AffTrack Review: An Effective Tool for Affiliate Marketers

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Affiliate marketing is a business model that has long been tried and tested. And it’s been proven to be one of the best methods to drive online sales.
That explains why millions of companies around the world opt for it – creating millions of affiliate programs to promote their offers.

It is, however, obvious that all affiliate programs are not created equal. Because if they were, we would have more affiliate successes like Amazon Associates, ClickBank, and ShareASale.

Having the right idea for an affiliate campaign is one thing; using the right tools is another.

So how does a business bridge the gap between planned and actual results from their marketing campaigns?
Using the right affiliate tool for the job should be the best answer. That will mean a perfectly suited solution for the business needs.

AffTrack is one affiliate tool that may just be what you need.
But you ought to know what your business really needs before shopping for the perfect affiliate tool.
So, let’s highlight the factors every business should consider before getting an affiliate tool. After which we will make a formal introduction of AffTrack.


Factors to Consider Before Shopping For an Affiliate Tool

Every business should have at least one trait that sets it apart from the others. Some call it Unique Value Proposition or Competitive Edge.
Whatever name you decide to call it is fine, as long as you’re cool with it.

The important thing is that all companies have unique business needs which should guide their choice of tools; in particular, the affiliate marketing tools!
Here are five factors that you should consider before you invest in AffTrack or any affiliate tool for that matter.

  1. Features – Do you need an all-in-one marketing solution or one that addresses a single problem?
  2. Budget – Is the pricing of the product affordable to you over the long run?
  3. Skill Level of Workers – Is your work force skilled enough to handle the tool, or will you outsource?
  4. Company Size – Is the affiliate tool a perfect fit for the size of your affiliate marketers or customers?
  5. Ease of Use – Does the tool come with a dashboard that is easy to navigate?

Depending on your business size and structure, it may take a day or a year to address these factors.
And once you are done with that phase, you should know what your business needs – bringing us to the point where you decide if AffTrack really meets your affiliate marketing needs.

Brief Overview of AffTrack

AffTrack is a cloud-based affiliate monitoring tool created for tracking clicks. It is a business-focused tool that can be used to optimize all affiliate and referral campaigns.

While it is a tool used by businesses and affiliates, only businesses can sign up directly.
The sign up page comes with a form that has to be filled and submitted by the business entrepreneurs. Once approved, you will be provided with a $1 trial which should last for 3 months.

Once approved and registered on the AffTrack network, you are granted access to the tools on AffTrack.
After then you may invite your affiliates to sign up under your affiliate program.

There isn’t any fixed commission for affiliates, as they have to negotiate with the business that invites them to AffTrack.
AffTrack is feature-rich with lots of benefits to both the businesses and affiliates. However, we will cover some of those benefits that your business stands to enjoy.

Benefits of AffTrack to Your Business

1. Monitor All Affiliates in Real Time

If I had to pick just one benefit of AffTrack, this should be it. This tool gives you a complete picture of what your affiliates are up to, in real time.

It allows you to monitor sales in real time, keeps you abreast with who affiliates are talking to and their traffic sources.
Using AffTrack keeps you in the know about the affiliate’s performance any time of the day.

2 – Full Control over Affiliate Campaigns

Even if your business doesn’t have trained marketers to manage your campaigns, AffTrack gives it that power of full control over all marketing campaigns.
You can set targets, decide who to engage for promotions, set the rules and commissions for your affiliates.
You can even set bonuses and incentives for those who produce excellent results.

3 – Options to Customize

Using a third party product to manage your campaigns has its limits. There may be some limits to how much you are allowed to customize these products.
But with AffTrack, you are given the freedom to customize the tool to suit your brand. You want to make a solid first impression anytime a new affiliate signs up for your program!

4 – Custom Pricing Plans

Budget is one of the most important factors that will determine what tools to settle for. While budget and features have an inverse relationship, AffTrack helps to bridge that.

You can opt for a full feature, no limits plan and you will get what you want while a less costly plan could be the best for you if you are working with a low budget.

So, whatever rocks your boat based on pricing, you will find an affordable package for you.
More details on AffTrack pricing is covered much later in this post.

5 – AffTrack Offers Easy to Use Platform

Anyone with the working knowledge of computers can find their way around AffTrack. The dashboard is neatly arranged which makes for easy navigation.

You don’t need a high technical skill level to use the platform. I’ve left out other benefits because I expect you to discover them yourself.
While you’re it, let’s find out what makes AffTrack different from the rest.

Basic AffTrack Features

I – Real Time Analytics

This tool lets you stay informed about all happenings around your brand. It provides an effortless means of keeping track of affiliates and their activities.
With results from this tool, you can quickly discover problems and respond swiftly.
All details about affiliate links show up on your AffTrack dashboard in real time.

II – Proxy Detection Service

This feature helps you discover actions taken by your affiliates even if they cloak their links.
It also helps you detect the countries from which you are getting clicks.

III – Customize Your Campaigns

You can eat your cake and still have it when it comes to using AffTrack for your campaigns.
They provide the tools but allow you to customize to suit your brand. You can use your logo and brand colors to reflect your brand’s identity on the AffTrack app.
Create great impressions for your affiliates using this feature.

IV – Speedy Affiliate Payments

AffTrack makes it easy to manage payments to your affiliates no matter how many they are.
AffTrack has an invoicing and billing feature that helps you make fast and timely payments to all affiliates.

V – Targeting Options

You can target your campaigns based on device or location using AffTrack.
As the number of mobile users keep increasing, AffTrack helps you find them using its device targeting feature. And with this information, you can promote custom offers based on their devices.

The Geo-targeting feature enables you to discover where your best customers are. Find out the particular location where these people are and use this report to optimize your campaigns.
This feature is a time and energy saver for those who desire effective marketing campaigns.

VI – File Manager

Lets you generate links for digital products, especially those stored online.

VII – Referral Program

Build and manage your affiliate referral program with this feature. Design incentives to reward affiliates who introduce others to your program.

AffTrack Pricing Plans

  • AffTrack offers a 4-tiered pricing plan to suit particular needs and budgets.
    Starter Plan – Comes with some basic features that also include 500,000 tracked links at $299 a month


  • Basic Plan – Grants you full access to all AffTrack software including a million tracked links costing $399 a month


  • Growing Plan – Enjoy full access to all AffTrack software including two million tracked links costing $599 a month


  • Unlimited Plan – Get access to all the features including unlimited tracked links at $799 a month.

Pros and Cons of AffTrack

As we wind down our AffTrack review, let’s take a peek at the strengths and weaknesses of the affiliate tool.


  1. Get access to real time information from tracking of all affiliates activities
  2. Take full control of all that has to do with your affiliate program and campaigns
  3. AffTrack is easy to use and customize for your business or brand
  4. Custom pricing plans to brands to choose from in line with their business needs and budgets.


1 – AffTrack is a business focus software tool that has little or no dealings with the affiliates.


There comes a time when you need to expand your business into new markets. Or maybe you just created a new product or service best suited for a different market segment.

As you weigh available options that you can use to promote your offers, also consider using affiliate marketers because they help you promote your offers at reasonably cheaper costs.

Plus you don’t get to pay for advertising or commissions upfront.
Affiliate marketing can be very effective if you use the right tools to launch and drive your campaigns.

That’s the purpose of this AffTrack review – to provide you detailed insights on its benefits, features, and pricing.
Now that you have the specifics, you can go ahead and give it a trial. You have 90 days to do that after which you can decide to commit to it, or move on.

Become a super affiliate in 2020 by following the super affiliates. Leave no stone unturned and make sure you determine to build a successful affiliate marketing business.

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