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By | March 26, 2020

Host1 Plus



Host1Plus provides a wide variation of services, beginning from Enterprise Cloud and Virtuozzo enabled VPS to Collocation Services and Dedicated Servers. With hundreds of thousands of customers from all walks of life and a decade of experience, Host1Plus keeps building credibility and growing in the online world.

What to expect in this review:

  • What Does Host1Plus Hosting Stand For?
  • Host1Plus Shared Hosting Package
  • Host1Plus VPS Hosting Package
  • Host1Plus Cloud Hosting Package
  • Host1Plus Reseller Hosting Package
  • Host1Plus WordPress Hosting
  • Host1Plus Customer and Support Services
  • Host1Plus Server Status and Uptime Performance
  • Pros and Cons of Host1Plus
  • Conclusion

What Does Host1Plus Hosting Stand For?

Host1Plus is an enhanced web hosting company, aimed at several categories of users. It provides a strong pack of web hosting services such as VPS hosting, budget shared hosting packages leveraging the high-performance and most recent technology around, and cloud hosting.
Host1Plus runs data centers in 9 varied vicinities across the world covering five different continents. Obviously, the hosting service provider focuses on disrupting the premium hosting packages and domain registration alongside.

Host1Plus Shared Hosting Package

Host1Plus is a business-oriented web hosting company but to its hosting service credit, it doesn’t completely waive the budget hosting subdivision.
Its shared hosting packages provide an excellent basis for light resources requests and are channeled towards small to medium scale web-based applications.

The cost of each monthly hosting package is $5 and comes with unrestricted storage capacity, unmetered bandwidth, full support for five subdomains and three add-on domains, one free domain and five databases.
Alternatively, the monthly cost of the Pro Package is $15 and this comes with unmetered bandwidth, unrestricted disk space, support for an unrestricted number of sub-domains and the unrestricted number of add-on domains, one free domain and unrestricted number of databases.

A dedicated IP is also added to the Business Pro package completely free, meanwhile other shared web hosting packages can buy a dedicated IP address at $2 monthly. The hosting service provider ensures that long-term billing cycles are purchased at discounted rates.

Shared hosting packages can select from 2 WordPress industry standard control interfaces; DirectAdmin and cPanel! Also added is a 1-click installer for web-based applications such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.
However, potential customers are to note that it’s normal practice in the entire web hosting industry, unrestricted resources aren’t really unrestricted; service accessibility and speed are severely strangled, frequently above any pragmatic usability point, when specific usage thresholds are surpassed.

Host1Plus VPS Hosting Package

For more prospective customers, Host1Plus also provides VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting packages. The smallest package begins at $4 monthly and provides 1TB of bandwidth, 20GB of storage capacity, 512MB of Random Access Memory (RAM), and 1 CPU core.
The hosting service provider offers the most famous Silver package at a monthly charge of $11 and provides access to 2TB of bandwidth, 100GB of storage capacity, 2048MB of RAM, and two CPU cores.
At the highest spectrum end, the monthly cost of its Diamond VPS package is $83 and comes with 12TB of bandwidth, 1000GB of storage capacity, 16,384MB of RAM, and eight CPU cores.

All Virtual Private Server (VPS) packages are run on high-speed industry standard servers powered by SSD caching technology and Intel Xeon processors to provide 500 Mbps uplink performance network connectivity, superior read write speed, data storage powered by RAID arrays and OpenVZ virtualization for reliability and improved performance.
Virtual Private Server (VPS) packages provide integrated analytical tools as well as DNS management tools to track and measure resource usage and are hosted on Linux based Operating System (OS). All customer data is strongly backed up several times for security against even the most disastrous hardware crashes.

Host1Plus Cloud Hosting Package

Host1Plus has a pioneering cloud computing facility that still remains in Beta mode. Cloud assets can be leveraged through subscription packages: the high-end LIN32 package comes with 24TB of bandwidth, 1000GB of storage capacity, 32GB or 32,768MB of high-performance RAM and costs $156 monthly, meanwhile the low-end LIN1 package provides access to 2TB of bandwidth, 20GB of disk capacity, 512MB of RAM, and one CPU core and costs $8 monthly.

Its Cloud servers are empowered with high-speed ECC Random Access Memory, DDR4 error correcting code, or Intel Xeon E5 v3 speed for KVM virtualization technology, guaranteed protection of data corruption and reliability, and run on a dynamic network to make sure that no gridlock prevents you from achieving great performance.
Host1Plus cloud servers embrace both Linux and Windows based Operating System (OS) depending on your specifications and can be installed in a matter of seconds.

Host1Plus Reseller Hosting Package

Being a business-oriented hosting company, Host1Plus offers hosting packages specifically designed for resellers like web developers and web designers who frequently sell hosting services as part of their development and design services.
Its starter package begins at $20 monthly. It comes with 500GB of bandwidth, 50GB of disk capacity, and full support for an unrestricted number of hosted databases, subdomains, and domains.
Its high-end monthly business Pro package begins from $50 and provides access to 1,500GB of bandwidth, 150GB of disk capacity and full support for an unrestricted number of databases, domains, and subdomains.

Host1Plus WordPress Hosting

Host1Plus considerably embraces the WordPress Content Management System on its hosting servers. With the aid of one-click install for over a hundred web-based applications, you can be sure of having a WordPress based website that performs up to its core potential on the Host1Plus hosting server.

Host1Plus Customer and Support Services

Host1Plus provides an outstanding multi-tiered client support package. Overall client support is packed with all Host1Plus web hosting packages. However, improved priority client service can be purchased for faster resolution of issues.
This guarantees that whatever assistance you ask for, customer support is constantly accessible in moments and for tactful customers, a certain fee can be placed for increasing priority.

Host1Plus Server Status and Uptime Performance

Host1Plus has come up with viable server uptime analytic status with uncommon downtime. Its several levels of redundancies and high-performance servers guarantee that web hosting offers aren’t distorted ever.

Pros and Cons of Host1Plus


  • Large-scale flexibility in all web hosting packages
  • Steady service analytics
  • Large variation of packages, even for low budget customers
  • Outstanding client service offers
  • High-speed servers for industry standard performance


  • Multi-tiered client support may lead to worse support in the main tier
  • Budget plans aren’t for monetary value


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