is implement the right SEO strategies to the core. Try out Wealthy Affiliate and get the latest SEO tips to improve your business website.

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