A Review of Wealthy Affiliate

By | November 18, 2019

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing community based in Canada and started by Kyle and Carson more than a decade ago. They are both super affiliates and have got super affiliate marketing experience for more than 15 years. So, they are affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers and their community has successfully recorded more than 1.5 million entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

This review will show you detailed insights about the community and how you can make the most out of it to build an ideal online business and gain financial freedom in a lifetime.

The community has all you need to build a multi-million dollar brand in a couple of months if done consistently. Consistency is the key and that’s what makes it work as expected.

Special Notice
: Affiliate links are used within this review – meaning – I’ll earn some commissions from any sale generated from it. Check out my affiliate disclosure here.

Aside from building an online business through this community, there is an annual trip (All expense paid vacation) to Las Vegas where super affiliates from all parts of the world meet for a round-table private conference meeting with Kyle and Carson.

The community provides both text- and video-based tutorials and resources for newbie entrepreneurs through its online entrepreneur certification and affiliate bootcamp.

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing community that has grown at a pace faster than the industry. It currently offers full-time revenue opportunities for its premium members, so they can earn extra dollars alongside building their own virtual real estates.

Some of its revenue opportunities include:

  • Access to earn extra income offering comments to other members’ blogs
  • An opportunity to earn recurring commissions monthly through its affiliate program
  • The privilege to create training videos, tutorials, and courses.

You can earn $300-$450 monthly from creating training alone while the SiteComment 2.0 platform will allow you to earn up to $100 monthly easily. So, it has an amazing full-time revenue opportunity for its premium members.

You’re provided with all tools and resources using videos and images to walk you through the process of building your entrepreneurial business. There are tasks in each of these training lessons to help you set up your website and start rocking the online world.

A certification badge is attached to your account profile once you’re done completing a course. Through the WA community, thousands of entrepreneurs have been trained and have become highly successful in building an ideal online business through blogging.

Just take action and start building your personal brand through the WA web space. There are just more than enough passionate entrepreneurs in the community who are willing to help you answer questions and give you the support you’ll ever need to be successful as well.

Are you skeptical about starting an online business? Maybe you’ve been scammed one or two times in the course of trying out a money-making program online, right? While there are a lot of scammers on the web, people will continue to get scammed for not having the right mindset for the most ideal way to build an online business.

Maybe you’ve bought a couple of eBooks trying the various online business opportunities, but to no avail? It’s not the right time for you to gain exposure into the ideal online business world leveraging the awesome tools and resources created for you here at WA.

Things you’ll learn after joining this community include:

  • Exposure into the WordPress blogging platform
  • Ability to create and edit a post using the WordPress post editor
  • Ability to build a Google PageRank using the best Content Management System (CMS), WordPress
  • Access to the WA’s full-time revenue opportunities
  • An opportunity to own a WA affiliate link through which you promote the community and earn lifetime recurring monthly commissions.

      Making Money with Wealthy Affiliate

From this review, you’ll learn more about Wealthy Affiliate being a trustworthy online business community that has been creating money-making opportunities for potential entrepreneurs for over 10 years. You’ll also learn how genuine the platform is for anyone that truly wants to gain financial freedom through online business.

  • WA is the first affiliate marketing community created by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers across the world. It currently has more than 1.5 million members from all parts of the world.
    Aside from its online entrepreneur certification and affiliate bootcamp, you also have the opportunity to use its keyword & niche research tool for free. Once you’ve upgraded to its premium membership package, you’ll have some free access to its keyword tool for creating your content.
    It explains the basic metrics used for determining the low hanging fruit keywords which will help you rank your content fast. You get detailed analysis of the Quoted Search Results (QSR), Keyword Indicator (KI), Monthly Traffic, Average searches, Article Power, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and a lot more.

WA has the following goodies for its members:

  • You attain success easily through the interactive support and training resources.
  • Little or no online entrepreneurial expertise is needed to get started.
  • You have the opportunity to create two free websites with free unlimited hosting (For a free starter).
  • You can create up to 25 custom websites and 25 free websites with free unlimited hosting packages (For a premium member).
  • Setting up a free starter account only takes a few minutes and is completely free
  • Access to the 24/7 live chat session whereby you can ask questions and get answers from experienced online entrepreneurs.

       How to Earn Money within the Wealthy Affiliate Community

Several people tend to compare WA with other affiliate marketing platforms out there, whereas this community is uniquely different and better in that it creates full-time revenue opportunities for its premium members – which isn’t like that in most similar communities.

It creates options for you to make money working from the comfort of your home. Some of these include earning recurring affiliate commissions from referrals, getting paid to train others within the community, getting paid to offer comments to other members’ websites, and the likes. So, it’s an amazing community to belong.

If you’re interested in generating referrals, there can never be a better opportunity than the one at WA in that it lets you earn on a recurring monthly basis – meaning – you earn commissions on each of your referrals for life. And if you don’t fancy promoting affiliate programs, you have other money-making alternatives within the platform.

