10 Essential Tools to Help You Find Trending Topics

By | February 22, 2020



Tools for trending
There are those I like to refer to as trend setters while most others are trend followers. The former are the ones who begin a trending news, information, gossip or originate any kind of topic that gains widespread exposure while the latter just follow the trending topics. My best group isn’t any of the 2 above, but those I consider to be in the middle of the trend.

The ability to find yourself in the center of it all gives you an advantage especially if you are a marketer. A trend is just like a raging wave of the sea and being able to ride it at its early stage gives you a lot of advantages at the marketplace. If you find that you are always behind on trending topics, this post will prove helpful to you.
Twitter is the undisputed number one platform for discovering trending topics whether breaking news or updates on movie awards. The hashtags on Twitter help easily locate trending topics and join the conversation in real-time.

There are also other available tools online to help you find and ride on trending topics on the internet. Some of these tools are already known to you while others may be new. We have highlighted some of these tools to help you in identifying trending topics and using same to add value to your target audience.

Tools for Finding Trending Topics

In no particular order, here are 10 essential online tools to help you keep up with trending topics:

1. YouTube Trends

YouTube comes second only behind Google search in the global online search market. It is a rich platform to find trending topics and news. There are lots of videos, music, news organized into categories for easy access.
This is one of the best places to begin your search for trending topics especially if you want visuals.

2. Quora

Quora is a company that seeks to grow and share the world’s information by providing a platform where users are encouraged to ask questions and provide answers to questions in their areas of expertise. There is a massive database housing questions and answers in virtually any niche you can think of.
Members are provided with personalized information feed from which they can browse on top stories and trending topics. You can also search popular content for information based on keywords or phrases.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest offers a platform for users to share information and trends using visual content. Most users come online searching for all kinds of information that they require for making decisions. Trending topics also constitute a significant part of the information flowing in the platform.
The company also releases monthly reports on trends to advertisers on its platform.

4. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed gives you so much information on what is happening across various cultures and industries. It is a platform where you find lots of trends on entertainment and social news.
BuzzFeed is a very resourceful platform for useful content ranging from original shareable content where users are guaranteed of fresh and frequent content. The articles on BuzzFeed have evolved with its users giving marketers a dependable source of trending topics.

5. Google Trends

Google Trends make the search for trending topics easier through the information it provides and frequency of a given search term. There are a wide range of options to narrow your search on trending topics of a particular region, and probe deeper for more information on your search term.
Marketers can also discover the variance in search volumes with respect to particular time frames and different locations. A marketer whose business is seasonal can gain insights on search for his products or services given a particular location.

6. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a rich resource for finding trending topics across social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Your searches are filtered based on the number of shares that the topics enjoy on these social networks.
You can find hot topics and industry influencers just by entering the topic, keyword or the particular domain that you want to perform a search on. There are lots of articles that you can read on BuzzSumo which will give you a sense of direction on particular topics and sentiments attached to them by users.

7. Reddit

Reddit has a wide range of topics on what is new and trending. Even though its owner works at ensuring relevant and important information is posted on the platform, there are still a lot of articles on Reddit that are irrelevant to users. You can still skim through the content to find trending topics for your particular industry or niche.

8. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media management system offering a lot of features in engagement, publishing and other activities for monitoring and collaboration. It is a great research and reporting tool for marketers to analyze and monitor activities around topics that relate to their brands. To gain access to all the features of this tool requires a paid subscription.

9. Radian6

Radian6 is a social tool that allows you to gain insights into trends and sentiments, social listening and monitoring of your brand. It is now a part of Salesforce and a vital tool to gauge social engagements and find trending topics based on demography and other parameters.

10. Industry Publications

Journals and other publications from industry-specific sources could be essential sources for getting ideas on trending topics. The top writers and publishers in your industry can offer information on trends which may serve as inspiration for you.
This list isn’t exhaustive as there are lots of other tools and platforms available to you for finding trending topics. I am however of the view that most of your needs are adequately covered by the ones mentioned here.


As with every marketer who wants to be at the center of it all, you should equip yourself with these tools to help you get in early on trending topics. These tools offer rich resources for accessing and evaluating trending topics that you can use in making business decisions.

There are a lot of categories for you to search on trending topics – keywords, locations, industries, volumes, social shares, images and videos are just some of the trends available on these platforms. You can get started with these tools so your business can always profit from emerging trends.
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