Advendor Review: Earn from Promoting CPA Offers

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Advendor review

CPA affiliate marketing companies create platforms for advertisers to effectively promote their products through publishers who get paid only when certain actions are completed. Advertisers have the opportunity to generate thousands of leads and outsource promotion of their products through the affiliate networks.

Internet marketers earn their living by selling products and services to consumers through the internet. Just as every business niche has practitioners who are profitable and those that are unprofitable, the same also goes for the internet marketing niche.

One common trait of internet marketers is that they all have products to sell. These could be personal products or products belonging to other companies through affiliate marketing. CPA (Cost per Action) affiliate networks make the job of finding advertisers and products to sell easier for marketers
CPA networks have continued to grow in number and size, while enjoying the patronage of internet marketers, social influencers, bloggers and business entrepreneurs. One of such affiliate networks that is fast gaining prominence in the industry is Advendor. This review seeks to highlight the features and benefits of joining the network.

What we will cover in this review:

  • What is Advendor Affiliate Network?
  • The Main Features of Advendor
  • Advendor Payment
  • Pros and Cons of Advendor
  • Getting Started on Advendor
  • Conclusion

What is Advendor Affiliate Network?

Advendor is a fast-growing CPA network designed to help publishers maximize their traffic. Advertisers are attracted to join Advendor because of the potential increase in revenue from selling their products through the affiliate network, while publishes are attracted to join because of the fully automated system that makes earning through Advendor much easier.

Advertisers enjoy the flexibility of promoting their products based on their budget; while Advendor helps them maximize their advertising spend to ensure they get the best value. Publishers are assisted by Advendor to maximize profits from their attracted traffic.

There are other features that make Advendor attractive to advertisers and publishers. The ones I can count at the top of my head are listed below.

The Main Features of Advendor

  • Advendor makes it flexible for advertisers by working with their budgets to ensure maximum returns on their promotions
  • Publishers are assisted to maximize profits through attracted traffic to their sites or blogs
  • Advendor provides a system that makes it easy for advertisers and publishers to work together.
  • It is free to sign up on Advendor and the sign up process is easy
  • There is a wide range of available market offers to users on the Advendor affiliate network. These market offers consist of various direct and exclusive offers to publishers.
  • Publishers are able to access the offer database where they get updates on newly added offers
  • Competent account managers who provide assistance and support for publishers and advertisers
  • The payment for publishers is weekly with a minimum payout of $50.

Advendor Payment

Publishers on the Advendor network are paid on a net-7 basis. The minimum threshold for payment on the network is $50 and payment options include Webmoney, Yandex Money, Wire transfer and Epayment.

Pros and Cons of Advendor

Pros of Advendor

  • Advendor is one of the fastest growing CPA affiliate networks with a wide range of market offers for publishers to choose from.
  • Advertisers have the opportunity to maximize their budget on ads while publishers are enabled to maximize the attracted traffic to their sites or blogs.
  • The payout for publishers is on a weekly basis which is good enough to sustain a well performing publisher
  • Users on the platform enjoy maximum flexibility in terms of usage and finance
  • The sign up process for publishers on Advendor is free, very quick and easy. Even for someone with no prior experience in affiliate marketing, navigating through the platform is quite intuitive
  • Advendor is not restricted to a particular country or region of the world, instead there are offers that appeal to all regions.
  • There are competent managers on Advendor who assist users to maximize their resources on its network
  • Advendor gives flexibility and control to users on how campaigns are planned and executed
  • Publishers get the opportunity to decide on what products they want to promote and the advertisers they like to work with.
  • Publishers have access to the database containing all offers from which they get notifications on new offers

Cons of Advendor

  • The payment options on Advendor are restrictive. Payment options and Yandex and Webmoney are not very popular among publishers.
  • The minimum threshold of $50 is on the high side in comparison to other affiliate networks that pay much lower
  • Advendor does not have affiliate programs that can guarantee recurring earnings for marketers that refer other

marketers to the CPA network

There is no guaranteed weekly earnings for marketers on Advendor. The payout is $50 and payment is every 7 days, marketers who haven’t earned up to the minimum amount will not expect to receive their earnings until their earnings hit $50.
Getting Started on Advendor
Getting started on the Advendor affiliate network can be done in 4 simple steps:
Step 1: Visit the Advendor official website and sign up by filling the registration form on the website
Step 2: Go through available programs on the platform and select the ones that best suit your traffic
Step 3: Use available tools to configure your ads campaign
Step 4: Start promoting on your site or blog
From the information provided in this review, would you consider Advendor a scam or legit?
At first, their weekly payments have been received by thousands of marketers over the years, although there are a number of complaints from marketers who have found holes in the way payments have been carried out, or have complaints on the poor response from customer service concerning payments that were not received.
Advendor has given marketers on its platform a lot of flexibility to choose what products to promote and how they want to promote them. Marketers who are successful on this platform look forward to their weekly payments.
Advendor helps both publishers and advertisers grow their businesses through its platform. It is global in its operation and offers marketers a wide range of products and advertisers to work with.
If you are convinced that Advendor is right for you, follow the steps outlined in the section “Getting Started on Advendor” and create your account.
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