Gorgias Review

By | April 11, 2020


Gorgias review


A lot of efforts are being put to satisfy customers who shop online. Customer’s assistance such as timely response to emails, responding to review and feedback, etc. are not just energy demanding but also “steal” your productivity time.
You become weary from attending to customers’ needs, and you are less productive because you don’t have enough time to plan and strategize for the growth of your business.
What if I told you that a platform can handle your customer service effectively? Without much ado, let me introduce you to Gorgias.

Gorgias is a customer service platform that makes it easy to manage all your customer support activities in one place. With this, customers can have access to you through multiple channels. It functions basically as a helpdesk.
So, if you are a business owner that has an online e-commerce store, you don’t need to worry anymore about handling your customer service if you allow Gorgias to take the wheel, while you concentrate on how to grow your business.

Aims of Gorgias

The essential mission of Gorgias is to make the delivery of e-commerce products happen without hassle while giving the customers great assistance. With this, agents can have ample time to focus more on productivity rather than spending considerable time responding to different emails throughout the day.
Gorgias believed that, by automatically handling the customer service, it makes it possible for you and your employees to focus more on other activities that will generate more cash.
This is not the only role of Gorgias as it even tracks the effectiveness of the customer service on your sale rates. Having access to this information, you can make sure that your customer relationship becomes part of your strategy to generate more sales.

Features of Gorgias

Gorgias has made it possible to attend to messages from different channels such as emails, chat, comments on an ad and Live Messenger in one platform. It makes some sense as you have more time for marketing.
Imagine the stress and time it will take to reply messages if you have to open different tabs at once and hop from one platform to the other!


Autoresponder is a tool used to send out an automated message. Gorgias is integrated with an autoresponder, so as a user, you can prepare detailed and comprehensive answers and assign them appropriately to each question based on the topic.
Your customers will get answers to their queries, but if they don’t get the desired answer, only then will such queries be transferred to your employees for further assistance. With this software, your employees will have enough time to be productive.

Chat Campaigns: Chat campaign is a tool that you can use to trigger a conversation with your website visitors through Live Chat. You can give a piece of advice usually based on the content of their cart. This is a subtle way of encouraging them to buy from you in order to make more sales.
Data-Rich Macros: This feature makes it super easy to create templates for a message with customer information like tracking members and order details.

Customer Satisfaction: Knowing how your customers feel about the product that they bought will go a long way in helping you make some future adjustments.
You can simply create a survey for your customers to give you their honest views and opinions on the items that they purchased.

Gorgias Integration

Gorgias stands out as a versatile platform. It works off different plugins, over 20 of them. This could be one of the reasons it has lots of reviews on Shopify and also on Magenta. Let us quickly go through some of the integration:

  • Shopify
  • Magneto
  • Instagram
  • Gmail
  • Facebook comments
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Live Chat
  • WooCommerce
  • Slack
  • Twitter
  • MailChimp
  • Klaviyo

With more applications added continually by the team, Gorgias also has a mobile application for you to provide efficient customer service without the hassle.

Gorgias Price Plans

Gorgias’ price plans are categorized into two – The yearly plan and the monthly plan. Below are the various plans of Gorgias:

Basic Plan: The basic plan attracts a subscription fee of $50 per month, which is usually billed on an annual basis. Subscribers on this plan enjoy unlimited users, 350 tickets every month for any extra 100 tickets, and for any 100 tickets, you get $25.

Pro Plan: To subscribe to this plan, you need to pay a fee of $250 per month.

Advanced Plan: The advanced plan costs $625 per month; the Billing is annual. As part of the benefits, you have access to unlimited users; get up to 6000 tickets per month and $14 for 100 extra tickets.
Enterprise Plan: To know more about this plan, you will have to contact the Gorgias’ team. This plan is for big platforms with over 600 tickets per month. Benefits of this plan include access to unlimited users. You also get to enjoy a dedicated automation specialist.

Who Can Use Gorgias?

If you are a seller on an e-commerce website, with the desire to keep your customers close and to maintain a good seller-customer relationship, Gorgias can make it happen. The benefits of using Gorgias on online shopping stores are just enormous.

Pros and Cons of Gorgias

Even though Gorgias is a great platform, it, however, has its pros and cons too.


  • Gorgias has valuable email templates
  • The platform has a responsive support team
  • With the help of Gorgias, you can have up to 40% increase in productivity
  • Gorgias has a free trial for those who could be a bit skeptical about the efficiency of its service
  • It has one of the best auto-expanding tools


  • Not all plans enjoy the automation service

Gorgias Support

Gorgias has a customer support system that works round the clock to provide assistance to their growing community, from simple to technical issues. It also offers training through Webinar and on Live Chat.


Gorgias pledges to give your business a helpdesk service, so you can make an automated response to some of the frequently asked questions by customers. With this software, you easily convert a potential customer to buy from you.
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