7 Actionable Tips to Make Your Social Media Campaigns Successful

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7 actionable tips to make your social media campaign successful




Running a successful social media campaign isn’t as tough as many think it to be. In fact, just about anyone could be successful at it if the right steps are taken. It’s always great to have social campaigns produce ROI that exceeds your marketing expectations.

Whatever your marketing goals, be it creating more followers, higher engagements, or conversions, you can make a success of it.

This guide offers 7 actionable tips that can get you started with planning and executing successful social media campaigns.


1 – Target the Right Audience


I’m yet to come across a business that caters for the needs of everyone in the world. Businesses have particular markets that their products and services are designed to cater for.

The same goes to running social media campaigns – you have to target those that really need your products. The great thing right now is that most social media networks offer different tools to target different segments of the market.

You can target your social media campaigns based on age, sex, gender, marital status, demographics, and interests. A social network such as Facebook offers an Ad Manager that comes with lots of targeting options.

If targeting is done right, the campaigns will turn out successful no matter the campaign objective.

2 – Get Social on Social Media Networks


There’s a reason it is called social media networks and not business media networks.

That’s because it is where family and friends get social with other members of their networks. So you find that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and the likes are where people connect for social interactions.

If, as a business, you want your social media campaigns to turn out right, then you have to take this route. And avoid the temptation to throw your offers and business proposals in the face of your followers and fans.

You should make use of these platforms for building quality relationships with prospects and customers. 

If you are overly concerned about just making sales, people will see through you like a glass wall. This is not a good place to be as you will find that all your social media efforts will yield very little results.

If you need to promote your products, try offering discounts, coupons, or special offers to followers.


3 – Run Tests First


If you’re planning to run a big-budget campaign or one that will run for a long time, you should run tests first. Why is it important to run tests before the actual campaigns?

The fact about social campaigns is that no one can really predict the actual outcome of any social media campaign.

You can run different tests for a couple of days or even weeks before the big campaign. These tests will help you find out the best converting ad format for your audience.

Your tests should also help find out the best targeting options to use and ad placements. You can also run split tests where one ad differs from the other slightly. At the end of the day, you should be able to come up with ad formats, placements, and targeting options to use. This is one of the best recipes for a successful social media campaign.

4 – Choose the Right Networks


Agreed, social media networks appeal to virtually all segments of the society. But that does not mean a particular social media is best for all kinds of businesses. You need to understand the peculiarities of each social media platform, so you can use the ones that best fit.

For instance, if your business is a service provider for other businesses, then you’ve got to use LinkedIn. That’s because LinkedIn is the social network where most of the B2B networking is done.

And if your business is in the technology space, Facebook and Twitter are the best social media networks to use. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of social media networks will help in choosing the right one for your campaigns.


5 – Monitor Feedback and Mentions


All campaigns produce a kind of feedback, either as positive or negative comments. You need to monitor these comments because they serve as feedback for your social media campaigns.

If the comments are negative, it means you will have to accept them as constructive criticisms. This will tell you areas of your social media campaigns that you need to improve on.

If the comments are positive, then it tells you that there are some things you are doing right.

Depending on your social media network chosen, you can also monitor mentions of your brand to find out what others are saying about it. All the popular social media networks have different ways to monitor your mentions.

With this information, you can create responses to what others are saying through your social media campaigns.


6 – Compare Results Against Goals


We set out by saying all social media campaigns have different marketing goals. And the success of each campaign is determined by measuring the actual result against the goal.

The great thing is that most marketing goals can be quantified, so you can measure how successful they are. Take advantage of the opportunity to measure your campaign performance and make changes where needed.


7 – Use Your Call to Action Wisely


A Call to Action is a subtle instruction that is meant to inspire your audience to action. The action could be anything from clicking the “Like” button to signing up for an email newsletter or downloading an app.

Call to Action is a powerful tool that can boost the conversion rate of your social media campaigns.

It will amaze you to know that most of your audiences expect you to tell them what to do after interacting with your ads. And a simple nudge could be all that it takes to rake up your sales figures or get many to register for your event.




Running successful social media campaigns isn’t rocket science, as all you need to do is follow a few rules.

This guide offers you actionable tips such as targeting the right audience, focusing on social and running tests first. Others are choosing the right network, monitoring feedback and results, and using your Call to Action wisely.

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