    Getting Paid to Comment at WA

The SiteComment 2.0 platform was launched in October 2018 by Carson – the co-founder! This platform made it possible for members to earn $0.50 on every comment offered to other members’ sites. You earn $0.50 cash value for every other comment offered and $0.50 community credits the same way.

There’s no extent to the number of comments you can offer and no limit to the amount of cash you can earn per day. Just be moderate about it lest you’re caught being a system gamer.

    How Do You Become a Certified Commenter at WA?

To continue earning from this platform, you just need to maintain up to 50 quality and relevant comments once in 30 days. This will help ensure you maintain your certified commenter status with the platform. And to start earning as a certified commenter, you must offer your first comments and must have an approval rate of at least 80 percent with a skip rate of at most 20%.

As you offer each comment, you get paid straight to your credit dashboard. So, you don’t have to wait for days or months to receive payment. Payment is instant and is disbursed via PayPal on the first day of every month.

If you choose the “I’m not interested” button, you’ll get a skip record. If you want to offer comments to niche-related blogs, you can edit your interests in the platform. This will ensure that you only receive comments that are related to your specialty.

You have several interests to choose from. Just make sure you choose the ones that you’ll understand, so you won’t have any cause to lose posting privilege in the future. WA is still the single most awesome online business community for having its members in mind and creating what has been a really amazing earning opportunity for potential entrepreneurs.

Note that you’ll lose your certified commenter status once you’re not able to record up to 50 solid comments within a 30-day period. This is compulsory for whoever wants to keep earning revenue from this platform.

One awesome thing about this platform is that you have the opportunity to request comment boost to your website once you’ve been able to offer up to 10 comments in a 24-hour period. This is an amazing opportunity to build engagement with your real and ideal audience as you build out quality and remarkable content.

    Earn Revenue from Creating Training at WA

I once mentioned it that you’re able to start earning as a commenter once you’ve joined the community and upgraded to premium, but not from the training platform yet. You’ll need to stay as a premium member for your first three months’ mark before you can start earning as a trainer.

You earn $5 per training at level 1, $10 per training at level 2, $15 per training at level 3, $20 per training at level 4, and so on for life. It never ends. You earn forever from each of your trainings. You move from one level to another based on the number of visits, comments, and likes you receive from other people. As you receive more visits to those training resources, get more likes and comments, you progress from one training credit level to another and you earn passive income.

If you’re passionate about sharing your expertise, you can showcase that potential creating training at WA. One amazing thing about it is that you’ll earn cool and consistent revenue once those trainings start to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs). You can upload videos, texts, images, and other helpful resources to your training.

What’s more? Every potential entrepreneur is lucky to be a member of this reputable affiliate marketing community. It’s designed to make you become successful easily if you want to be.

    Getting Started At Wealthy Affiliate

To get started, you simply need to create a free starter account. As a free starter, you’ll have access to the first level of ten lessons in the online entrepreneur certification courses. And once you upgrade to the premium membership package, you’ll have all other courses and all the amazing premium features unlocked instantly.

Once you can try completing all the tasks in the training, you’re guaranteed to succeed in this business. You have access to the live chat platform where more than enough experts are always willing to help you with any question you may want to ask anytime.

    Wealthy Affiliate Training Program

The training at WA is in two major parts – these are Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp.

There are 50 lessons in five major levels within the online entrepreneur certification while there are 7 phases of training in Affiliate Bootcamp.

Once you can try to complete all without skipping any lesson, you’ll find success easily in the online world through the community.

Through the training, you are provided with the right money-making tips that will help build that greatness in you and lure you into the right platform of building an ideal online business.


People are earning thousands of dollars monthly from this community. It’s a community of love whereby members help members and are always willing to give whatever resource will make others succeed as well.

WA remains the strongest and most active online business community in the entire industry. Except for this community, no other affiliate marketing community can boast of over 1.5 million members.


  • You have unlimited access to attend weekly webinars that will teach you practical ways to build an online business.
  • You have access to affiliate marketing tools and resources that will give you exposure to the world of affiliate marketing in the real perspective.
  • You have unlimited access to training and full support.
  • You enjoy free unlimited hosting with this platform which comes with all site protocols.
  • You start receiving training immediately upon creating an account.


  • Your account will go deactivated once you are unable to pay your monthly subscription within a 30-day period after it’s expired.
  • You only have a couple of months to have your site recoverable after which it gets completely deleted from the WA web space.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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    The in-house opportunity to earn within wealthy affiliate is the reason I always respect this platform a lot. While learning, one can simply earn and also grow well by earning. I am a big time lover of affiliate marketing and getting trained is great at wealthy affiliate. Also, it is the money I earned that I use in paying for my sub and not from my personal monry

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    Wealthy affiliate is a very good platform to learn and earn. It looks too good to be true but it’s the truth. Though it would take some time to start making money from your website, you can use the training and site comments to cover up for the main time. It’s such an amazing experience in this platform. I like the community of like-minded individuals and the training. Wealthy Affiliate training can be overwhelming at the start but one will get along easily.

    I am a happy user of the platform.

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