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This article is meant to guide you on how to go about your website to fetch you more money. With the pace at which technology changes online marketing strategy, one finds it hard to determine what has to be updated or what still works.

Once you have determined the objectives of your site, and how you will make money with it, you can go ahead and add some other features to enhance your objectives. Here, we will show you ten working features that will help you gain more traffic to your site, increase your sales online, and build your email list.

Tip: It is advisable you make sure that every added feature contributes greatly to your site objectives. You can start by adding basic features to know which one works, and which one isn’t worth your time and energy.

1. Add a User Forum to Your Website

Having a user forum where members communicate to help one another solve issues, share ideas, and even seek support from your company, is one of the working ways to keep people engaged on your site.

Although this requires that you dedicate your time in moderating the forum; it is an effective means of gaining clients and high traffic to your site. You can also create a Facebook group for you prospects/customers.

2. Use Social Networking Tools

More people spend their time on social media networks to connect with businesses and brands and to get news and information. You can get engaged in this and direct people to your website.

You can also add social media widgets and icons which connect people to your social media accounts and which allow them to post or share your content on their individual accounts.

Social media networks you can tap into for finding new participants are, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and some photo sharing sites like Instagram and Pinterest.

While a lot of people have the notion that social media is a free source of traffic that requires one to dedicate a portion of his time in getting involved. There are many paid traffic methods you can use with social media, which include Facebook paid advertising and Twitter advertising.

You can outsource your social media marketing if you don’t want to learn how to market on social media or if you consider your time more worthy than managing paid advertising campaigns.

Add A Blog to Your Website

This is time-consuming. Yet, maintaining and frequently updating a blog on your website is one of the effective ways of generating traffic from the search engines, and also an effective way of keeping existing clients up to date with your service, business, and sales.

A well-written blog is an effective way of sourcing for traffic and sharing your company knowledge. Writing quality and useful content is one of the ways to gain higher search engine ranking and gain high traffic from Google. In doing this, you will have to add at least three fresh blog posts each week.

USE A Product Catalog

You will want to utilize an attractive product catalog on your website if you have a significant amount of product to sell, or if you have a business that is based on e–commerce. Without a properly-built and structured catalog, your visitors may abandon your website for another website that is easier to navigate. Make sure the catalog is searchable.

Most clients want to see if you offer what they want. An easy-to-navigate and user-friendly catalog attracts users. Look into proven e-commerce service providers if you are planning on starting an e-commerce business.

Capture E-mail Addresses with Newsletter Signups

This is one of the great ways to build client loyalty. Maintaining an e-mail newsletter is easy if you are already into blogging on regular basis. All you have to do is email your email list subscribers announcing your new blog content. Third-party email autoresponder services, like AWeber, offer tools to generate signup boxes for your website, and also good tracking tools.

Add A Media Gallery

A media gallery can contain any of these – videos, photos, or testimonials. They can showcase people’s testimonies on how they have used and liked a specific product of yours.

A gallery of images of your products captioned with testimonies can also help to introduce your products to your audience.

Use Videos to Show Online Demos and How-To

Depending on what you sell, you can adopt this means to show people how to get the best using your product. Using a video will help you reduce the number of calls to your support line. More people like watching than reading. You can use this to your advantage.

You can also upload your videos to YouTube and invite people to your site. Posting videos on your Facebook page is also another way to get more video views and traffic.

Display Advertisement on Your Website

Appropriate advertisements add values to your site — either via affiliate programs or directly placed ads — and introduce your clients to complementary service providers. This will also add value to your users by showing them products that can be of benefit and add values to their lives.

Improve Your About Us Page

One of the most visited pages on your website is your ‘About’ page. It tells your visitors about you and makes them know certain info about you.

Use this medium to connect with them personally. Make them understand why you do what you do; why you offer certain products; how you can help them get the solution that they look for, among others. You can add your picture so they can have a facial idea of who you are.

Give Away Free Content

Provide some free services on your site. You can upload PDF files for your users to download for free. This will also aid your prospects in making decision on buying more of your products. This content is a means of educating and motivating your users, and they will be grateful for it.

You should be cautious of your readers’ mind while doing this. Don’t make it look like a sales copy; else, they do away with it. Instead, make it seem like an attempt to educate them. They will see you as an expert who wants them educated.


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  1. Abul Basher

    Hi, thank you very much for a great article about Business Website Functions and Features. By reading your article I achieved many tips and tricks to decorate website with essential function and features. Can I get any suggestion? about best WordPress plugin to manage email address with newsletter signups. I hope you will publish more useful article in future.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Abdul, thanks for stopping by.

      I am glad you found useful tips.

      I can suggest Mailster as a plugin  to manage email address with newsletter on WordPress.

      You are most welcome!

  2. KingAndrea

    What you have here is really interesting and educative if I must say, many online business owners don’t actually know about these things that’s why they complain of not making gains and sometimes their businesses fails. A website that has a member’s forum will be very helpful and busy because its members will be engaged. Thanks for sharing this tips.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi KingAndrea, thank you for stopping by.

      You are most welcome!

  3. Stephanie

    I never thought about adding a forum to my website but that seems like too much time consuming. I’m interested in email marketing and advertising, but I still don’t know how that really works. Is email marketing a good idea for people that are barely just starting their online bussiness or should the person wait until they have a more solid ground when it comes to traffic? 

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Stephanie, thank you for visiting my website.

      I am glad you enjoyed the article.

      Email marketing can be used at an early stage of your business.

  4. milimahbuba


    Thanks for sharing your great idea. I like your idea. I am new in online business. I want earn more money. But I can’t make decision how can go ahead step by step. I have read the full website. Now I am determined of my objectives of my site, and understand how can make money with it. I am sure that will help gain more trafficked to my site and increase my sales.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi  Milimahbuba, thanks for stopping by!

      I am glad you found useful tips on the post!

      You are most welcome!

  5. Wildecoll

    Before I started diving into online businesses, I’ve created about two to three websites that I’ll refer to as useless and dormant because it has no members. I got to read an article about online business and how to go into Affiliate marketing, i started to discover the benefits of a useful busy website. All you’ve listed here are relatively thoughtful, making it easy foe anyone to achieve them.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Wildecoll, thank you for stopping by.

      I am glad you found those informations useful!

      You are most welcome!

  6. Gomer

    Recently, I created a dropshipping website with Woocommerce installed on it. Since it’s just new, the organic traffic it gets is quite low so I am thinking of other ways to boost the traffic aside from dumping money on Facebook ads and Google Adwords. I’m thinking of your suggestion here of adding a user forum so visitors can post questions and get answers from other users. Do you have specific software or plugin to recommend in creating a forum for my site?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Gomer, thank you for visiting my website.

      I am glad you found those informations useful.

      You are most welcome!

  7. Shifts

    Wow! Right on time because I am planning to set up my website very soon, latest January next year. Most of the tips you have shared on this page will be very useful to increase my website traffic and conversion rate too. I have been thinking about adding a forum. But I am contemplating if there is a need for that. Let’s see how it goes anyways.

    Best regards!

  8. Techie

    Hello there. These business website functions and features are really nice. I was told that the money is in the email list. That is what I have seen several times and now you are talking about it too which means I must include it. You also talked about social networking tools, I will add them too. I’m also considering creating a YouTube channel because some traffic for my website will come from there too.

    Keep sharing and thank you so much for this post

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Techie, thank you for visiting my website.

      A YouTube channel will be beneficial for your website.

      I am glad you found useful tips.

      You are most welcome!


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