Adbuff Review: The Good and Bad of This CPM Based Network

By | April 1, 2020




Every enterprise identifies the efficacy of working online to earn on the maximum audience across the world. So, most businesses going virtual are completely novices to this specialty and rely on online adverts to grow their business online. This is why advertising has turned a vital part of the online marketing field.
In this tutorial, an in-dept review of Adbuff has been featured to include detailed intuitions of this thriving CPM based ad network.
Whenever advertising is being talked about, we can’t disregard online marketing. Owing to its efficacy, several businesses have taken it upon themselves to offer a wondrous platform for advertising in respect of tons of businesses. One of the most eminent amidst businesses is Adbuff which is a CPC and CPM based advertising network.


  • On registering, a $25 signup bonus is given
  • Weekly bonuses are offered
  • Revenue is highly shared
  • Every publisher is assigned a personal AM (Account Manager)
  • Real-time reporting is offered by a real-time dashboard


  • It offers a Net45 payment term whereas most Ad networks out there offer Net30 terms
  • It’s required to have at least 2,000 unique web clicks every day

Adbuff Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adbuff?

Adbuff is one of the best AdSense alternatives out there and also an incredible advertising network.

What are the Payment Methods at Adbuff?

Typically, the payout methods used at Adbuff are Payoneer, Wire Transfer, and PayPal. Also, the payment threshold for Payoneer and PayPal is $100 while it is $500 for Wire Transfer.

Is Adbuff Legit?

Without any doubt, I would want to admit, Adbuff is nothing but a legit ad platform that anyone can leverage and is one of the most trusted Google AdSense alternatives available on the net. Above all, it’s a consistent and reliable CPM based advertising network.

Adbuff Review

Adbuff is one of the most prominent advertising networks and is equally the best Google AdSense alternative. This advertising network is suitable for mobile and web channels and has numerous disruptive and unique features and potentiality for enterprises to leverage.
Adbuff uses the most proficient advertising server technology that favors both publishers and advertisers to bring forth maximum advantages.

Why is Adbuff Suitable for Publishers to Sign up for?

  • A higher eCPM rate is offered by this network
  • It uses a payment cycle of 30 days and payments are disbursed after 45 days
  • It uses a payout threshold of $500 for Wire Transfer and $100 for PayPal
  • It offers detailed stats which enables you to keep track of everything

How Can I Sign up for Adbuff?

If you’ve got some previous experience with AdSense or, you’d certainly know how tedious or difficult it is to get approved with those networks. Your application will most times be rejected even if all details are accurate and you’ve put in all the necessary effort.

But with the Adbuff network, you won’t experience such a difficulty. You’ll become part of this innovative ad network once you’ve signed up. Your website will be manually assessed to find out how quality and suitable it is to be granted approval, but the procedure is easy and fast; no stringent requirement at all!
You’ll begin to display ads on your website once you’ve got approved and will start earning revenue right away.
Upon registering, you’ll be given a free signup bonus of $25 credits. So, why delaying? Sign up immediately and get rolling!

Features of Adbuff

Varied Payout Methods – To offer maximum satisfaction to publishers, numerous payout modes are accessible such as Bank Wire Transfer, PayPal, and Payoneer.
Committed Account Managers – An account manager is dedicated for every publisher to guide and help in every activity. Account managers ensure that publishers maximize their potentials towards optimizing their sites and earning revenue.

Excessive Fill Rates – Adbuff offers top-level Fill Rates when compared to similar advertising networks like Adsterra, PopAds, Popcash.
Technology – For presenting contextual ads, the advertising network operates on the most revolutionary and advanced technology. Ad widgets are incorporated into the most direct and prominent approach.
Publishers are offered multiple options to customize the ad widgets based on their prerequisites. Publishers are also offered varied display ad unit sizes for both headers and sidebars in order to customize both desktop and mobile ad platforms.

The network uses an anti-fraud technology. Adbuff leverages all the advanced and essential discovery approaches to protect advertisers against fraud impressions and clicks.
The fact that it’s prohibited to see publishers click their ads themselves is worth mentioning.
In-depth Reports – Through the dashboard, you obtain the in-depth statistics on advert tags and earnings generated through them. If you require additional information, you can simply access your publisher profile and obtain the in-depth stats from the dashboard.

Real-Time Publisher Dashboard – Every moment your dashboard is updated to ensure all decisions are instantly made and in real-time.
Technical Support – You enjoy a technical support team of friendly and dedicated engineers and you are helped with all issues affecting the methods of monetization and other similar issues. You can email them at anytime for any assistance needed.

Requirements for Publishers

  • There are stringent requirements for all publishers so the network has its reputation maintained.
  • Required language for all publishers is English
  • Minimum of 2,000 unique visits is required per day
  • Restrained Content for Publishers – Any site that loads content related to violence, guns, gambling, adult, bitcoin faucet, and any other unlawful content is not allowed to display ads
  • You are enjoined to visit to read further about the major terms for publishers

Advertisers and Product Offers

  • Most verticals are permitted
  • Offer types include CPA, CPM, CPC
  • Pop-ups aren’t accepted for advertisers.

Pros of Adbuff

  • High revenue sharing
  • Timely made payments
  • Proficient and reliable tracking
  • Weekly bonuses offered
  • Free $25 signup bonus activated
  • Every publisher is offered an account manager
  • Real-time reporting offered by Real-time dashboard
  • 24/7/365 interactive and supportive technical assistance is given
  • CPM rates higher than that of AdSense

Cons of Adbuff

  • Most traffic accepted comes from US, UK, Australia, and Canada and English is the only accepted language for sites
  • A minimum of 2,000 traffic hits required per day
  • It offers a Net45 payout term whereas most similar Ad networks out there offer Net30
  • Minimum of $500 is required for Wire Transfer and $100 for PayPal


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