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By | April 9, 2020

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Affiliate marketing is inarguably one of the leading sources of generating income online for bloggers. Gone are the days when bloggers received little or no financial rewards for their efforts and time spent in putting up great content on their blogs.

Most bloggers now monetize their sites to earn residual income as more businesses key into the affiliate programs.
More businesses are now providing affiliate options to increase their sales, which is a win-win for both the business owners and bloggers. Bloggers promote a product through the affiliate option and make more money while the business owners make more sales.
There are many affiliate networks, but for the sake of this article, we will focus only on the ExpertMobi affiliate program.

What Is ExpertMobi?

ExpertMobi is an international affiliate platform that offers marketing services; they concentrate on mobile, traffic, Android and iOS install. ExpertMobi takes advantage of mobile markets.
Mobile phones have become part of the lives of people; they seem indispensable in our daily activities. More and more companies are now integrating mobile features into their platforms with the growing use of mobile phones across the world.

Mobile marketing will soon take over as more business owners realize the power of integrating mobile service into the modern-day business.
ExpertMobi understands the power of mobile phones in our present dispensation, and that’s why they build their platform around the mobile network. This is why you stand a better chance as an affiliate to generate huge income because of the high-quality traffic that ExpertMobi attracts daily.
ExpertMobi is equipped with lots of offers for their teaming advertisers and publishers. As a publisher, if you desire to take your business to a greater height, ExpertMobi will help you achieve this goal. This is possible because ExpertMobi has access to lots of traffic globally and also covers many websites.

ExperMobi got great features and offers which are business-friendly and also good for affiliate marketers. Let’s take a look at some features on the ExperMobi’s dashboard.

Affiliate Dashboard of ExpertMobi

After you are done with the account sign up process, just log in to your affiliate dashboard using the details that were sent to you during the registration process to start earning.
ExperMobi has a custom platform that makes it possible to customize, create and track their partners’ offers.
Still, on the dashboard, there is the analytic tool, which is in the form of a graph. Data such as number of impressions, number of clicks, eCPC, commissions earned, etc, are shown in this category.

Affiliate Offers on ExpertMobi

ExpertMobi has lots of offers for affiliates; they take pride in their over 680 offers that are available for their affiliate marketers. Let’s quickly run through some of them that are pretty popular.
Dating alone has over 100 offers while Sweepstake and Subscription have over 150 offers and 200 offers respectively. There are other categories too; you can check them up yourself when you join the platform.
To search for an affiliate offer, simply navigate through the menu; it contains some assortments of information such as; category type, conversion flow, etc.

Keep in mind that most offers made by ExpertMobi are mostly that of mobiles, which explain the discrepancies in the conversion and payouts. For instance, commissions earned from the installation of an app will be considerably different from commission earned for generated leads.

Process for an Affiliate Approval

As an intending affiliate marketer on ExpertMobi, the application process is quite easy and straightforward. If you have been filling forms online for a while, you should be fine with ExpertMobi.
However, I will discuss some technical aspects which I believe will help you scale easily through the process.
Let me reiterate that ExpertMobi has over 680 offers, but you must apply for each of the offers before gaining access to them.

When applying for an offer, choose the “Add to my offer” button next to the Offer tab and accurately fill the details pertaining to the source of your traffic when required.
Here is a point to note; when filling a question about your traffic source, it will be in your favor to try and give detailed answers about the source of your traffic rather than giving short answers.
This simple tip can considerably increase the chances of your account being approved ahead of those that filled in short answers.

After submitting your offer request, you will likely be contacted back within 24 hours. Should you get stuck in any of the process, you can reach out to their customer service representatives. They are very efficient.

Payment System

ExpertMobi has managed to maintain a good reputation for being timely in terms of payments. So, as a prospective affiliate, you have zero reasons to be worried about lateness or inconsistency in payment.
Another unique feature of ExpertMobi is its flexible model of making payments such as weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. As a partner, you are at liberty to choose from the list of payment plans. If you prefer to be paid at the end of the month, it is up to you.

ExpertMobi has a minimum payout of $100 for all kinds of payment systems with the exception of Wire Transfer which requires $500 as a minimum payout. Payments are made through PayPal, WebMoney, Paxum, EPESE and Wire Transfer.

Benefits of ExpertMobi

The ExpertMobi network has different categories of offers with a high potential of earning big. This is because they have lots of traffic.
To complement its huge offer, it has a flexible payment system and huge traffic.

Pros and Cons Of ExpertMobi

Virtually all marketing platforms have their pros and cons.


  • The ExpertMobi platform is full of a great collection of offers to choose from
  • It has a flexible model of payments – weekly, bi-weekly and monthly
  • Its customer care representatives are highly efficient


  • One of the downsides of ExpertMobi is that it’s slow in making updates


ExpertMobi is really a great platform for you to earn an affiliate marketer. However, if you really want to become a super affiliate earning thousands of dollars monthly with your affiliate website, I’d strongly suggest you join the Wealthy Affiliate family – a community of over 1.5 million trained entrepreneurs from all walks of life!
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