FastHosts Review: Is It the Best UK Based Hosting Company?

By | March 25, 2020





Are you in search for a UK based hosting company that is reachable 24/7/365 through a local phone number? Or rather looking for a reputable web host that is empowered with locally based servers for faster page load times within the UK?
If so, try reading this review down the page; I wrote a comprehensive review of FastHosts, a premier web host based in the United Kingdom.

I’ll talk about various components of FastHosts which include speed, uptime, pricing, features, support, and lots more.

FastHosts Review

FastHosts has been in operation for more than two decades and has gone a long way in its components such as reliable uptime, site speed, cost-effective pricing, and valuable client support. It was founded out of Quays in 1999.
FastHosts is recognized as one of the top ten UK based hosting companies with its cost-effective shared hosting packages that have now enticed 400,000+ users.
What I cherish most about FastHosts include:

  • Inbuilt site builder
  • One-click WordPress Downloads & Installs
  • Toll-free local phone number
  • Servers based in the UK
  • Free SSL &
  • 99.98 percent uptime
  • Cost-effective pricing

In general, FastHosts is a top-ranking UK based web hosting platform with an extreme focus on its users while also providing a value-stuffed and cost-effective product. Strongly recommended!

FastHosts Was Officially Started in 1999

As I briefly mentioned above, FastHosts was officially established in 1999 by original founder Michael Andrew, a then undergraduate student. Not later than a few months, FastHosts started out with its headquarters located out of Quays.
Within two decades of starting out, FastHosts has hosted 1,400,000+ domains, served more than 400,000 customers from across the world, opened over 830,000 business email accounts, and kept expanding yearly.
During this period, FastHosts successfully won numerous awards from Deloite & Touche and Microsoft among others.

Its Servers are UK Based

Being a provincially based web host, one among its overall benefits is that its servers are based in the United Kingdom.
Having its data center based in the UK enables its users to get extremely-fast page load times as there’s dormancy for European and local web users.
These uber-speedy page load times lead to higher conversions, better user-experience, and boosts search engine optimization as well.
As for the actual data center area, it’s unpredictable, as FastHosts seems to be reticent on the area, which I hope is meant for security purpose.

FastHosts Web Hosting Prices & Packages

FastHosts makes provisions for nearly all types of websites irrespective of the function or size.
It provides managed WordPress, cloud, dedicated, VPS, Windows & Linux web hosting. Among its other services, it offers a strong domain registration service as well.

Free SSL & Domain Included

If you choose to leverage the FastHosts VPS or shared hosting plans, you can also take advantage of a completely free .uk,,, or even a .London domain name. A free SSL certificate is added too.
When you hear the word “free” on the FastHosts site, it’s only free for the first 12 months of signing up, with an annual renewal fee of about £9.99 based on the domain type.
As stated above, it offers a free SSL certificate, which guarantees proper encryption and safety for your website. For online stores or businesses, this is vital as it gives a trust signal to Google and the audience.

Good Domain Extensions

While the platform is better recognized for its web hosting package for Brits, it provides a reliable and strong domain registrar service as well. Some of its domain name extensions are stated below:
For its domain names, customers are able to choose one for free while they pay a yearly renewal fee of £9.99, which is still awesome and appreciable.
For more eye-catching domain suffixes, such services are also offered by FastHosts for those who need them. Below is a list of the famous ones:

  • .space
  • .cloud
  • .shop
  • .tech
  • .website

If for particular circumstances FastHosts does not offer the domain suffix you chose, you can check out other domain registrars that offer your favorite domain suffix.
One-Click WordPress Downloads & Installs
Another advantage I cherished about FastHosts was their potentiality to install a WordPress website with the click of a button.
If you’re a novice to WordPress, it’s the world’s biggest site builder with a market share up to 34 percent. It’s a totally free blogging platform preferred by online stores, small business owners, and pro bloggers.
Thus, if customers choose to leverage the WordPress platform, it’s just one click away from hosting with FastHosts. If you don’t like using WordPress, you can also find one-click installs with Drupal, Joomla, and others.

Superb Site Support

Customer support is definitely the next feature on my detailed review of FastHosts.
Having created and hosted websites for years, I’ve come to realize that there will be issues. And these can come up at anytime.
Most of the time, errors come up due to getting locked out of the hosting server, overloading the server, or installing a third-party malicious plugin.
Whenever these issues arise, FastHosts gives you the opportunity to use a toll free UK number which is operational 24/7. You are also allowed to speak to any member of the technical team in the UK.
If you don’t like calling, you can take advantage of the ticketing, chatting, or emailing feature, which is also enabled on the FastHosts platform, and you’ll get responded to in a matter of minutes.
Another amazing feature of FastHosts is that a live update is provided on its server. This is rare for hosting companies as they virtually don’t want to be responsible for server failures.

99.99% Uptime Warranty

FastHosts has one of the best uptime features within its servers. It’s so superb that it offers a 99.98 percent uptime warranty, which gives a total rest of the mind.
Having access to this nearly accurate uptime means that customers’ websites will be live on the web round the year, which is excellent for a business.
FastHosts has a tracking tool so customers can rest assured that they are really being served the uptime they are due for.


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