7 Home Based Business Ideas for Teens

By | October 24, 2019

Teens are generally categorized as dependents and as such, they do have people, guardians, parents, grads and others that care for them, but when you give a consideration to the cost of saving for college or refurbishing a car, you’ll realize the significance of a business opportunity for teens.

An important thing to note is that while a teen happens to be the owner of a business, it doesn’t imply that operating rules for a business aren’t applicable to such. Even as far as paying taxes is concerned, the business is still ruled by appropriate authorities like those of adults.

Thus, teens need to follow suit when it comes to running a business. They also need to study rules for paying taxes lest they face the consequences of specific laws guiding business operations

Here are 7 home based business ideas for teens:

01 Etsy for Creative Teens

For artistic teens, Etsy is an excellent way to earn a lot of money from their creativity. The chances of making money from artistic talents are enormous from paper-goods, jewelry, candles, housewares, swag, and even jam.

Etsy only entails a small listing and payment processing charges, but eventually offers a whole storefront, which includes payment collection and a shopping cart.

To make a huge profit, teens have to ensure they find a cost-effective source of acquiring needed materials and fix their selling prices in a way that takes care of their expenses and time.

02 Sell Unwanted and Used Stuff on eBay

One of the most proficient ways to motivate teens to tidy up their rooms is promising them that they’ll make some money on specific items they can sell in the eBay stores. Teens tend to have inventories they can list for sale online through stores like eBay.

Once they’re done selling some of their unused or unwanted stuff, they can get the whole house de-cluttered and sort out other unwanted stuff or items to sell as well. They’re happy at making extra money selling things they are no longer in need of.

Aside from de-cluttering the house, teens are potentially good at identifying things that sell most in stores and they can sort out a source of cost-effective inventories. For instance, if designer shoes sell well, teens can visit thrift and consignment stores for used stuff and get them sold on eBay.

03 Social Media Assistant

If at all there’s a specific business teens are endowed for, it’s nothing but the job of a social media assistant.

Companies are aware of the fact that they actually need to leverage social media when it comes to reaching out to their target audience but most frequently got overwhelmed and confused by it. Teens that are very active on most of these social media platforms can come to their rescue.

If employed as social media assistants, teens can focus on 1-2 social media platforms and help brands promote their businesses on Pinterest, LinkedIn, or Facebook. They can also manage dialogue on multiple social media platforms.

Teens are expected to appear polite or professional while representing brands on social media. There have been cases of brands whose social media assistants posted inappropriate things and, therefore, brought about some bad looks from the target market.

04 Online Tutoring

A lot of students require assistance in school, and grown-up teens are potentially fit to be of assistance.

Frequently, kids are more likely to learn from people that are a little bit older than they are, and those older teens are nearer and would be preferred to be listened to. So, they’re likely to have recently passed through the same knowledge.

Beyond fundamental educational tutoring, teens are capable of teaching some other expertise, such as musical instruments, computer operations, ACT/SAT testing, art, and many more. Any expertise the teens are conversant with can be imparted into others.

05 Jill of All Trades or Assistant

Most households would like to hire the service of someone handy or a personal assistant, and yet capable of assisting with assignments and tasks around the house.

Teens are endowed when it comes to tasks like weeding the garden, folding laundry, organizing, painting rooms, or just any other necessary activity that needs to be observed around the house.

In a home office, teens can be needed for certain tasks such as filing, performing research, arranging, or just any other virtual task.

06 Babysitter/Child Care

Child care tends to be a favorite job for most teens, especially the female teens. It’s proficient because it’s easy and something most parents/guardians would require. During the summer periods, teens are often hired by most working parents to assist with school runs.

However, teens with some driving experience can offer more jobs than just babysitting or entertaining kids at home. They can drive kids to outdoor activities, summer camp, the pool and park, and many more. They can request higher pay if they would carry out specific activities like crafts and arts.

However, there are cases whereby teens may take steps further by offering babysitting or child care services from their own houses.

07 Pet/House Sitter

Like child care or babysitting, pet and house sitting are proficient home based business ideas for teens. These are kinds of job opportunities needed all over the places and flexible for anyone to do, particularly during holidays and summer periods when a lot of people would need to travel.

House sitting may include dropping by 1-2 times a day or staying at home with kids for some hours as scheduled. Most often, house sitters water the plants in gardens, check the mail box, deliver the paper inside, or perhaps take care of pets

Similar to house sitters, pet sitters can visit a number of times daily to check on and take care of the animals or rather stay in the house. Besides feeding those animals, pet sitters are required to constantly walk the dogs some miles away from the house and spend some quality time with those pets, playing with or petting them.


If you’re a teen, looking for home based business opportunities or ideas you can leverage almost immediately, here are 7 prominent ideas you can choose from. If you need further assistance on how you can choose the right home business idea, leave a comment below and I’d be more than happy to get back to you.

4 thoughts on “7 Home Based Business Ideas for Teens

  1. Happier At Home

    This is such a great source of information for teens (or parents of teens) to be able to begin a business.  I wish we had these opportunities when I was a teen!  I am so impressed by the way this world is slowly turning young adolescents away from college and degrees, and slowly turning them to the world of entrepreneurship.  This gives me hope for my own to young children!

    The ideas you have come up with are amazing!  I really like the one about social media assistants!  You are right – if most teens are good at one thing, it’s that of social media!  This would be a fantastic opportunity for them to explore how to help brand a brick and mortar business online and give them a greater sense of marketing.  

    I’m going to share your article with some of my friends who have teenagers!  Thank you very much!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Happier at home, thank you for visiting my website!

      Yes I agree with you, those opportunities would be beneficial for us when we were teens. Sometimes you have to wait during the holidays  to do those small jobs and treat yourself.

      This new generation is blessed with technology and this enlarges opportunities for teenagers to make money.

      It can be a relief for  some parents as it lifts the burden of pocket money on them.

      Thanks for sharing with your friends!

  2. Lauranne

    Hi ! I find your articles amazing. I will share your website with my french cousin, which is 16 and always seeking for making money. It can be really hard as a 16-years old, especially here in France as (legally), we are not allowed to work, with regular job contracts, before 18 years old. I know this, because back in time, it was also very hard for me to find small jobs when I was this age. But your article summarizes well simple ideas which require not too many skills. I wish I had found this article when I was younger, those are great ideas… Thank you again and I hope it will help my cousin as well

    1. admin Post author

      HI Lauranne, thanks for visiting my website! I’m glad you found the article helpful. I’m sure your cousin will find some interesting ideas.



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