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7 Tips to Guide Your Choice of Marketing Spend

                  What percentage of revenue should a business allocate for its marketing spend? If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all answer to that question, you may not likely get it. Marketing spend can depend on the industry in question or the goals of the business. It can also… Read More »

8 Easy Ways to Earn Extra Income at Home

  Earning some extra side hustle income does not really have to be that tough. Having got a long-term experience in the online business industry, I can say it requires some hard work. However, there are numerous ways forward. Eventually, it boils down to the money goal you’ve set and what effort you’re making to… Read More »

Top 4 CPM Advertising Programs to Monetize Your Site

      Attracting high-quality traffic to your blog or site is always the first step. You will need to monetize that traffic in order to earn steady income from all your efforts. While different options abound, it is important that you choose affiliate programs that offer the best opportunities. And to guide you in… Read More »

FunnelSpy Review: See What Your Competitors are Doing

      The FunnelSpy software is a tool you can use to research what your competitors are doing, so you may borrow some of their ideas. It is a tool that can help you examine your competitor’s marketing strategy as a guide to help you grow your business. Most businesses rely on online marketing… Read More »

Funnelytics Review: Make the Right Funnels for Your Projects

  The digital marketing sales funnel is gradually being replaced with a more linear and modern one. A digital marketing funnel is meant to show the process of transforming users from being prospects into buying customers. Funneling moves from awareness, consideration, purchase, and retention. With funneling, it becomes easy to strategize on how to gt… Read More »

Ontraport Review 2020

    You want to be able to automate your email marketing campaigns and CRM workflow. That’s where a tool like Ontraport steps in. As a business scales in size, so also does its customer base increase! And it is vital that you manage your customers effectively – that’s if you want to keep them.… Read More »