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AWIN, formerly known as Affiliate Window, was one of the oldest affiliate networks that I ever found.
I was basically building a niche website of my own, within the online business specialty and there is the availability of a bunch of affiliate programs on AWIN relevant to me.

Initially, one of the main affiliate programs you can consider joining is ETSY and this can make a complementary affiliate program to join alongside Amazon.
That is as a result of ETSY’s tendency to have a large number of unique items; things that you could hardly find on Amazon.

Etsy also comes with the big advantage of offering a 30-day cookie (compared to Amazon’s which is 24 hours only).
What this simply means is that an affiliate has a period of 30 days to make a sale after a potential customer has clicked through his affiliate link.

What can we say about AWIN itself as an affiliate network? Is it worth signing up with and how reliable are they?
So, let’s get started with this review and I would like to hear from your experience (if you have any to share) in the comment section below.

So, What Is AWIN?

AWIN is a global affiliate network, that’s most popular in the UK and Europe.
As said earlier, it was previously known as “Affiliate Window,” but later connected with another affiliate network know as “Zanox” and AWIN came into existence.

Who Is AWIN Suitable For?

Anyone who is interested in Affiliate Marketing can join AWIN.
AWIN has more than 6,000 advertisers; so, you’ll find it so easy to sort out an affiliate program within your niche. It’s suitable for bloggers, as it has a series of reputable brands in a vast variety of niches.
You’ll not find it difficult registering with AWIN. It is a quick process.
Once you’ve successfully registered and become a publisher, you can have the fun of browsing through the affiliate programs they have.
When you want to apply to become an affiliate, just be sure that your website goes in line with the products you’re looking to promote. Otherwise, your interest to promote them may likely be turned down.
For instance; if your website is dealing in baking and you apply to a company selling TVs and electronics – they would feel that your website doesn’t compliment their brand and thereby turn your request down. So, keep it pertinent.
Having said that, you will periodically have companies inviting you to affiliate programs that have nothing related to your niche whatsoever.

AWIN Tools:

AWIN has a good selection of tools that makes affiliates find it easy to promote products.
I personally prefer direct link converts to banners or widgets and AWIN makes creating links simple – achieved either through their link-building tool, or convert-a-link option (which is explained further below).

An AWIN Plugin Makes Things Easy

One of the features that I find attractive about AWIN and highly thought you’d take advantage of is the one called convert-a-link. This can easily be leveraged by downloading their free plugin.
Once the plugin is installed, you no longer have the need of bothering about manually adding affiliate links to your website.
Any time you link to a product on your website, the convert-a-link plugin automatically converts regular links into your affiliate tracking links.
Better still, if you link out to a product that you don’t actually promote but could be via AWIN, you are automatically signed up. If you’re approved, you’ll automatically earn from that as well.
This is such a helpful tool because AWIN partners with thousands of advertisers and this still grows.
If you’re in a niche that is supportable by this network and the plugin, it makes creating your content much easier.

How Much Does AWIN cost?

AWIN is solely free.
However, when you first sign up, you are to make a deposit of $5. This is just a safety payment while your application is being processed. Once your application is approved, your $5 is paid back into your account.
Sad to say, you won’t be allowed to withdraw until your first payment is made. So, if you’re not optimistic about making affiliate sales quickly, it may be worth waiting a while.
However, you do not need to wait until you start generating traffic, as this will be worthless for you.

Pros Vs Cons Of AWIN


  • Compared to other affiliate networks, AWIN is simple to comprehend and use.
  • Applying to the affiliate programs is simple and fast. Several tools and widgets that are simple to use but still of high quality are provided.
  • Their convert-a-link plugin implies that you don’t need to manually convert your links anymore.
  • Each of your affiliate stats is clear to see and comprehend in your dashboard area.
  • There’s a wide range of merchants to choose from.


  • Sometimes your payments can be delayed for a long period of time prior to when they are approved.
  • Some complaints are made about administrators not having enough knowledge of the affiliate marketing industry.
  • Complaints have also been made about their customer service.
    However, if you don’t have any reason to contact their support center, there may be no cause for alarm. Once everything is going on smoothly with you and payments are being sent promptly, there’s no need contacting them.


AWIN is one of the well-established affiliate networks with thousands of affiliate programs available to choose from – with the number still growing every year.
If you’re interested in affiliate marketing, it’s certainly one thing you should give a try.
With comprehensive tools and a good number of niches to look into, you’ll be spoilt of options. However, if you’re already an affiliate on other platforms, AWIN is ready to offer you something unique.

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