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Whether you’re a stay at home mom, a college degree holder, or you just need a legitimate side hustle online – taking some additional work at home job offers could probably help you accomplish your money-making goal.
I’m sure you’d want to do some legitimate work at home jobs that aren’t swindles. There are hundreds of money-making ways that you can find online if you search through Google. So, after doing thorough research, I shortlisted the 9 cool ways to make money online from home.

Sit back and read about the 9 cool ways to make money online from home. You may of course find some jobs here that you haven’t probably got to know about ever.
Don’t have blogging skills? Not to worry! I’ve got you covered in this article. Just like you, I was equally not a talented writer/blogger but learned some things and started making money online. So, if I could do it so well, you can do it better.

1. Make Money from Taking Paid Surveys

Make money online from home by simply answering product tests or taking paid surveys online. You can earn as much as $300 monthly from this job.
Try out some paid survey sites as shortlisted here. Aside from earning some money from taking surveys, you will also earn rewards via prize drawings, free contests, gift vouchers, and so on. They are all free ways to make money online. If you find a survey site that is asking you to pay, know that you are dealing with a scammer.

  • Survey Junkie
  • MySurvey
  • Swagbucks
  • Global Test Market
  • OneOpinion
  • My Soap Box
  • Inbox Dollars
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Pinecone Research
  • PaidSurveys
  • American Consumer Opinion
  • ProOpinion

2. Start an Online Business or Create a Blog

The reason I’ve been able to live a standard financial life without reporting for any boss is that I’ve been into Online Business for some years now and that has made me live a more productive and exciting lifestyle.
If you’d love to start a blog and want to build it successfully, then learn how to write posts that are suitable for search engine ranking. With as little as $3.00/month only, you can start a blog and become successful in the online world. To choose a niche for your blog, check into the following and find a passion to blog about:

  • Health
  • Personal Finance
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Cooking
  • Online Business
  • Make Money Online

3. Watch YouTube, Movie Previews, and Like Video Content

Are you passionate about watching videos whenever you are free? You can really make money from watching video content which include news, movie previews, celebrity, and lots more.
There are platforms that request you watching and liking videos. Examples of such platforms include Swagbucks and many others. You’ll be required to watch videos for a specified length of time which you’ll be aware of. You can make anything from $250 upwards monthly. On Swagbucks, for example, you will earn points that you can later redeem for PayPal or gift cards. Sign up bonus is $5.

4. Receive a free $10 Gift Card on Amazon

Receive a free instant $10 gift card by signing up for MyPoints. Getting started is quite easy:
Register a free account at MyPoints.
Shop at more than 2,000 retail stores (including Target, Walmart, and Amazon) via MyPoints and get rewarded with points for all of your shopping.
Withdraw your points by redeeming for travel miles, Amazon gift cards and lots more from over 80 travel partners, restaurants, and retail stores.

5. Sign up and Receive Free Amazon Gift Cards

Receive $10 free Amazon gift cards for signing up for Rakuten and get rewarded with your first cashback rebate.
To get started with Rakuten, simply visit their official website and click on the specific retail store you want to buy from. If you shop, you will receive a commission from Rakuten which is a share of what you pay for. It’s a great way to save some money.

6. Get Cash Back For Things You’ve Purchased Already

Would you love to get refunded? How awesome would it be getting cash back on things you’ve purchased already? Another platform that allows you to figure out if a store you’ve purchased from online still owes you some refunds is Paribus. Signing up is completely free.
Paribus links to your email account and investigates into your receipts. If it’s found out that a retail store has given you a price, then a price adjustment claim will be filed for you. Some of the merchants Paribus partner with include Target, Kohl’s, Walmart, Best Buy, Costco, and lots more!

7. Earn $30 per Hour for Testing Sites

Do you know there are thousands of site owners that are willing to pay you for helping them test their sites? Simply get started by opening a site; hover around and receive your payment. Updated or newly-created site owners pay you to help test their websites.
For instance, on User Testing, you can make anything from $30/hour. Below is how UserTesting works:

  • For every 20 minutes video you complete, you receive $10 through PayPal.
  • You’re compensated by UserTesting to visit apps or sites, perform a couple of tasks, and have your thoughts recorded.

8. Download Some Money Making Apps and Install on Your Device

Companies (Google inclusive) reward you for downloading and installing their mobile apps. You receive payments every month that you install apps on your device. Some of these paying mobile apps are:

  • Nielsen Mobile Panel: You’re rewarded by Nielsen mobile app for making use of its app on your own device. You can make anything from $50 upwards.
  • ShopTracker: Install the app on your device, get a couple of questions answered, then launch the mobile app, and you will receive $3.00 immediately. Leave the app on your device to continue getting paid every month. Also, continue to make those companies know about what people are buying the most.
  • MobileXpression – Download and install this mobile app and you’ll qualify for weekly contests.

9. Earn as a Freelance Writer or Freelancer

Starting a freelancing job can really help boost your revenue. Do you have a passion for writing, designing, or are you good at detecting grammatical mistakes/errors in write-ups? All these and many more are great ways to earn from freelancing.
You have freelancing sites like Upwork. Gurus, and the likes at your disposal, where thousands of clients are waiting to hire for the different kinds of tasks and assignments such as editing, writing, translation, transcribing, and more. Receive payment for helping brands write articles on their blogs/websites. Win a reputation and have this turned into a full-time career opportunity.
However, when it comes to the real way to gain financial freedom, you need to build a personal website and I’m glad to introduce to you an amazing affiliate marketing platform that has everything you need to build a successful online business. Check them out through this route.

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