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ahrefs review



What you’ll be learning from this SEO toolkit review includes reasons for using Ahrefs, the main features of Ahrefs, pricing and plans, and the pros and cons of using Ahrefs for content marketing.

Traveling without a map can be pretty frustrating, especially when you’ve never taken that route before. You might find yourself taking the wrong turns, passing the wrong roads.

Worse still, you may never arrive at your destination simply because you had no map. It can be the same thing for any content marketer working without a tool.

The best you could get done is to guess your way through. What if you find yourself using the wrong keywords for a campaign? You’ll definitely get the wrong results, I’m quite certain of that.
That’s why a comprehensive SEO tool would be an important map for the trip. And that’s also the reason we are doing this review on Ahrefs.

I guess it’s time to delve under the hood to find out all we need to know about Ahrefs.

Should You Consider Using Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is a comprehensive research and analysis toolkit that enables you to optimize your website. It is a SaaS-based software used for keyword research, site audit, backlinks, and domain ranking activities.
Ahrefs is an SEO solution that is best understood by what it does and why you should use it. So let’s highlight the reasons you or any other marketer should use Ahrefs.

Reasons for Using Ahrefs

1 – When You Need to Know What Competitors Are Up To

Business is war, but the difference is that you aren’t expected to kill your rivals or competitors. You just need to know what they’re up to, so you don’t get caught unaware.
Ahrefs is a tool that can help you keep tabs of all your competitors’ SEO activities.
You can find out what keywords they rank for, the backlinks sources, and details about their social media activities.

2 – Make the Most of Your Links

Links are important to every website (whether inbound, outbound, or internal links).
They are useful components for computing your site’s search ranking. And optimizing your use of these links can only be done if you know what links to use.

So Ahrefs helps you with all the needed details on links. The links you should focus on, the ones competitors are using, and how to use these links.

3 – Find out Major Traffic Sources

If you must keep your visitors happy all the time, you need to know where they are located.
Of course, you don’t need to go visiting, but knowing where they help you optimize your content for them. Using Ahrefs, you can discover the location of your main traffic.

4 – Get Ideas

Ahrefs helps you get content and keyword ideas that you can use – those that can help you target the very people that you want to reach with your content.
Let me take you through the main features of Ahrefs so you can start developing the right ideas.

Main Features of Ahrefs

The first of the 3 Ahrefs features are actually terminologies that belong to them.

1 – Domain Rating (DR)

This is a metric that indicates a domain name score of its backlink profile. The score is computed on a logarithmic scale which ranges from 0 to 100.

The Domain Rating is measured on this scale, while a higher number indicates a better backlink profile. For Instance, a DR score of 73 has a better backlink profile than the domain with a score of 41.

2 – Ahrefs Rank

This is a metric that Ahrefs uses to rank the strength of a website’s backlink strength. Using this metric also allows you to see the DR and URL rating belonging to any domain or web page.

3 – URL Rating (UR)

URL Rating and Domain Rating have a lot in common, just that the URL Rating scores individual web pages.
Also, it factors both internal and external links in computing the score for pages which will also include the nofollow attribute when UR is being computed.

4 – Ahrefs Content Explorer

The Ahrefs Content Explorer shows you the content of a topic that has the most shares, providing you with content ideas.

Content Explorer can be used in 3 different ways, which are:

Content Explorer can be used for finding out new content ideas that you can create topics around. The data you extract from the search can be analyzed to see which content ideas are the best to use

It can also be used for finding the sharers and influencers behind content shares. Learn insights into the influencers that competitors are using to drive their content through Twitter

You can also use the Content Explorer to discover relevant and high-quality content to share on social media. It’s a great way of sharing valuable content with your connections and followers.

The features of Ahrefs Content Explorer include Advanced Search, Filtering, Finding Sharers, and Content Analysis Breakdown.

5 – Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

The Keyword Explorer is a unique feature of Ahrefs that lets you perform keyword research on a number of platforms. These platforms include YouTube, Google, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and Baidu.

While working with the Keyword Explorer, you can access the keyword list feature also which you could use for saving keywords that you have identified from your keyword research.
There is a pre-built filter that you can also use for populating keywords that you discovered.
There is an included feature that can be used for filtering keywords based on awareness, consideration, or transaction stage.

While performing your keyword research, focus on the parent topic feature. This is a smart move to help target hundreds of keywords under a parent topic.

6 – Ahrefs Site Audit

If there’s anything about your website that gives you concern, the Site Audit feature is what you need. It provides the fastest means of locating whatever concerns you may be having.

To use the Ahrefs Site Audit, you will need to provide the domain name of the website you wish to crawl.
And then it crawls through the website just like Google crawls the web. Only this crawler looks to offer you suggestions on ways to improve the SEO of your site.

You can actually use the site audit for domains that do not belong to you, meaning that you can crawl the websites of competitors to find out what they’re not doing right.

7 – Ahrefs Backlink Checker

A backlink checker is one of the most popular features of Ahrefs. It is an amazing tool that can be used to scan the quality of backlinks (nofollow links inclusive).

It can also be used for analyzing anchor texts used by your competitors. And also useful for detecting any possible negative attack on your website.

Ahrefs is a great analytical tool that can be used to detect and disavow harmful backlinks.

Ahrefs Pricing and Plans

There is no free trial available on Ahrefs, but there’s a 7-day trial account that you could sign up for.
It allows you to add your domain name to find out the domain ranking and the keywords that you rank for.
This 7-day trial offered by Ahrefs can be obtained for $7 only.

Ahrefs also offers 4 different pricing plans to suit the needs and preferences of its users. The Lite plan goes for $99 a month, while the Standard plan starts at $179 a month.

Other available plans include an Advanced plan which goes for $399 and the Agency plan selling for $999 a month.
If you pay for any Ahrefs plans using an annual payment option, you get a 20% discount on it.

If you feel the need to discontinue using any of Ahrefs plans, you can mail their support team with the request. You can also mail them if you have the need to upgrade or downgrade any of your chosen plans.

Accepted payment methods on Ahrefs include PayPal and credit cards.

Pros and Cons of Ahrefs

As with all objective reviews, let’s consider the pros and cons of using Ahrefs.


  1. Ahrefs offers the best set of SEO tools for researching keywords and content ideas
  2. It’s a great tool for researching your competitors and getting ideas from the things they seem to be doing right.


  1. The pricing for Ahrefs plans is a bit on the high side if you compare the prices with what others are charging
  2. Ahrefs does not offer free trials that allow you to get a taste of the platform and how it works


As a content marketer, SEO professional, or blogger, you need the right SEO tools to work with. When shopping for an SEO tool, you need to consider your main reasons for it.

Some of the reasons to go for it may be to know what your competitors are doing, or the need to optimize your links. Others are the need to discover traffic sources and ways to generate content and keyword ideas.
For these, Ahrefs is a great choice for all your SEO research and analysis. And the tool is equipped with lots of features that help with backlink profiling, site audit, and disavow tool.

Though there is no free trial on Ahrefs, you can sign up for 7 days to test some of the cool features, for just $7.
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