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Monetizing your blog by placing ads on it is a great way to generate money from your website. There are a lot of companies out there that can help you achieve that. I guessed you’ve heard of Clickbooth and might have read reviews about them.

In this Clickbooth review, I’ll show you if this company can help make your goal a reality. You’ll be interested in what we have here.

What is Clickbooth?

Clickbooth, an affiliate network, was founded in September 2002 and has been in business for over 17 years. The current CEO of the company is Erin Cigich and has its headquarters in Sarasota, FL. They as well have a European office in Bosnia. Clickbooth is related to other affiliate networks such as CJ Affiliate and MaxBounty.

How Clickbooth Works?

Clickbooth is a platform whereby affiliate publishers and advertisers come together to partner. So, if you own a website that features fashion, you’ll look for ads related to fashion to place on your site. Clickbooth runs a CPA structure (cost per action). This means you would be paid a commission for actions taken by your visitors who click on your Clickbooth link. The task to be undertaken could be buying something or signing up for a product or service.

What You May Need to Know?

Like most other affiliate networks, Clickbooth does not provide upfront information on its pricing plans. This implies that you have to become a member before you get a quote for marketing your business on the network.
There are many mutual factors to be aware of and expect when applying to join an affiliate network. Many affiliate networks charge a network access fee. This one-time access fee is such an entry ticket to the program.

Based on the information gathered, the good thing is that Clickbooth does not charge this fee. Besides this fee, a lot of affiliate networks charge transaction fees. This is a slight percentage charged per commission transaction made by affiliates.
Affiliates are not directly paid by merchants but indirectly via the network. Some networks have monthly minimum transaction charges. Contact Clickbooth to have a quote for your business.

Most affiliate networks are uncertain in handling the business of all the different sizes, finding reasonable models for each business type. After all, the purpose of joining an affiliate network is to boost profit and get a better return on investment when it comes to marketing

Clickbooth Features

Clickbooth offers various options for their publishers; their features include:


  • Available worldwide
  • Free to join
  • Enough ads to choose from etc

How Much Can You Make with Clickbooth?

Just like most affiliate programs, the amount of money you can earn varies depending on the ad placement and clicks on those ads.
To make a reasonable amount of money with any affiliate network, one needs to have a steady flow of traffic on his site.

When Do Clickbooth Publishers Get Paid?

Clickbooth affiliate publishers get paid on 30 net bases. This implies that an affiliate’s first payment will not be made until 30 days after the end of the previous month. Funds are paid out after the corresponding advertisers have paid their fees. Payments are made in U.S. dollars. For U.S. residents, you will need to have a W8 or W9 form on record with Clickbooth and your account must have a balance in excess of $50.
Another option is to be paid twice a month but you will need to discuss the option with your account manager to see if you meet up for the terms.
Payments are made through check, PayPal, International wire, direct deposit or ACH.

Clickbooth Requirements


  • Anyone across the world can join the program and there is an application process to go through. The requirements include:
  • Affiliate publishers must have been pre-approved through the application process. The application process averagely takes 72 hours to get approved.
  • Ad placement on websites or through email distribution lists must be reviewed and authorized prior to ad placement.
  • Affiliate publishers’ websites must be void of abusive content, child pornography, illegal activity, violence or hate against people, animals or organizations.

Clickbooth Support

Clickbooth provides a strong support system. If you need answers to any question or issues, you will need to go through their “Knowledge base” section. If you still don’t find what you are looking for there, you will need to create a ticket.

Other Clickbooth Offers For Affiliates

Every affiliate would want to know how to enhance CTR and Conversions. The Clickbooth network offers you a vast variety of tools to achieve this goal. You have the ability to adjust the offer according to your needs or to use the pre-set parameters.

Also, the offer’s description indicates what types of traffic the network accepts. The last significant point is that many offers support the “Upsell” model. It implies that affiliates get paid from all the future purchases, which the customers they have brought in execute.

As payment terms are concerned, Clickbooth offers you the proficiency to make a withdrawal once a week. The minimum amount is $50. You can use Paxum, Check, Wire Transfer or ACH to receive your earnings.

Clickbooth Complaints

We have talked about the benefits of Clickbooth. Now, let’s examine a few things that may be deal-breakers for you. Here are a few issues that may give you a change of the mind:

Affiliate Rewards Program

Clickbooth offers an affiliate rewards program with points that can be reclaimed for products. Although this program is available to all affiliates, affiliates need to have earned $20,000 over a 12-month period before they can cash them in for rewards. Also, reward points expire 12 months after they are available.

Limited Support Options

Creating a ticket is the only way to contact Clickbooth and have a solution to any issue you may be having. There is no provision of any phone number, email address or live chat option.

Is Clickbooth Worth Joining?

Though it has its setbacks, Clickbooth is a reliable program. These setbacks are not enough reasons to condemn the program. Having said this, we would not advise that you have all your eggs in a basket.
Also, have it in mind that your success as an affiliate depends greatly on your traffic.


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