7 Easy Tips to Earn Extra Money from Home

By | October 19, 2019

Today, you’ll learn 7 different ways to start making extra money working from home. All these are practicable ways for anyone (be it a newbie or veteran) to start earning extra income almost immediately.

While anyone can get started with a home-based business to replace a regular 9-5 full-time white-collar job, many people just want it in order to use as extra cash in pocket, save for a specific purpose, meet contingencies, or settle some debt.

In the past, people had to go out offline and strive to earn a living, but fortunately, a new time has come in which anyone can now make a living working from home.  There have been numerous work-from-home opportunities out there to be leveraged, and creativity matters as to how much money anyone can make on any day.

Home business opportunities include shopping, writing, selling used items, affiliate marketing, and many more.

Here are 7 ways to earn extra money from home:

1. Sell Your Unwanted and Used Items

EBay is a great e-commerce store to sell various unwanted and used items. Aside from this, there are certain platforms meant for selling specific used items such as jewelry, books, electronics, and wedding dresses which anyone can leverage and earn extra income.

To make the most out of these, one needs to take a beautiful and captivating photo of the specific items and come up with a honest, compelling description.

Online stores to sell unwanted and used items include:

  • ebay: Anything can just be sold here.
  • Amazon: Anything goes here.
  • ThreadUp: This is meant for selling unwanted or used clothes.
  • BookFinder: Anyone can sell textbooks or books here.
  • Gazelle: This is meant for selling electronics.
  • Decluttr:  Anyone can sell CDs, DVDs, and online games.
  • NearlyNewlyWed: Accessories and wedding dresses can be sold here.
  • RubyLane: This is for antiques, Vintage, and collectibles.

Stores to sell unwanted items locally online include:

2. Get Paid to Complete Specific Tasks as a Microworker

As the business world keeps changing, freelancing is becoming a lucrative online business for people more and more, and there are platforms that allow potential freelancers to showcase their freelancing skills such as writing, designing (graphics), translating, data entry, transcribing, project-based assignments, and all of that.

Micro-work or crowdsourcing platforms connect project-based freelancers who can perform specific time-allocated tasks with business owners that require such services and skills. While crowdsourcing is a short-lived home job opportunity that doesn’t reward much like passive income opportunities, there are a lot of people who earn hundreds of thousands of dollars or even more on a monthly basis moonlighting freelancing as microworkers.

Crowdsourcing platforms advertising freelance job opportunities include:

3. Generate Income from Your Smartphone

It’s awesome that you can earn money with your Smartphone when you leverage phone apps to shop online.

You can get coupons, discounts, and even get paid in points (which you can redeem for gift cards whenever you want) or in cash. While this isn’t a good way to earn passive income from home, you can earn extra money and save a lot of money using your Smartphone.

Some of the phone apps to leverage include:

4. Sell Photos Online

On the web, bloggers, site owners, video makers, eBook publishers, and many others require quality and captivating photos for their blog posts. However, you don’t have to be an expert photographer to earn money making photos.

The quality and captivating photos you have on your phone are sufficient to start selling online. Most photo-selling websites can pay up to 60% of the sale price, usually via PayPal.

Photo sites you can leverage to sell include:

5. Earn Money with Your Car

There are numerous ways to earn money with a car such as renting out your car, taxing people, and promoting businesses.

Whether you’re getting paid to drive or rent out a car, it does attract some depreciation factors such as gas expenses, tears and wears, and many others; so, you may have to decide what your rate should be in order to ensure you can earn extra income renting out a car.

Online resources that will get you paid to drive your own car include:

6. Get Paid for Your Opinion in Focus Groups

Industries and manufacturers spend a huge sum of money on developing their products or services. And as a result of this, they want to desist from taking unpleasant products to the market. One of the ways to move forward is by leveraging focus groups to get real-life feedback on their products or services before presenting any product to consumers.

While you can join some of these focus groups to earn extra cash giving opinion on companies’ products, you can earn anything from $50 to $400 per session.

Sites that hire the services of focus groups include:

7. Get Paid to Take Online Surveys

Another great way to earn extra money from home is by taking surveys. Like any one of those ways listed in this tutorial, you won’t earn a living by taking surveys, but you can make extra points (which can be redeemed for gift cards), prizes or cash.

The following sites are free to join and can help you earn extra cash taking surveys:

However, there are phone app survey platforms you can join as well and they include:


Now that you have a couple of great ways to extra income from home, you can check out any of them and start earning extra dollars from the comfort of your work space. You don’t have to live a whole reporting for a boss. You can start somewhere today and scale your plans towards earning passive income later in life.

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