FirstGrabber Review

By | April 10, 2020

FirstGrabber review


If you want to earn passive income online, then affiliate marketing is the best way to go.
Affiliate marketing refers to the act of promoting products or services to get a certain commission as a reward. Different brands and companies offer variable commissions to affiliates; therefore, working as an affiliate on some platforms will pay you more than others.

The smart way to go about this is to read up reviews about some affiliate platforms before signing up to their affiliate programs. This simple act will save you from needless and avoidable pains in the world of affiliate marketing.
Different pools of affiliate platforms will pop up with just a simple search on Google, showing their various niches. For the sake of this article, we will discuss exclusively on FirstGrabber which is also an affiliate marketing platform.

What is FirstGrabber?

FirstGrabber is an affiliate network that focuses on fashion brands like Zaful, Dresslily and Rosegal.
The fashion niche can be regarded as one of the most lucrative niches in affiliate marketing; this is because fashion products sell out pretty fast.
People want to follow the trends of happenings, wear the latest clothes, shoes, wristwatch etc. This list is just endless. This is why you can’t go wrong promoting fashion products, most especially when you know your onions.
FirstGrabber is one of the homes for affiliate marketers who are into the fashion niche. The platform currently has a good number of affiliate marketers of over 13,000 who are currently active on FirstGrabber. A platform where the top affiliate earners make up to $30,000 every month is actually a platform to reckon with.

Who Can Join FirstGrabber?

The platform supports multi-purpose. This means that everyone can use it.

Agency: As an agency, the FirstGrabber affiliate network provides the agency with banners, videos, coupon and even product data feeds. Some other supported services include API and postback.

Influencers: The FirstGrabber affiliate network gives influencers huge followers’ coupon and also an option to apply for some clothes which are usually free with a condition of sending videos or photos for a review of the products.

Individuals: As an individual, you also stand a chance of making profits from FirstGrabber. What you need to do is share your social media accounts with your community. Free items are also given to those whose Channels have great feedback.

Features of FirstGrabber

Let us check out some features of this giant affiliate network.

Tracking and Reporting System

FirstGrabber is fully encrypted with an analytic tool and tactics used to effectively track all sales. This tool also displays statistics such as your ad report and analysis.

Competitive Commissions

Commission varies from one industry to the other, which is based on the stipulation of the industry. Zaful, Rosegal and Dresslily all have variable commission rates for each of their sales, which is pretty competitive.

Customer Support

FirstGrabber has good customer support teams. They even have a special help centre exclusive to their affiliate marketers; this is where all affiliates get the guide and assistance.

Quick Payment

The payment system of this platform is reliable and considerably fast. Payments for commission usually take between 7-10 working days.

Easy Promotions

Affiliate marketing is all about promoting products or services for commission after sales. To make promotion easier, FirstGrabber has an affiliate tool for promoting on social media. In addition to this feature, it also has lots of affiliate marketing content for promotion which includes banners, videos, coupon and product feeds.

FirstGrabber Tools

Custom links: You can track your website by simply creating a custom link for it. With customized links, tracking of your campaigns will be so easy. Bear in mind that you have the liberty to create as many links as you wish for your affiliate sales. This includes images, links or text links.

Image Gallery

One of the easiest ways to make your campaigns stand out is to use images for them. FirstGrabber has good fashion images to choose for your campaign.

How FirstGrabber Works

After a successful sign up on FirstGrabber, a pop-up will be displayed, showing different categories to choose from. Upon clicking on the Continue button, you will be required to fill in some details like your website link, language and currency.

You will be able to login to your account when your email address has been confirmed. It takes between 2-3 days for an account to get activated. This is however not set in stone as an account can be activated within just few hours.
Now that your account is activated, you will want to go to your dashboard. Working on FirstGrabber’s dashboard is pretty easy because of how the tabs are positioned on the dashboard.

The dashboard is where you can see the statistics of your Commissions, sales and number of total clicks which are represented on a graph. Reports of your daily, weekly and monthly performances are all available.
On the creative tab, you can get content that you will use for promoting a product. Some content in the creative tab are banners which you can use on your website; promotional videos for advertising a given product; you can create coupon codes for the customers; dynamic and static!

To get a product for your website, just head to the product tab and export the desired product to your site. The product tab has varieties of fast selling products to choose from.
The report tab offers you the privilege to either report or track the performance of sales generated through your affiliate link. The report tab has the following subcategories:
As Report: With the “As Report” feature, you can view the performance of your ad such as the number of ad clicks etc. You can also view the statistics of your orders for both paid and pending orders.
Income Report: On this tab, details of your total commission and all your bonuses can be viewed here.

Pros and Cons of FirstGrabber


  • Registration is free, no need to worry about the sign up fee
  • Good customer service network
  • High commission rates of 30%
  • Great bonuses feature


  • FirstGrabber is considerably new
  • It promotes just a few brands


FirstGrabber is an awesome platform with great affiliate benefits. It has the right tool to generate lots of sales which, in turn, favor affiliates.
Do you want to become a super affiliate in a matter of months from now? You need an independent affiliate marketing community that is ready to take you by hand and show you the realistic way to build a passive income stream. To learn more, don’t hesitate to read my Wealthy Affiliate review.

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