8 Golden Rules for a Successful Affiliate Marketing Business

By | June 11, 2020


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Affiliate marketing is a business, and not sprint race as some see it to be. It requires some focus, stamina, and dedication. And a coach who will be out there giving you the pep talk and telling you what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t.

Hate ’em, love ’em, affiliate marketers are one of the most resourceful entrepreneurs.
They take just about any product or service, help their readers experience these products, and help them see the products for what they really are, without all the fancy hogwash.

And if you’re one of the affiliate marketers, thumbs up to you.
If you’re not making the big bucks right now, a little more push and you would be there.
Speaking of that little push, how about some very helpful tips to grow your business?

That said, I got some very valuable tips to help you run your affiliate marketing business successfully.
I call them the 8 Golden Rules for a Successful Affiliate Marketing Business.

1 – Patience

You know the age-long saying about the patient dog getting the fattest bone!
That’s kind of what I’m inferring in our first tip for success in affiliate marketing.
Why would anyone buy into the patience crap when marketers want to make the fast bucks right now?

For the simple reason that you build an affiliate marketing business the same way, you build other things.
I’m aware that you may have come across headlines that promise you 7 figure incomes in 24 hours. And most of the marketers behind these sorts of promotions usually have ‘proof’ to show.

But what they don’t tell you is the 10 years they spent before getting to that point. There’s no such thing as overnight success because these things take a lifetime to achieve.
The first phase of a successful affiliate business is building quality traffic which requires the publishing of compelling and value-adding posts.

Also, you’ve got to realize that people have a different response time to affiliate offers. Some will buy your products on offer immediately after reading your post, while others take a little bit more time. Yet many others will not make any purchase through your affiliate link.

You need to understand that this sort of thing is common in the business.
Depending on how you choose to run your affiliate business, the revenue grows over time, especially those with recurring earnings from subscription-based offers.

If you ever thought that affiliate marketing is a get-rich-quick business, you’ve got to quit that notion from the start. Because if you don’t, you might get frustrated along the way when you realize the money isn’t coming in fast.
Focus on building quality posts, and promoting these posts and affiliate offers across major platforms.
But you’ve got to realize that in this game, patience always wins.

2 – Know Your Customer (KYC)

I know this is a well-known term used in financial dealings. For affiliate marketers, your customers are actually your audience.

Knowing your audience helps you connect with them on a personal level and understand their motivations, fears, and aspirations.

Knowing your customers pretty well helps you understand their language and communicate with them effectively.
To help you envision a clear picture of your audience, you need to create a user persona.

A user persona is simply a projected image or representation of your target audience. A user persona captures details like age, gender, income level, demography, and location. Depending on how explicit you want to be, a user persona could be a few lines or span several pages.

When you have a clearly defined persona, you can now communicate with the persona when writing your content.
The more relevant your contents are to your audience, the more they want to listen to you. While less relevant content will repel the right audience, or attract the wrong ones.

Knowing your audience also precedes choosing the affiliate products to offer them.
If you do not know your audience well enough, how will you offer the right products to them?
Knowing your audience and communicating in their language can spell the difference between failure and success in your affiliate business.

3 – Be Honest With Your Affiliations

At first, I always wondered why marketers disclosed their affiliations on their sites.
As I grew ‘older’, I learned that it was the honest thing to do – letting your readers know that your posts contain affiliate links.

By doing this, your readers appreciate your honesty and they are more likely to click your links. That’s if your offer is relevant to their needs.

On the other hand, those who try to hide the affiliations are often thought to be dishonest. Don’t forget that your readers are intelligent people, and they can see beyond any charade.
Your readers are aware that affiliate earnings help support your business. If they see you as honest, you can bet that they will become loyal to you and your brand.

The fact that you are promoting an affiliate offer doesn’t mean you’re the only marketer for it. I bet you that there are thousands of affiliate marketers promoting each offer. But what gives you a better chance of success is the ability to be honest with your readers.

4 – Seek to Provide Value First

After you have come to know and understand your audience, you will know their needs.
This is essential to providing valuable content for them. Your content should help solve a need, provide a solution or make life easier for them.

Your content should not be about you, but about your audience.
Imagine that you have this friend you always run to when you’re in need. And anytime you’re with that friend, all she talks about is herself.

Would you always go to that friend when you need someone to talk to? I’m guessing that your answer to my question is a big NO.
No one likes to be around those who take pride in talking about themselves all the time. The same reason readers will not spend quality time on your site if they notice that your posts are always about you!

