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How to start a Blog on WordPress

          A new WordPress install comes with an admin dashboard with all the tools you need to set up your site. From the dashboard, you can choose a theme for your site from among the hundreds of free themes available from the WordPress theme directory or purchase a custom theme from… Read More »

How To Start a Cleaning Business Blog

    The internet is a great tool for getting the word out, but it’s a good idea to work on your brand offline, too. Writing for eHow, Elizabeth Smith stresses the importance of getting out in the community to build brand recognition offline as well as online. Today I would like to share with… Read More »

How to Promote Your Affiliate Links

            Affiliate marketing is the antithesis of the term, “You get out what you take in,” A lot of people are banking hundreds of dollars through affiliate marketing every day. And there are those advertisers who put their affiliate links in a single place and expect that to trigger insane… Read More »

Skyscanner Review

        Our review is on Skyscanner, one of those websites involved in flight bookings. Travel is a fun experience for many people, except the part where you search for travel deals. You have to make countless checks online looking for the best deal, going from one travel deals site to another. In… Read More »

How To Run a Cleaning Business

      Starting a cleaning business has plenty of advantages. Start-up costs are generally low, and you can start small. Staff costs, materials and overheads tend to be lower and it requires a less skilled workforce. Win a few contracts or a host of regular domestic customers and your cleaning business is relatively easy… Read More »

How To Start Your Own Cleaning Business

        Cleaning is something we do on a daily basis to maintain properties. Have you ever wondered how to start your own cleaning business? For a maid service, an economy car or station wagon should suffice. You need enough room to store equipment and supplies, and to transport your cleaning teams, but… Read More »

Ahrefs Review: A Perfect Research and Analysis Toolkit

              What you’ll be learning from this SEO toolkit review includes reasons for using Ahrefs, the main features of Ahrefs, pricing and plans, and the pros and cons of using Ahrefs for content marketing. Traveling without a map can be pretty frustrating, especially when you’ve never taken that route… Read More »

How You Can Rank Your Site Using Internal Links

      Having links to your posts makes it easy for Google to find it – this increases your chances of ranking higher on search engines. Having internal links on the pages of your site helps Google understand how your website is structured. Google is able to know which pages are more important and… Read More »

How to Optimize Your Content for SEO

            In this post, you’ll learn how to optimize your content for SEO. Content is everywhere, in every language, in every tribe, and on every website across the internet. What many haven’t realized is that content has value, especially when found online. Content also comes in different forms, as you… Read More »