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By | April 25, 2020



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YouTube is one of the websites that help you earn some revenue. Most YouTubers earn money from the YouTube Partner Program. When you have grown your YouTube channel, there are some requirements you must meet before you can begin to earn money.

These are four requirements that must be met before you are eligible to earn on the platform. Let’s look at them one step at a time.

First, you need to have up to 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel. No matter how long it may take you, once you’re able to get up to 1000 subscribers, you become eligible for the program.
In addition to this requirement, the videos on your channel must have been watched for up to 4000 hours in the past 12 months. Take note of the time frame of getting the 4000-hour watch time.

The watch time videos include live streams and unlisted videos. If, however, you delete some videos, their watch time will be deducted from the watch hours. Once you are on the YouTube Partner Program, you are advised to maintain the watch hours.

You can check your progress under your analytics or you can download vidIQ – a tool that automatically collects and shows you the statistics concerning your channel. With this tool, you can see your views per hour, views in the past 48 hours and how many people are subscribed to your channel.
You can also use it to track your channel’s watch hours. Once you meet the watch hours required for monetization, the color of the button turns green.

The other things you need are an AdSense account and compliance with YouTube’s policies and guidelines.
After fulfilling the conditions for applying for the YouTube Partner Program, you can go ahead and apply. YouTube will review your channel to make sure everything is in place before accepting you into the program. It is important for you to review their policies and guidelines before you apply.

Be sure not to engage in practices that are prohibited, such as bargaining for subscriptions (sub4sub) or for views. If you are picked out engaging in such, your application might be denied.

Your application does not get reviewed immediately. It will take as long as 30 days for it to be reviewed. If your application does not get accepted, you will have to wait for 30 days again before re-applying. But at that time, it is expected that you fix the reason it was rejected.

One thing that can get your application rejected is a duplication of content. If you are also going to use audios and online footage from stock, it is important that you have their licenses in place.

Earn from Your Channel

After logging on to their network, click on your icon. From the dropdown menu, you click on My Channel, and next you click on YouTube Studio (beta). In the channel menu, you click on Other Features and then click on Monetization. In the monetization window, you click on the Start icon.

You also need to sign up for AdSense or use an existing account after accepting YouTube’s terms and conditions. Make sure you read the terms and conditions very carefully before accepting them. You will then need to set your monetization preferences. Choose the types of videos you’d like to monetize. It is possible to change your preferences at any time you wish.

It takes 30 days to get your channel approved for monetization, but sometimes, it takes longer than that. It’s until your channel has been successfully approved that you can begin to generate revenue on it.
While waiting, you may earn some reward from YouTube by posting algorithms. Make sure during the waiting period, your channel is kept active and you keep using SEO to grow your audience and subscribers.

What makes YouTube a great place to monetize is the ease with which you can apply. As a new channel, you can easily meet their conditions. Over time, the number of watch hours on your channel will increase, likewise the number of subscribers. This makes it possible to look at other monetization options and ways to increase your income from YouTube. YouTube Partner Program is just one way of earning on YouTube.

Other means of monetization on YouTube include:

Affiliate Programs

You need to sign up with a brand. They give you a discount code that your followers can use to shop with the brand. Each time they use the code, you are paid a commission. The earning you make from this program might not be much but you can increase it by sharing the codes through your videos. The more followers you have, the more chances you get to earn more.


This platform is popular among YouTube creators. On this platform, your followers pay some monthly fees to get exclusive content. There are several tiers of patrons from behind-the-scene footage to new videos that are not accessible to non-paying viewers. Patron is good for YouTube creators whose fans are loyal to them.

Product Features

This is one way you can reach out for sponsorships. You can contact brands or wait for them to reach out to you to review the features of their products in your videos. Make sure the products you choose to review are valuable to your followers. At a point, you will be receiving so many review offers. You need to be selective and restrict what you review to what your viewers will consider relevant.

Paid Sponsorships

You can reach out to popular brands to pay you to increase the popularity and reach of their products through your videos. You can endorse these products by using them in your videos or directly marketing their value to your audience through your videos. Again, make sure the products will make sense to your audience.


YouTube presents a lot of opportunities for making money online. For a YouTube creator with a new channel, it does not take long to meet their requirements. You can take advantage of the many other money-making opportunities and not restrict yourself to the YouTube Partner Program.

Remember, YouTube is interested in how long you can keep your audience watching on its platform and the key to achieving that is having interesting, original, and well-produced videos that can add value to the viewers.

While you can earn lots of revenue growing a YouTube channel, you can also use your channels to send massive traffic to your site. This helps in speeding up the ranking of your site. You can leverage the Wealthy Affiliate tools to build and take your business to a new level in the online world. Try out WA University through this route

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