Animoto Review: An Easy-to-Use Video Editor

By | March 19, 2020


This review provides a basic introduction to using the Animoto Online Video Editor, and the cool features to expect.
The content is a 4-minute read, equipping you with information to produce professional-looking videos in 5 minutes.
Other benefits to receive from our Animoto review include:

  • Basic overview of video editors and what they are used for
  • Why Animoto is a good choice for creation and distribution of professional quality videos
  • The advantages and disadvantages of using the Animoto video editor for your online videos
  • Other options available for your online video editing

The author’s goal is to maintain an objective view of the subject, while allowing you to decide if Animoto video editor is suitable for you.

  • Animoto Review Content
  • What is Video Editing?
  • About Animoto
  • Main Features of Animoto
  • 7 Powerful Reasons to Use Animoto Video Editor
  • Animoto Pricing
  • Pros and Cons of Animoto
  • Getting Started with Animoto
  • Conclusion

What is Video Editing?

Video editing is a post-production stage that involves the manipulation and rearranging of video clips, texts, images and sound to produce a new video. Any individual that is responsible for carrying out video editing either as a profession, hobby or other reasons is referred to as a video editor.

Video editing entails a sequence of activities that lead to a finished video. These activities may include trimming, re-sequencing of video clips, adding transitions and audio and other special effects. These activities have to be carried out with strict adherence to details for the videos to come out right.

The basic tools used by video editors consist of a computer, headphones and system speakers, and video editing software. There are different types of editing software in the market, priced according to features, functionally, project size and users, and pricing plans. Some known video editing software is Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Filmora 9, Pinnacle and Animoto

About Animoto

Animoto is an easy-to-use cloud based online video editor for creating shareable videos. The video editor comes with lots of features that make video editing very easy for novice editors. It has intuitive interface and controls for your preferred video options.
As an editor, you have access to lots of storyboard themes and royalty-free music to include in your video creation.
Animoto is an ideal choice to create videos on the fly, customize your videos to suit particular social media networks, and easily share the videos to your social media profiles.
Here are the basic features to expect from Animoto.

Main Features of Animoto

1. Create Custom Content in Minutes

Using the drag and drop feature on Animoto, you could easily include different kinds of content from different sources – contents like home videos, photographs from events, personally produced music and images from your computer or from a mix of contents made available by Animoto from its library.

2. Cinematic AI Technology

Animoto uses an enhanced Artificial Intelligence technology to produce professional looking videos.

3. Lots of Storyboard Themes

Animoto provides a large collection of storyboard themes which are packaged as templates. These templates are easily included into any video project on Animoto. The storyboard themes include editorials, how-to, promotional and many more.

4. Easily Accessible Media Library

Uploading your images, videos and sound into the storyboard is very easy to do. The drag-and-drop feature makes this process seem like a local media transfer.

5. Export and Share

Animoto video editor is optimized for creation of online videos. You can easily export your finished video and export to your desired social media profile.

7 Powerful Reasons to Use the Animoto Video Editor

This section highlights my 7 best reasons for you to use Animoto for your video editing.

  1. Animoto offers a simple drag and drop interface that makes video editing so easy, even for first time users or novice video editors.
  2. You have a lot of different options to customize your video for different social media channels, with a single click option to easily publish your videos online.
  3. Video sharing on the internet has never been so straightforward using Animoto.
  4. Reseller license opens up a door of opportunities for videographers and photographers, who can produce their own videos themselves instead of outsourcing.
  5. Millions of users trust Animoto – these comprise bloggers, internet marketers, students, mothers, photographers and more. Most of these users have no prior experience with video editing but are able to churn out great videos with Animoto.
  6. Access thousands of royalty-free music to include for your videos.
  7. Animoto allows for the option to add text-only frames. You don’t see this in most Video editing software.

Animoto Pricing

Animoto offers 3 different pricing plans for users depending on their creative freedom and control over the videos produced

  • Personal Plan – $5/month for yearly subscription (amounting to $60 a year) or $9/month for monthly subscription payments.
  • Professional Plan – $33/month for yearly subscription (amounting to $396 a year) or $65/month for monthly subscription payments.
  • Business Plan – $49/month for yearly subscription (amounting to $588 a year) or $94/month for monthly subscription payments.

Pros and Cons of Animoto


  • Very easy and Intuitive platform to use for your online video editing
  • Flexible pricing plans depending on your creative freedom and how you want your video shared.
  • Lots of free materials to include in your video


  • Limited controls over video editing options and preference
  • More advanced video editing requirements will need more professional editing software

Getting Started with Animoto

This involves a series of easy-to-follow steps for creating and sharing your videos through Animoto.

Step 1: Create an account through Animoto’s website.

Step 2: Choose a video type for creation from the option of “Memory” or “Marketing Video”

Step 3: Choose the storyboard to use from multiple choices available

Step 4: Create from scratch where you choose video styles, transitions and effects

Step 5: Upload content from your PC to your storyboard

Step 6: Save and Share your produced videos


Animoto is an ideal video editor if you need to create fast, good quality and socially shareable videos. Being a tool that’s designed and built for novice video editors in mind, this may just be your “hard and fast rule” to that desired professional video.

Your video in 5 minutes provides you with all the resources you need. You easily drag and drop raw materials from your computer or Animoto’s media library. You access plenty of royalty-free sounds to add to your video. It has easy-to-use customizable video settings to come out according to taste. These features help you produce great videos without difficulty.

Advanced or professional video editors may find Animoto very limiting. It has less control over video frames editing. A larger video editing project would definitely need an editor in the league of Adobe Premiere of Final Cut Pro.
Animoto offers a 14-day free trial for you to have a first-hand experience before deciding. You can get started with Animoto by signing up for free.
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