Valuable content is one that fully addresses a need or question in the heart of your audience.
To achieve this, you need to first find out the kind of questions that your audiences are asking. You can research through Google search using the auto complete feature. You will also find ideas of these questions on Quora, the popular Question and Answer site!

You can also get question ideas from discussions in the comment section of your posts.
When you have these questions, ensure that you provide the right answers through your posts.
When you write reviews, let them be objective, detailed, and resourceful.

Finally, make sure that your content contains some new information for your readers. Don’t just recycle old content, but bring something of value to the table.

5 – Keep Trying Different Products

Remember when I said earlier that overnight success could take 10 years to achieve. This is one of those areas that help hasten your success in affiliate marketing.
You need to know the type of products that resonate with your audience. To do this, you need to keep testing the products that you offer them.

Go through all available products that the affiliate program or network is offering you. Find out the best products that would be right for your audience.
Try out different ad formats of the products you’re offering until you get a perfect fit. Different graphics should be tried with the different sizes and colors. Play around with the text ads to find out which is more effective.

Once you are able to find out what works with your audience, your earnings become automated.
Creators of the products you’re offering will provide you with the right tools and resources to drive their products – different types of ads, graphic sizes, banners, and videos you would need for promotion!

6 – Publish Evergreen Content

Most content creators usually focus on creating content that will trend. They want their content to go viral so they could get massive views and engagement from this content.
Having trending content is quite good, but having evergreen (timeless) content is best of all.

Take for instance the current Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown that most countries went through! In the heat of this situation, most news media focused on covering Covid-19. Millions of content were created around the virus, with more still in production.

At a certain time, more than 75% of news content was about the virus. But recently, the attention of the world had been shifting towards other things, especially the opening up of different economies.
So, you see that at the height of Covid-19, it was trending globally. And within the next couple of months, there will be other news to interest people.

Covid-19 was a trending topic, but not a timeless one.
Timeless content provides lasting value to readers. They are valuable today, and in the next couple of years.

One other thing that makes a piece of content timeless is the continual updates of the content. You can update your content regularly to reflect current times.

7 – Be Consistent

We started this post with patience, and what a better way to round it up! You have to be consistent no matter what the situation is.
When developing a content calendar, you will indicate the frequency of your posts.

Some affiliate marketers choose to produce one post every day, which is quite good. Some others prefer to produce content every other day, which is also good.

No matter how many times you post every week, the result will be good as long as you maintain the frequency.
There is no particular post frequency that is right for everyone; you just need to choose what works best for you.
Of course, short-form articles would be more frequent than long-form articles. But you also have to make the decision on how frequent you want it to be.

The idea is for you to be consistent with your posts. Once your readers find that you are consistent, they will look forward to your next posts.

8 – Explore the Different Affiliate Programs

You don’t have to stay stuck to an affiliate program if it isn’t working well for you.
Affiliate programs come in different shades, sizes, and colors. They offer different products from diverse merchants, different terms, and commission rates.

The vendors also offer different tools and support to enable affiliate marketers to produce better results.
Check out the payout terms, cookie duration, payment options, and a host of other features.
Choose the programs that best suit your business goals and objectives. By this, you can be sure of getting due rewards for every effort you put into your affiliate marketing business.


There are countless options available to you for monetizing your website traffic.
You could sell your own products and services, sell your ad spots, or sell products of other vendors.
Affiliate marketing offers you the opportunity to earn commissions from the sale of products through your site. You could also earn some income when visitors to your site perform some required actions.

These actions could be simply filling a form, subscribing to an email newsletter service, or downloading an app.
Affiliate marketing is a great income earner if done rightly.

It isn’t a get rich quick scheme as many perceive the online business to be. But it requires lots of painstaking efforts, dedication, focus, and commitment to get it right.

You can build a successful affiliate marketing business by applying the rules in this guide.
Be patient, ensure that you know your audience very well, and be honest with your affiliations to your audience.

You should also ensure that you first provide value to your audience before requesting any actions from them. Keep testing different products, merchants, and affiliate programs until you find out what works for you. Publish content that has timeless content and not just content that will trend today.

Be consistent with your postings and make sure to explore as many different programs as possible.
You will definitely find the right fit when you do keep at it no matter what.

Do you want to start your own affiliate marketing business now? Try Wealthy Affiliate with a passion, and you’ll have a successful affiliate marketing business in any niche.

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