8 Top Paying Pay per Lead (PPL) Affiliate Programs

By | June 17, 2020


Pay per lead

As with every other business, affiliate marketers should seek to optimize their ‘affiliations’ and make the most out of the pay per lead affiliate programs.
If you’re wondering what I meant by that, it is for affiliate marketers to simply make the best use of their scarce resources.

Resources such as time, promotional activities, ad space, and audience should be put into best use. That’s if you want to always get the best results in the business of affiliate marketing.

What are my contributions towards helping you get the best out of your affiliate marketing business?
I’m offering you this insightful guide into 8 of the top paying affiliate pay per lead (PPL) programs.

Why do you need this information so badly?
There are affiliate programs that pay you $1 for a single lead. And when the lead converts into a sale, you earn many times more.

What I have done in this post is to help you identify 8 of those affiliate programs. You can as well eat the fattest frog if you must eat a frog at all.

That said; let’s dive into my top 8 affiliate PPL programs for you.

1 – American Debt Enders

The American Debt Enders is a business organization that helps you handle debt-related issues.
It is especially useful for people who have been grappling with debts and have found it difficult to pull them out.
American Debt Enders offers relief to those with debt problems by helping them reduce creditors’ call. They also assist people with getting rid of debts and helping to prevent seizure of debtors’ bank accounts.

American Debt Enders offers an affiliate program for marketers who are interested in promoting its products.
As an affiliate marketer on this platform, you will be helping those in debts by bringing them debt relief products. You can refer in order for them to get debt consolidation quote while you earn cash for each free consultation referral.

You will earn $10 per lead (anyone who signs up for the free debt consolidation quote). For every completed sale that your lead converts, you will earn $125.
You can also earn $41 for a pay-per-call option for every free call that you refer.

2 – ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a marketing software solution that offers tools for creating sales funnels. It offers users everything that is required for creating high converting funnels such as landing pages and tools for collecting email subscribers.
ClickFunnels also equips its users with tools for sending follow-up emails, receiving payments, and affiliate recruitment.

It has an affiliate program that pays marketers for leads sent to its high converting pages.
You are paid $1 per lead (for each free book ordered by your referral). Though the book is actually free, the referral is required to pay shipping fees for the delivery.

Some of such books that can be ordered from ClickFunnels are:

I – Copywriting Secrets – This free book offers great guide on writing emails, ads, and blog posts that convert very well. Also included in this book are 31 copywriting formulae to enable readers to write more persuasive copy.

II – DotCom Secrets – This is a free book that teaches you basic marketing strategies that will help you grow your traffic. And also shows you how to improve conversion and online business sales.

III – Experts Secrets – This book teaches you how you can turn knowledge into profits, just like other successful people before you.
ClickFunnels offers an exciting but free 30-day challenge that it calls One Funnel Away. It is a highly recommended program that teaches you how to build a business in just 30 days.
Participants have to pay the sum of $100 to have their program materials shipped to their home addresses. Amazingly, ClickFunnels will offer the affiliate 100% commission. That’s a whopping $100 for each referral sale. Plus you get paid 30 – 40% recurring commissions when your referral buys a ClickFunnels membership.
This equates to $24.10 to $118.80 a month for every active referral that upgrades to a paid plan.

3 – CreativeLive

CreativeLive is an online education platform that offers free and paid courses for its members.
Affiliate marketers add value to their audience by availing them with opportunities to improve their education. By promoting the products of this online learning platform, you are helping others improve themselves while getting paid.

Free courses are offered to members of this platform every single week. By just signing up, members can gain access to these free courses every week. Once logged in, members just have to click on RSVP next to the free course they want to take.

CreativeLive pays you $1 for every free sign-up coming from your referral, and 40% when your referral makes a purchase.
The CreativeLive affiliate program is free for marketers who are interested in joining.

4 – Paribus

Paribus is a valuable solution designed to help online shoppers save money. Online shoppers can use this tool to find out stores that owe them refunds when there is price drop. It can also be used to help get compensation for late order deliveries.

The app works by helping to track price drops for products bought. These products must be supported on the Paribus marketplace before it can be tracked. And once a price drop is detected, the app works on getting the difference back to the shopper.

The Paribus app works with online stores like Amazon, Walmart and Home Depot.
The Paribus affiliate program runs on FlexOffers and it rewards you $2.50 for every free sign up. There is also a link to the Paribus main affiliate program which can be viewed at the footer menu after signing up.

5 – RankPay

RankPay offers an SEO solution designed to help sites rank for particular keywords. Users of this service are required to pay for the improved search ranking results
The consumers of this service start by contacting RankPay with the keywords and post that they want to rank for. And RankPay gets to work on the provided keywords and posts.

The job is completed when the post ranks for the particular keywords provided, and RankPay gets paid.
RankPay is a PPL which is hosted by ShareASale and affiliate marketers receive $25 for each lead that converts.

6 – ShareASale

ShareASale is one of the biggest and foremost affiliate marketing networks out there. There are thousands of affiliate programs that it hosts, with many more affiliate marketers on the platform.

You will earn $30 for every affiliate marketer that you refer to the ShareASale network while the network pays you $150 for every merchant you refer.
Categories of products offered on ShareASale include Web Hosting, Health and Fitness, Travel and Fashion. Other categories are E-learning and Home decor affiliate programs. This network is highly recommended for affiliate marketers who are serious about making money from their business.

Your referrals can sign up for free, but you are paid $30 when the referral earns up to $20 on ShareASale. For signing up a merchant, you receive $150 the moment ShareASale earns $100 in fees from the same merchant, or if the merchant remains active on ShareASale for 6 months.
Payment is made through ACH, Check or Payoneer when you cross the $50 threshold in earnings.

7 – Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the top survey sites for the United States, Canadian and Australian residents. You are qualified to sign up for the survey site once you reside in any of those countries.

One advantage that survey sites have is that you are referring others to a platform where they can make money, unlike other affiliate programs that require your referred leads to make a purchase.

This program pays you $1.25 for each lead that you refer. You can participate for the Survey Junkie affiliate program through the ShareASale affiliate network.
The only criterion is that you reside either in the United States, Canada or Australia.

8 – Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a platform that rewards users for watching videos, completing surveys, playing games and surfing the web.
Swagbucks is only available to residents of the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland and United Kingdom.
On Swagbucks, affiliate marketers can earn up to $5 as sign up bonus which you can cash via PayPal or Amazon gift card.
Affiliate marketers are paid $3.00 per lead by Swagbucks. Affiliate marketers can join the Swagbucks affiliate program even if they reside outside the five countries mentioned.

The Swagbucks affiliate program is hosted on ImpactRadius and FlexOffers.
You can sign up for the program for free on Swagbucks, ImpactRadius or FlexOffers websites.


Affiliate marketers can simply improve their earnings by joining affiliate programs that offer better income opportunities.

Such opportunities are Pay per Lead (PPL) affiliate programs that offer a minimum of $1 per lead. And much more income for every lead that converts into a sale.
I have provided 8 of the top PPL programs on my affiliate list.

If you’re not on any of these, you can check them out to see the programs best suited for your audience.
Do you want to make money from promoting affiliate programs? Then, you need to build traffic to your site first. You can learn to be a super affiliate in a period of 6-12 months from now if you’d accept to become an action taker. Try the Wealthy Affiliate Certification Courses today and discover the hidden secrets for becoming a successful affiliate marketer in no time.

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