9 Tips to Help You Write an Article Daily

By | May 19, 2020



Blogging is one of the most rewarding work-from-home jobs today. It requires little or no capital outlay, no experience, and no fixed work hours.

But wait a minute, successful blogging does require that you produce web content regularly. Of what use is a blog if it contains no articles or posts?

Most people venture into blogging with the hope of making six figure incomes. Sadly, only about one percent stays in it long enough to become six figure earners.

Want to know the secret of lasting long in the business of blogging? The answer is so simple that it sounds too good to be true, yet it is consistent posting.

If you can produce at least one article a day and remain consistent in it, you’re already on the path to success.
So this one thing I’ll do through this post is to offer you tips to help you write daily. The tips are also easy to apply and should get you writing consistently in no time.

The main topics covered in this guide include:

  • Create a Post Calendar and Stick to it
  • Explore New Experiences
  • Turn The Business into a Way of Life
  • Avail Other Options To Generate Posts
  • To Write Better, Read More
  • Turn it into a Habit
  • Be Inspired By Other Bloggers
  • Aim Higher To Shoot Higher
  • Create Posts That Respond To Readers’ Comments and Questions
  • Conclusion

1. Create a Post Calendar and Stick to it

One of the first steps for a successful content marketing strategy is having a content schedule or calendar. It serves as guide on how and when to produce and publish your content.

A calendar should include details like post topics, length, date and time of publishing. For some publishing platforms, there are tools to help with scheduling your posts

There is no one-size-fits-all post frequency for all contents. The type of content, your platform, and your audience will determine how frequent your content will be.

For instance, a news blog requires at a least one post daily. Some blogs can have between 5 to 15 different posts every day. While a digital marketing blog that features long-form posts (5,000+ words long) could make a post weekly, or bi-weekly.

Other content types can fall in-between. This post suggests you write at least one post every day. If you want to be consistent with daily posts, set up a calendar for your writings and make sure you fill the calendar every day.

Like a friend would always say, “there is no world that exists where you miss writing an article everyday”.
You can vary in the length of the articles you write daily, but never let a day pass you by without ticking your content calendar for the day.

2. Explore New Experiences

Not only is content marketing effective for building traffic, it is also a great medium to express your personality.
Let’s face it, one of the reasons brands have their own blogs is to connect with their customers. Blogs let customers experience the brands in a personal way.

As a blogger, your success lies in being able to truly express yourself to your readers. You have to present contents that project your brand as stable, yet having freshness.

You need to have fresh and original content to share with your readers to keep them interested. And you can only do this by having new stories to share.

I’m not saying that you need to travel to other countries just to have a fresh experience, or create a fresh post. But have a fresh perspective to life. You can go through the same path every day, yet experience freshness every time you pass through it.

Only then can you translate the new experiences into posts that your audience will find interesting.
You can take a story or blog post, and introduce a new perspective or angle to it. And what you have starring at you is a fresh blog post with newness to it.

Make your writing serve as a medium to share new experiences, and you will find yourself looking forward to the next post.

3. Turn the Business into a Way of Life

First of all, you’ve got to understand that the business of blogging goes beyond writing blog posts. There is a lot more to it which you have to factor before you can be successful in blogging.

You need to know and understand your audience, know their hope, fear, and motivation. Learn their language and speak to them in that language always, if you want to be understood by your audience.

Next is the value you are offering to your audience through your posts. Are you creating posts to reduce some stress they go through, or bringing some improvement into their lives through your posts? The answer to this question will make the proposed value clear to both you and your audience.

Then, how do you intend to measure the success of your posts? What are the KPIs to help you determine how well you are doing? Is it the bounce rate, conversion rate, or the average time that readers spend on your posts?
Finally, make all these part of your daily routine, the same way writing is. Don’t just focus on writing daily posts, but also include these other tasks as part of your writing routine.

The result is an improvement in the quality of your writing, and the efficiency in creating posts that appeal to your audience.

4. Avail Other Options to Generate Posts

As exciting as blogging is, you do not have to create all the posts yourself. Be open to explore other options to generate content for your blog.

Guest blogging is widely embraced by most bloggers, who are willing to contribute in exchange for backlinks. Your guest blogger could be a team member, someone outside your team, or an influencer in your niche.
Guest blogging is a great way to expand your reach to new audiences – leveraging on the host blogger to share your content to her audience.

Most bloggers will accept the opportunity to contribute content to your blog – helping to amplify the reach of your blog outside your regular audience.

Ghost writing is another option to generate content for your blog. For those who prefer to have their names on the content, this is the way to go.

Good writers can be found within your network, or through forums that cover blogging and content writers. A Craigslist ad is another means to get writers to produce content for you.

5. To Write Better, Read More

Do you know why you’ve got two ears and just one mouth? My guess is that you are meant to listen twice as much as you speak. Is it a wonder that great communicators are excellent listeners?

The same goes for writing – read at least twice as much as you write. Read widely, read contents around your niche, read contents outside your niche.
Have some role models whose work you study. I love to read content by Brian Dean; there’s so much to learn from his posts.

As you read, take note of the style of communication, the grammar usage, and the presentation. The more you do this, the more you will learn from others.

For me, it takes me between 2 to 15 articles to produce just one readable post. I have to research as much as possible, while learning new stuffs in the process.

Every moment of your day shouldn’t be all about writing, even though we’re trying to help you write consistently. Make it a habit to read more contents than you write every day.

This is a simple rule you can follow – if you write an average of 1,000 words daily, then read at least one article with 2,000 words length, or 2 articles of at least 1,000 words each.

This is the fastest way to improve your writing style, and increase your vocabulary.

