How Frequent Should You Publish New Posts?

By | May 20, 2020


Daily posting of content on your blog might sound great at first, especially when you are just starting as a new blogger. But as time goes on, you might need to ask yourself how much is too much?

The frequency of your publishing schedule should depend on the type of content and audience you are targeting. So, the one-size-fit-all answer to how often you should post does not exist in blogging. It almost never does.

So, the best way to go about this question is to carry out some experiments to determine what suits you, your blog, and your readers at large. This is precisely what we will do in this article.

Is Publishing Every Day The Best?

Let me start by debunking the popular myth that goes thus; “to be a successful blogger, you need to publish something every day”.

The practice of publishing every day is usually characterized by generating content for the sake of posting new content instead of taking out time and effort to produce valuable and engaging content that will impact your readers.

There are lots of reasons publishing every day might not be the best way to go (though not applicable to new blogs or blogs that are still under construction):

  • Your content may suffer from a lack of good quality
  • It affects the time it will take for you to market your post
  • Your latest post could be riddled with constant changes
  • Your readers might feel overwhelmed.

And to cap it all, the basic criteria of search engine optimization have little or nothing to do with how frequently you write and post on your blog. Simply put, SEO is not, in any way, affected by how frequently you post.

The Principles of Content Publishing

The frequency of writing and posting new content on your blog is dependent on two major principles:
The aim is to write and post content that:

  • Will intrigue people to read, and
  • Prompt people to share.

With these two principles in mind, you can always deliver content that your audience wants and when they want it, without overwhelming yourself and your readers.

By the way, have you ever wondered why some subscribers sometimes unsubscribe from an email newsletter? The answer is a simple one – they are overwhelmed by the number of emails in their mailbox. They tend to unsubscribe from lists that they feel are not too important to them.

The same goes for blogging. If you publish a few blogs a week, you have a better chance of winning your readers’ attention.

As a blogger, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How long do I need to produce valuable content worthy of reading and sharing? And
  • How long will it take readers to discover it, read and share it?

These are some salient questions you should always keep in mind as a blogger.

How Frequent Should I Publish New Posts?

Well, to be honest with you, the answer to this question is relative simply because it hinges on the kind of readers you have.
Over time, most bloggers were able to discover for themselves how often they should make new blog posts – could be once, twice or even three times a week. You might probably be wondering why?

The reasons are, less frequent posting schedule:

  • Enable bloggers to have ample time to write well-detailed and valuable content that will be of great help to the readers. Obviously, a good blogger needs to dig deeper to put together content that will be of value to the readers. And this takes quality time!
  • Give bloggers quality time to strategically market and create awareness on the new post. One of the secrets of most successful bloggers is that they spend quality time on marketing, then writing. Unfortunately, many beginner bloggers are oblivious to this strategy. In other words, the less you publish, the more time you will have to market your content.
  • It gives readers ample time to discover and read the post. Most of the time, readers don’t read each blog post the day it is written. As a reader yourself of other people’s blog posts, you can probably relate to this assertion. The same goes for your readers! Writing blog posts too often can make your content too much to go through.

These are some of the few reasons most bloggers prefer to write blog posts between one to two times per week, or three to four times per month (though not applicable to new blogs that are still under construction).


An Experiment on How Often You Should Post

Let us discuss some of the ways you too can find out how often you should post.
The truth is that you could decide to copy what most highly successful bloggers do by writing very similar content, build an active audience of similar size, and post your content the exact time they posted. But still get different results altogether.

The reasons are simple. I want you to understand that blogging is not just a mathematical algorithm that gives the same results each time a particular rule is followed. Blogging is purely organic, and this depends on what a blogger does at a particular time.

Although, it is quite true that there are some specific tactics for SEO and marketing that generally work and give the same results. But the writing of valuable content, promoting your content through email, etc. will not automatically transition you into a successful blogger.

So what are the ways we can go to find how often we should write blog posts? Let’s see some of them quickly.
Firstly, know your current numbers.

The first thing you should do is to know your numbers of audiences and other user’s activities that you consistently have each month. This set of statistics could be:

  • Bounce rate
  • Number of page views
  • Social media followers
  • Comments and conversion rates
  • Email opt-in rates

With Google Analytics, you can find these activities – simply go to audience > page overview. You can then begin to experiment by scheduling your blog content to see the effects of any changes on your numbers.
You can try some of the following examples.

  • Reduce Your Weekly Posting
    If for example, you post up to five times a week, you should consider reducing it to four. The same goes if you are posting four times a week, you can reduce it to three. You should, however, revert back to your normal posting if your page views decline.
    But here is the twist, what if your page views decline, but your blog becomes more engaging with lots of comments from your readers, primarily due to the valuable content and more time they have to interact? Here is yet another question; what if there is a further decrease in your page views, but your time to actively market and perform other important tasks increase even more?
    Then the page view decrease is probably worth it – if you ask me. However, it is only you that can determine the answer.
    When you cut down the number of blog posts, you are indirectly increasing your time for creativity and marketing strategy for what you are publishing. You can be more engaged in social media, writing intriguing emails for your subscribers or designing images for your blog post.


  • As a Newbie, Start With Four Posts Per Week
    If you are a new blogger, I recommend you start with four blog posts on a weekly basis. Writing just four blog posts per week is not a bad starting point for a starter.
    When you start this way, you will be able to create valuable content for Google crawlers to see and index without overwhelming you in your early blogging days.
    You can later try alternating the posting schedule and decrease or increase the number of blog posts as you become more experienced in blogging. Then draw a conclusion on the effects of the changes on your blog and adjust accordingly.


  • Make Regular Posts
    Writing and posting regular content is important in blogging. Don’t get it twisted, while I recommend posting few contents on a weekly or monthly basis, you can also choose to post more frequently if it will not affect the value of your content and other activities. But it should be done routinely.
    Google likes blogs that are routinely updated incomparable to sites that stay dormant and are updated infrequently. This concept is known as “query deserves freshness”, simply referred to as QDF!


It simply means that for every query, the search result list should have one or more content that was recently updated included in the search query. This statement tends to be true for SEO rankings – it might not be always though.

But the whole point is this, blogs or sites that are routinely updated with good content, have a better chance of ranking higher on Google, most especially in the first few years of their existence. The key here is routine. And while at that, it is also important to maintain quality content.

So in a nutshell, if you can keep up with writing and posting frequently without compromising your content quality, then the more the better.


Remember that your readers might also have other blogs they also check for information. If you want to keep them attached to your blog, then don’t trade quality content for quantity.
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