CamStudio Review: A Simple Video Editing Tool

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This review provides you with details on why and how to use CamStudio for your screencasting. You will derive the following benefits from this review:

– Attain basic understanding of what screencasting is all about.

– Understand the control that CamStudio gives to you while editing audio and video.

– Highlighted benefits, advantages and disadvantages of using CamStudio for your recording and editing.

– The different options available to you for recording video and output formats

  • What is screencasting?
  • About CamStudio
  • Main Features of CamStudio
  • 7 Powerful Reasons to Use CamStudio
  • Pros and Cons of CamStudio
  • Getting Started with CamStudio
  • Conclusion

What is Screencasting?

Screencasting refers to the process of creating digital video recording of a computer’s screen. This recording is usually accompanied with an audio narration. Screencasting is also referred to as video screen capture or screen recording.
Screencasting is useful for videos that are intended to show the viewer how to install a software, how to use a software, application or website. It is also used for producing online video tutorials and illustrations.

Screencasting requires a computer or laptop, a screencasting software, and an audio headset with a microphone. The software is the most important tool needed and it is essentially used to capture, edit and output the videos.
There is a number of screencasting software capable of producing high quality videos. Some of the more common ones are Camtasia, ScreenFlow, OBS Studio and CamStudio.

About CamStudio

CamStudio is a free and open source screencasting software used for capturing, editing and export of your video files. CamStudio software is presently only available for Windows PC and laptops.
CamStudio offers users the flexibility of recording a region or fixed region of a screen. You can also record a window or full screen of your Windows PC or laptop.

Easy-to-use screencasting software is one of the basic features that users look out for when shopping for the software to use. This is one of the main features present in CamStudio. There are many other features available on this free software as you would find out shortly.

Main Features of CamStudio

These are the main features to expect from using CamStudio software.

1. High Quality Recording

CamStudio is useful for recording and producing high quality videos. The editing capabilities make it possible to create broadcast quality videos fit for distribution.

2. Free and Open Source

CamStudio is a kind of free software that can be openly downloaded online without any restrictions. It is free to use for personal and commercial video productions. It has a development community in charge of making upgrades and adding new features to the software.

3. Windows Supported

CamStudio is currently available for Windows PC or laptop. This means that you must have a Windows PC in order to use it.

4. Output Formatted in SWF, AVI

Your edited videos can be exported from CamStudio either in SWF or AVI formats. These are the only supported formats for your video output.

5. Record Regions of Your Screen

CamStudio allows you to record both regions and fixed regions of your PC’s screen. Region refers to any particular area of your screen while fixed region is a particular area of the screen that is created using predetermined parameters.

7 Powerful Reasons to Use CamStudio

These are my 7 best reasons for using CamStudio.

1. Gives you Control over your Videos and Audio

In addition to the start, pause and stop recording options, CamStudio lets you choose the codec for compression and frame rate you prefer. These options can also be automatically managed by CamStudio if you choose.

2. Select Recording Format

CamStudio provides a number of formats to choose from for recording your videos – AVI, MP4 and SWF.

3. Alternative Audio Capture Sources

You can include audio from your microphone or speakers on your PC. Audio from both of these devices can be captured by CamStudio, while you decide which one to use for a particular video.

4. Annotation Tool

CamStudio offer a dedicated dialog box to be used for annotations. The annotations could be for video or screen use, with shapes, text, images and transparency provided for screen annotations.

5. Camera Control Options

There are camera control options on CamStudio like zoom, focus, tilt, pan and others.

6. CamStudio Effects

CamStudio allows you to add effects to your video recordings through annotations. The effects that are available include adding system timestamp, including captions and adding watermarks.

7. Detailed Information during Recording

Unlike some known screencasting software, CamStudio provides more details while recording. These details include the start time, recording dimensions, time elapsed, color depth in use and codec.

Pros and Cons of CamStudio


  • CamStudio offers a Customizable user interface for users.
  • There is auto-stop recording option for users who may not want to sit with their recordings throughout the duration.
  • CamStudio provides a Help section that contains all information needed to work with the software.

Cons of CamStudio

  • There are restrictions on the available output formats for CamStudio – AVI and SWF.
  • There is no recording time limit when using CamStudio for recording
  • CamStudio only has Windows version available.
  • CamStudio has limited editing capabilities compared to other screencasting software.

Getting Started with CamStudio

CamStudio is easy to use even for first time users. Follow these simple steps to start using your CamStudio installation

Step 1- Download and Install the CamStudio installation program together with the codec.

The installation process is similar to that of any software for Windows PC.

Step 2 – Launch CamStudio from which you find the record button for your first AVI recording.

Step 3 – Select the region of your screen that you want CamStudio to record.

Step 4 – Select other video options like video resolution.

Step 5 – Once you are satisfied with the recording, you can click on the stop button. Choose your preferred location where you would like to have your video saved.

Congratulations on your first screencast recording with CamStudio!


CamStudio provides the opportunity for recording and editing your videos and audio for free. It is open source and the only requirement for using it is just to download and install.
CamStudio gives you a lot of control on how you want your videos edited. There are a number of available formats for editing while you can choose to output using SWF or AVI.

The control isn’t total as you can only select 2 output formats for your videos. Also CamStudio is presently supported only by Windows.

CamStudio is a good choice for producing your online tutorials and how-to guides. Getting started with CamStudio is free and begins by downloading the software from the internet.
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