6. Turn it into a Habit

There is this popular thought that anything you do everyday becomes a habit after 21 days. I haven’t gone around to giving it a trial, but I know that consistency leads to a habit.

You can be truly successful in writing only when it becomes habitual for you.
Here is a simple guide to help you build the habit of writing.

I. Set up a writing space where you commit to sit down and write daily. A comfortable chair and table in a quiet corner would do just fine. Make it as far as possible from any form of distraction.

II. Have a particular time of the day when you will do your writing. Very early is best because your mind is very alert then, after having a refreshing night rest.

III. Sit down and write at the scheduled time. No matter what you find yourself doing, you have to honor your writing appointment. So, find your way to your writing desk, and just write.

What if you don’t have anything to write about? Then just write! Anything and everything that comes to your mind would suffice. Make sure you hit your daily writing quota.

IV. Reward yourself after every successful session. It could be a hot cup of coffee, chocolate drink, or glass of milk. Make sure the reward is something that you value.
With these simple steps, you will build a habit of writing before you know it.

7. Be Inspired By Other Bloggers

Writing is an art that requires constant fueling of inspiration. It is like being reborn with every new piece that you create.

When you understand writing this way, you know that you have to constantly seek inspiration from others who have gone ahead of you.

Make better use of your reading time by studying other successful bloggers. Get fresh ideas from their concepts and presentation. You can relearn a new style, or improve on what you’re currently using through this way.

I know this myself because I have records of past experiences. Two blogs that I take very seriously are backlinko.com and copyblogger. There’s so much to read and learn from these outstanding bloggers.
You too can find bloggers in your own niche to inspire and give you the needed ideas to improve the quality of your writings.

8. Aim Higher to Shoot Higher

I know that this post talks about writing at least one post daily, but nothing stops you from going for double.
Instead of setting your focus on writing one post daily, why not make it two posts? You see, there are advantages of creating more contents on your blog.

For one, you will have more contents for your audience to read. And a second benefit is helping to lower the bounce rate on your blog, since readers have more contents to keep them longer.
You can also consider writing 2,000 words, if your target is 1,000 words daily. Set your aim much higher, and see you improve at a much faster rate than you expected.

9. Create Posts That Respond To Readers’ Comments and Questions

Think about it this way, your target audiences are customers whose needs you want to meet. So, how do you know the kind of needs they have?
You will find that out through questions they are asking online.

Research search engines, Yahoo Answers, and popular question and answer platforms like Quora.
These questions should form the basis of your articles.

Create relevant content that accurately answers the questions your audience is asking. This is the kind of content that will attract readers to your blog, and keep them coming back.
You should also respond to comments made on your blog posts, either immediately, or as full featured posts.


Although blogging is a high paying job that requires little or no experience to get started. Most bloggers never grow to that level where blogging becomes their main income source.

That’s because most bloggers find it difficult to produce consistent blog posts.
With the tips highlighted in this post, creating quality content can be an everyday habit. Ensure to apply everything you have learned from this post.

Once again, let me remind you that getting started is easy, staying consistent is the really hard part. But these 9 steps make it much easier to create at least one post daily.
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8 thoughts on “9 Tips to Help You Write an Article Daily

  1. Stefan Chamberland

    Hey there!

    I really like tips numbers 2, 3 and 5 the most. It’s difficult to write about things that aren’t relevant to yourself. Blog posts are essentially “problem solvers”, so without any experience, you’d have no way of knowing which problems to solve.

    I blog about music production and music business, so my inspiration usually runs out when I don’t practice these two things. Creating a lifestyle around your blog is essential and as we all know, balance is the key to any fulfilling lifestyle!

    Another tip I’d like to add is to use a tool called Ubersuggest. You can basically write one or two words like “music production” and find a bunch of related keywords on the topic to write about! I have a Google Document FULL of these discovered keywords. I’ve got enough content lined up for years!

    Thanks for the article, it’s always inspiring to read how other great minds work.

    – Stefan

  2. Skuchmane

    Hello dear, thanks for sharing these wonderful content with us, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post, I will recommend anyone that does live writing to read your article. Its really amazing, your choice of words and writing skills was so good I already saved these post so as to come back for future reference

    1. admin

      Hello Sukuchmane!

      Thanks for visiting, you are most welcome!

  3. evans

    Hello dear, awesome review you have here, I must say am lucky to stumble upon this awesome and informative review as I have been finding it quite difficult to write nice article, but after seeing you tips and convinced I will do better henceforth…
    I really do appreciate your effort In sharing such a nice preview

    1. admin

      Hi Evans! Thanks for visiting and success in your online venture!

      You are most welcome!

  4. Kevin Hyland

    Hey Eva,

    Great Blog. I really enjoyed the content of this blog.  I have just started blogging. My niche is focused around the K1 Visa, and sometime I think to myself “how many more times can I blog about a certain subject?” What I loved about what I just read is that no matter how many times I blog about a certain subject there is always a new way to present a new concept to old content. I want to build off the blogs I have posted, and I can ad video’s into a new blog that can highlight certain things I want to focus on. 

       The other great idea is joining sites where you can answer other peoples questions. I joined Quora a long time ago, and every day there is a new question about my niche that needs to be answered. I have even gotten a few blog idea’s from the questions people are posting. You see multiple people asking the same questions is a great way to get an idea for a new post. Another great site is Reddit. I find a lot of people post things on there that I read, and think that would be a great blog idea. What I find works best for me right now is writing the ideas down in a notebook so I always have idea’s to turn too when I have run out of original ideas.

       Thanks for the great blog. This has given me some new ideas on how to keep myself on track to write great content.


    1. admin

      Hi Kevin!  I am so glad you found interesting facts on the article.

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