Funnelytics Review: Make the Right Funnels for Your Projects

By | July 25, 2020



The digital marketing sales funnel is gradually being replaced with a more linear and modern one. A digital marketing funnel is meant to show the process of transforming users from being prospects into buying customers.
Funneling moves from awareness, consideration, purchase, and retention. With funneling, it becomes easy to strategize on how to gt your customers to buy your product.

The Funnelytics funnel mapping software is the choice of many entrepreneurs and marketers to help them plan and guide their customers towards purchasing their products. The tool is trusted by many businesses for their funnel mapping, and to achieve effective marketing and sales.

Using this tool, it becomes easier to identify and analyze sales funnels using the drag-and-drop interface. This is why numerous digital marketers have come to rely on it to effectively help them actualize their marketing strategy. You can use Funnelytics to map out your landing pages, emails, and other sequences.

Features of Funnelytics

We need to look at features that come with this software and how it will help you map and analyze how effectively your funneling strategy is working.

  • Funnelytics Vault is a tool that is accessible on Funnelytics Pro. With this tool, you can always access most templates created by traders who have had much success with their trades using such funnel designs. Using its templates, you will also be able to create your own funnel that will look and work like one of theirs. You can find funnels from different sectors including educational products, information products, and associate travels. Once you select any of these templates, it will be loaded on to the funnel map


  • You can use the drag-and-drop feature to move icons on the different Funnelytics levels into a typical sales funnel like sales page, webinar or thank you page. You can add as many icons as you wish and also customize your funnel to suit your strategy. It enables you to choose your traffic source using the drag-and-drop feature and add them to your project. You can get traffic sources from social media platforms, emails, or blog posts. You can create your funnel, add your traffic source, select the other icons, and add them to your project


  • You can tag traffic from external sources using UTM tagging. It will create unique tracking codes by combining UTMs and URLs for every customer that visits your site and make the information on your Funnelytics. You can use the information to analyze and track your leads. The Funnelytics spreadsheet can track links in your campaigns. The cells of this spreadsheet are locked but you can unlock them using the password “Funnelyticsrock”. You will make a copy of the spreadsheet and add it to your Google account


  • Funnelytics has two modes which are the Funnel Mapping and Analyze Mode. The funnel mapping is included in the Basic and Pro plans of the software but you can only find the Analyze mode in the Pro plan. Analyze mode is meant to help you track the traffic path through which your customer came, for instance, through Facebook ads or a scheduled meeting


  • It has a Google tag manager that you can use to follow the activities of users on your site. It will provide you with information about activities on your site such as pop-ups, clicks, or video views. But to access this tool, you will need to install the FunnelyticsScript


  • Funnelytics can also be used to track any revenue generated along the funnel. You will need to set a price tag for products on the different pages of your funnel, so each time there is a user on a product confirmation page, he will see an assigned value which is the same as the price for the product.

Advantages of Using Funnelytics

  • You can design your funnel effectively using the drag-and-drop feature to move icons from different levels of your funnel into your project
  • You can easily export its professionally-made funnel maps
  • It comes with six free funnel templates and has more than fifty high converting funnel maps
  • You can easily follow the conversion rates based on what the users are doing on the pages
  • You can also collect your customer data and track your customers’ journey even from the source
  • It is easy to calculate your return on investment and other metrics to see if your funneling strategy is paying off.


  • It needs to integrate more easily with other tools
  • New users will need some time to learn how to use some of its features.

How You Can Create Your Visual Funnel Map with Funnelytics

Funnel mapping shows you the steps to be taken by a customer to buy a product or service. Funnelytics is a computer program that will help you plan and map out the steps for your marketing strategy. Funnelytics will help you create visual funnels using these steps:

  • It will guide you as you map out your funneling strategy. This has to do with the marketing strategy you have chosen and how you plan to present your product and sell it to your clients
  • You will also be able to set your profit targets at different levels of your funneling. This will help you visually see your return on investment
  • You can follow your strategy and take note of how it is performing. At any point where you need to re-work your strategy, you quickly do so and continue with your funneling.

Getting Support

Funnelytics has informative videos and articles with which you can learn about the technical aspect of setting up your funnel tracking features. They also use chats to help their customers sort out any issues that they may be having with setting up the program.

Using Funnelytics

  • You can share your funnels or download them as PDF or PNG files
  • You can share the experience with other marketers and benefit from their experiences with their templates
  • You can observe how your pages are performing and also analyze your user engagements using browse percentage, video percentage, pop-ups, and events on your funnel.


As a marketer, you need to design your sales funnel which entails how you plan, package your product and present them to your customers. Funnelytics is a useful tool that will help you ease the time and resources needed to prepare your funnels manually.

Using this tool, you may prefer to use templates already prepared by other funnel marketers or you may choose to design yours to suit the funneling requirement of your product. With Funnelytics, you will be able to get higher returns on your investments.

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