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By | June 3, 2020

The benefits link building



As bloggers, we understand the benefits of link building and also getting organic traffic for our blogs. Both of them go a long way in boosting our online business.

Also, the higher the authority of a page, the higher it ranks on search engines like Google. Many business owners spend a lot of money on link building because of the importance of links to SEO. There are software and educational resources that you can explore to build links for your site. This article will take a look at some of them.

1) Broken Link Building Bible

Getting links in recent times has become more difficult than some time ago. Before now, you could use a private blog network (PBN) site to get links and push them to your site. But it does not work that way now.
You have to work very hard before you can get links that will improve how you are placed on search engines. You can check the “Broken Link Building Bible” to learn about link building techniques.

You can get a broken or dead link, look at the type of content, and replace the old content with newer and contemporary content. You can replace the broken links with links to your site using a search term.

To achieve this, you should be ready to research and locate websites with broken links. You also need to verify that the content on those sites is not duplicate content. Having many dead links is a sign of a site that has been abandoned for so long.
A webmaster can revive those links. This is one of the best ways that you can get links in recent times.

2) The Advanced Guide to Link Building

I have experienced how difficult it is to get links for a site from other sites, and how to reach the expected number of links to be able to rank high on Google.
The Advanced Guide to link building will guide you as you take the necessary steps to build links using whichever software you chose. Things that you will learn from the guide include:

  • How you will search and get the right links for your site
  • How to reach out to the authority sites for links
  • How to use impressive search term content to forge relationships with top sites in your niche
  • Ways you can secure .gov and .edu backlinks.

And many more link building strategies!

3) Linking Out Instead of Link Building to Rank in Google

Linking out is another link building strategy because you can create quality text phrases to several sites to earn you several benefits such as creating more awareness about your site and brand, allowing other sites to be able to link back to your page, allowing your users to be better informed and making search engines aware of useful resources on your site.

Linking out uses the principle of reciprocity which is about repaying the same treatment you got from another site. That is what this resource will educate you about. When you write posts, you add the views of other knowledgeable persons who have written about the topic before you.

Or you add links where users can get additional resources. You can link out to as many as 20 web pages. Having authoritative links can grow your visitors fast and improve your search rankings.
Sites that link out get more advantage over other sites when it comes to performance metrics. You can visit top-performing sites to observe how they link out and how links enhance their performance.

4) Low Hanging Fruit – Link building with Screaming Frog

Link building is a lot easier when you have valuable content on your site. It makes webmasters more willing to connect to your site.

But if there isn’t enough content on your site, it will be difficult to get links to that site. Before now, it was alright to just develop content for your site and wait while your audience gradually locates the site.
But now, it is not the same. After developing the content, there is still so much work to be done. After creating content, you have to spend a lot of time and resources promoting it. This SEO tool can be used to link reclamation and link analysis.

The Screaming Frog link building software can help you analyze your links and show you how you can pass SEO term values to your website. It also helps you know your link velocity. You should constantly keep adding quality and valuable content to your site. This can help you manage link velocity problems.

5) Your Link Reclamation Sucks Like Irene’s Dyson

You can get editorial links to your pages from referring sites that mentioned your brand but did not link to you. As a B2B or B2C marketer, you can reclaim sources of links:

  • Brand mentions: This has to do with other sites that have mentioned your sites or activities on your sites such as events and courses without linking to it. You can request that links be placed where you were mentioned.


  • Product mentions: This is for sites that discuss and mention your products but do not link to your sales or home page. For this, you do not need any link building software but a tool such as Brand Unlinked Mentions Finder to look out for these product mentions.


  • Personnel mentions: There could be mentions of your name, your team, your nickname, or professional title on some sites but did not link to your site. You can reclaim such personal mentions and use the links to boost your search rankings using your company or yourself as the search term. This allows users to see your site with more authority.
    This resource “Your Link Reclamation Sucks like Irene’s Dyson” helps you claim your mentions by establishing relationships with social media site owners.

6) Ultimate Guide to Link Building

Link building encourages information sharing among sites. It also helps your site rank high and prevents duplication of content. This resource will show you how to build links and get authority from credible sites.

You will be able to understand what makes good and bad links. Using this resource, you may not need to invest so much on link building software but you can use some tools to improve your links.

The author uses case studies, expert interviews, and other helpful resources to help you understand link building. Bloggers have applied these techniques and built a lot of links. One such is Dom Wells who built 59 links for his new site in ten weeks – using his resource to make link building feel like so much fun.

7) Link Building for Startups – Find Unlinked Brand Mentions at Scale

Building backlinks for startups can seem like a big affair. Links contribute a lot towards helping you grow your business and generate revenue.
If you can’t get links, your ranking will be low and likewise traffic to your site, and you will hardly generate any revenue. If you want to benefit from Google and drive traffic to your site, you should try guest blogging.

As you contribute to other blogs in your niche, the rate at which you get links will increase and you can then reclaim your brand mentions. If you have much content on your site and also promote the content on social media platforms, you will definitely be getting some mentions.

This can be to your advantage when you reclaim the mentions. You will be learning a lot on how to go about this and much more from “Link Building for Startups – Find Unlinked Brand Mentions at Scale”.

8) Using Educational Link bait to Get Valuable .Edu Links

This short post was written a decade ago and focuses on the following content:

  • What makes educational links important?
  • The type of content that attracts .edu links
  • The kind of relationships you can build to get such links

Educational sites have remained a source of quality and respected backlinks despite the kind of changes that have been going on with link building. Getting links from educational sites can increase your ranking very much and transfer much authority to your site.

Educational backlinks are quite difficult to get. Having a link bait on your site means having the kind of content that other sites want to link to willingly because it is valuable to them. This resource explains how important educational links are and how to create educational link baits.

To find educational links, search for educational resource pages on Google. These pages usually contain links to other sites and content. Choose one of the resources. Copy the resource page and paste it on Identify broken links and send an outreach email. You may choose to use a link building software to do this.

9) How to Get Links on Resource Pages

This resource teaches the effective methods of getting links. We all love contextual links, but we could also use anchor texts. Google will evaluate the domain authority and page authority of referring pages and their IP diversities and pass their value on to your links.

This resource guides you on how to get the right links by capitalizing on resource pages. You will learn how to find link building opportunities from different resources.


Getting backlinks is an important step in growing your website and ranking higher on search engines. However, getting backlinks has become a very difficult task to achieve. You can make use of these resources to learn how to get links for your site and rank higher on SEOs.
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