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Godaddy is a popular brand name most people in the market of web and hosting are familiar with. Its popularity is as a result of many reasons and they have several reasons people are enticed to want to venture into their affiliate market program.

Another big deal about the GoDaddy affiliate program is that it offers an enticing commission of between 15%-100%. The commission rate depends on the promoted product. This affiliate program is a subset of the Commission Junction (CJ) affiliate marketplace. This means that you need to register with CJ to participate in the GoDaddy affiliate program.

Affiliates are not to only promote GoDaddy domain names, but to also promote their hosting plans, reseller plans, email accounts, and many more.

Pros and Cons of GoDaddy Affiliate Network



  • Extensive market resources selection
  • Nothing like minimum purchase limits
  • Deep linking available
  • Enticing commission rate of 15% – 100% (this depends on the product)



  • No provision for information about the affiliate program before signing up for CJ.
  • Delay in application approval
  • 60 days delay of payment of commission

This review will show you everything you need to know about the GoDaddy Affiliate Marketing Program.

What is GoDaddy

In case you are hearing the brand name for the first time, GoDaddy is the biggest domain name registrar. Its service includes web hosting, website building, domain registration, business solution, SSL, and more.
So, it is a recommended solution provider to individuals or groups planning to start up a business. It offers you its service with little cost and effective support system.

If you find yourself looking for reasons to join GoDaddy Affiliate, I’m here to provide you with enough reasons here. The first of these reasons is, it is the leading domain name registrar and a popularly demanded brand name.
The program goes at no cost and it offers over 100 marketing resources to enhance affiliate promotion. A wide products selection and a competitive commission rate are not left behind. Needed to be said, they have always-available support centre and user-friendly dashboard for users to easily navigate through and monitor their sales.

How Do I Become a Member?

In the time past, GoDaddy had an in-house. These days, its affiliate program is promoted with the support of the Commission Junction (CJ) marketplace.
So, as said above, it is compulsory that before you can become an affiliate of GoDaddy, you must have registered for a Commission Junction (CJ) affiliate account.

After filling in your details and you’ve attended to the verification email sent to you, your account becomes successfully set. You will have access to the different advertisers and affiliate programs to choose from.
From the list of affiliate programs available, search for the GoDaddy affiliate program and go through the rules of becoming an affiliate of GoDaddy affiliate program. Thereafter, click on the ‘Join program’ tab.

After you have applied to join the program, you’d need to wait for your application to be approved. It’s worth noting that advertisers will screen your website to be sure that it meets up with some fundamental regulations. This application may take up to days before it is approved.

If you eventually get accepted, the only thing remaining for you is to set up your CJ account. This is achieved by filling in the payment details section with your bank or PayPal account details. You will also be required to supply your tax info under the administrative settings.

GoDaddy Affiliate Program Commissions and Payments

Affiliates enjoy an appreciable commission rate of 15% on most products and higher commission rates on other products. Some specific plans and products even earn you, as an affiliate, up to 100% commission.
The adage ”The Sky is wide enough for the birds” is applicable to the GoDaddy affiliate program. You can earn as much as you want.

They offer a 45-day cookie period. This means that when a customer makes a purchase within 45 days after clicking through your affiliate link, you earn your commission.
Your commission is pending for 60 days after purchase. This means that you wait for 60 days after a customer you referred has purchased a product before your commission is ripe for withdrawal.
Varieties of payment options are available for international and domestic affiliates. The payment options are: GoDaddy’s Good as Gold program, direct deposit, PayPal, and check.

Products Available to Promote

There is the availability of a vast number of products for affiliates to promote.


  • Domain names and registration
  • SSL certificates and security services
  • Email accounts
  • Office 365 products
  • Hosting (web and WordPress hosting)
  • And many other services

Marketing Resources

As an affiliate, in your affiliate account, you are provided with more than 100 referral links, banners and text links for your website. To start promoting GoDaddy, copy and paste these resources into your website’s content.
GoDaddy also releases coupon codes for their affiliates to effectively promote them. In your account, you will find coupon codes for certain products and services.

Requirements and Rules

Unlike most other affiliate programs that have a set of rules, GoDaddy has two sets of rules – GoDaddy’s rule and CJ affiliate rules.
In addition to these sets of rules, it’s worth noting that you are to not include adult content, purchase from your own affiliate link, offer cashback for the purchased product.
To be sure you are not acting against their rules, read the affiliate agreement and the terms of use on your CJ account.

Support Center

GoDaddy offers the best support to its members. Their support team is always accessible and free. They have online chat, call centers, and the forum community.


I’d advise people to promote the GoDaddy affiliate program as it offers mouth-watering commissions and has highly-demanded products for its affiliates to promote.
The only area we see as a shortcoming is that you will not see the needed information about them before you decide to join the CJ affiliate network. It is understandable that full information should not be made open to interested affiliates, yet, a certain level of information – like their commission rate and payment methods – should be made known.

This is a big slap on their face, considering the fact that the newbie will be looking for information to rely on before they can make a decision to join.
However, these are still not enough reasons to write off their precious offers. Therefore, GoDaddy is not the wrong place to be.

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  1. Ann

    Hi! The first domain I ever bought, I bought it at GoDaddy. But I didn’t know they had an affiliate program. It would be interesting to join GoDaddy now as an affiliate. They have a peculiar way of marketing their domains and products offering really cheap prices the first year but then recuperating their money in the successive years. I’d like to see how effective is this marketing strategy.

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      You are most welcome!

  2. Christine

    I have heard of GoDaddy, it’s a well known name on the internet, isn’t it? I just did not know what it was exactly. Thanks to this review, now I finally know 😉 The commissions are very good. I think that a waiting period of 60 days is not so bad to get your commissions paid. And they have good online support, like you say, which is a huge plus point. Maybe I am going to sign up, it looks like a great program. I am already signed up for other affiliate platforms, but I will definitely look into this.

  3. Parveen

    Hey, Thanks for write a review on GoDaddy Affiliate Program. While searching online about Godaddy affiliate program I reached on your review. Very well written with full guide. I found many products we can promote. Requirement and rules are very useful for me. Thanks for adding them.

    I will join Godaddy affiliate program. Thanks for your help.



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