FunnelSpy Review: See What Your Competitors are Doing

By | July 30, 2020





The FunnelSpy software is a tool you can use to research what your competitors are doing, so you may borrow some of their ideas. It is a tool that can help you examine your competitor’s marketing strategy as a guide to help you grow your business.

Most businesses rely on online marketing to reach out to a large number of customers with their products. In order to convince your customers to purchase your product, you need to design a strategy on how to locate your customers and guide them as you convince them to make a buying decision.

This entails designing a funnel through which you will market your products. Sometimes you may need to take a peek at what your competitors are doing in order to guide or motivate you in the right direction as you design your funnel.
You can also use it to locate hidden pages that can be used by your funnels. I call this tool my special “spyware” because I can use it to take a quick peek at what a particular competitor is doing to convert leads and generate sales in their business.

FunnelSpy is a valuable and intelligent tool that has all you need to help you develop your sales funnel fast and easily. With just one click, you can see all the information about your competitor’s sales.
You will be able to see upsell funnels and one-time down sales. You can use it to research whatever you may wish to know about your competitor’s marketing strategy which includes their type of products, sales proposals, designs, pricing, and many more.

Using FunnelSpy, you can run as many searches as you wish and get access to all the search results. It is also possible for you to easily create your funneling projects and save any favorites.

Capturing Publishers’ Data

FunnelSpy has data on more than 120,000 publishers and spans 21 countries. As you use their software, you can benefit from different brands and their advertising methods which you can use to create great campaigns and follow up on your products.
You will also be able to know who the buyers of a product are and how you can locate and reach out to them.

FunnelSpy features

You can use it to find any of your competitor’s pages quite easily. You will be able to see all of their sales funnels and know their upsells, down sells and one-time offers. You can also see their product offering, prices at their different funnel points, their funneling plan and layout and also selling propositions.

You may be curious to know where your competitor’s lead generation page will take you. Using this tool, you will be able to track their leads and see what strategy they employ for converting their leads to sales.
You will also be able to find out how they are using webinars to market their products. It will give useful information about their webinar registrations and see all of their webinar funnels.

You may also want to know which webinar funnels they are using, view the seminar presentations, and take note of the different points along with the webinar where they market their products and the strategies they adopt along with each point.

Advantages of Using FunnelSpy

1. One benefit you will gain from using FunnelSpy is that it will keep you updated about your opponent’s funneling activities through market research. You can use it to find the price points of your competitors and how all of their sales pages are performing.

You will also be able to find out different promotions that are being run and the strength of their traffic. You can use analytics to evaluate every piece of information you get and even make comparisons with what you are doing with your sales funnel, so you can know how to improve on your strategy.

2. It is also time-saving as you do not have to run researches in bits trying to find out different pieces of information about the funneling activities of your competitors. Bit-by-bit research can be time-consuming and tiring and you may not be able to look up all the information you need at once.

But with FunnelSpy, it becomes very simple and time-effective to get access to all of the data you need at once. It is also easy to analyze all of the data and take out the important information you need to improve on your funneling.
You can also get notified about your competitors’ moves, so you can design and start your promotional campaigns as soon as they take off with theirs. Whenever they hold webinars, you may wish to be notified by FunnelSpy, so you can follow to see how they are able to monetize their funnels during those webinars.

3. It is very easy for you to access any information you want from your competitors without having an inside man. Most of the information companies are not likely to share with you will be easily sourced.
You may wish to design your web pages to resemble theirs and also set your leads generation pages or Thank you pages like theirs. You also get to know of software running on their websites and how you can access web traffic similar to their sources.

4. You have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their product; you have the chance to get a refund. If you are not satisfied, make sure you contact their support desk within the first 30 days of purchase.


  • Sourcing information from someone else’s website can entail copyright infringement even though such information will be legally obtained using FunnelSpy. You may also get some misleading information that can harm your funneling
  • They also need to make customer support easier to access.

FunnelSpy Pricing

FunnelSpy offers two price plans. The Personal license goes for $127 and the Outsource license goes for $177.


FunnelSpy is a very reliable tool that you can use to follow up on what your opponents are doing. You can use it to conduct market research to know how products are faring in the market and how the funneling strategies of your competitors are bringing more sales as compared to yours.

It will save you a lot of time and money as you try to keep up with your competitors or keep abreast of them. With FunnelSpy, you can obtain all of your competitors’ data legally. It is a marketing tool that is very useful as you strategize your funneling plans and grow your sales.
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