5 Ways to Make Money on Your Website( Without Products or Ads)

By | November 2, 2019

For some categories of people, online stores and advertising are the first things that come to mind when the thoughts of monetizing a website spring up, whereas, these strategies don’t really suffice for all websites. That’s specifically why you should learn how you can monetize your site without products or Ads.

Luckily, there are other tactics you can implement to earn a living online. No matter what type of blog you’ve got, there’s always a technique that best fits your business to make the most of your revenue potential.

In this tutorial, I’ll enumerate why products or Ads might not be the most prominent revenue source for your website. And we shall branch into discussions on how you can monetize your blog without products or Ads. Let’s get started!

The Barricades to Depending on Products or Ads to Monetize Your Website

There’s no controversy that it’s feasible to earn revenue on a site using products or/and Ads. Several success stories online have shown that really. But, they aren’t the most prominent sources of revenue for every site.

For the newbie, Ads are ineffective ways to make money from a website. To make anything near a huge amount of income, you must have built a large following for that website. Experientially, Ads can lure people away from following your blog.

Ads can cause distractions for readers and make them determine to click away from your site without ever returning, which may potentially hurt your conversion rate optimization. They also reduce the design quality of your website and give you an amateur look in the sight of your audience. And it’s difficult to keep up an audience of people when there’s no trust.

Five Ways to Monetize Your Site (Without Products or Ads)

Here are ways you can make money with your site without products or Ads:

1. Organize In-Person Events and Charge a Fee for Admission

With no doubt, online communities are instrumental. Organizing in-person events that relate to your website as well as asking people for a fee to attend can really help drive in some income.

The number of people that are likely to attend determines how extensive your events should be. It may be a little local gathering or a huge conference. Whichever way, it’s imperative to look into how much people are likely to pay to be admitted.

You’ll also want to take into account the cost of food, venue, and any unforeseen necessities. If you aren’t sure of bearing the costs of the events and earning some profits, this particular strategy may not suffice for you.

Organizing an in-person event will suffice best if already you have a huge online community. People who really appreciate your website and its other followers may likely try attending and pay for admission.

2. Purchase, Flip, and Resell Websites

If you’ve got the development and design expertise for this, you can leverage it and get into the venture of flipping sites. The flipping process involves purchasing websites from other people, improving on them, and then reselling them at a huge profit again.

While it may seem new to you selling something you’ve invested a lot of efforts into, a website with a substantially huge following can be sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If the website has got a considerable number of regular readers and you have reasons to stop maintaining it, selling it is a good choice.

If you don’t want to sell the website you’ve been building personally, you can buy sites and then flip leveraging platforms like Flippa and Website Broker. These are great marketplaces whereby people buy sites at affordable rates, improve, and then resell later to make a huge profit again.

3. Start Accepting Donations from Users

Getting donations from website users can be an easy way to drive in the cash needed to manage and maintain your website. If you’re really building out quality and informative content, you may be amazed to see a significant increase in the number of users ready to dive in and help keep your website alive.

This strategy works most for websites that relate to charity and the likes. While there are websites that do accept donations from their users, it’s an easy thing to persuade users to donate funds when the website always provides value to them and resonates with their needs.

If you’re managing or operating a non-profit making website, asking people to donate funds is compulsory. While you may regularly update the website with quality blog posts for readers to go through, it’s a good practice to request donations to serve as a complement to the cost of running it.

4. Write Exclusive Posts for Paying Users

Coming up with paid posts can be one of the easiest ways to monetize your site. Frequently, you may not need to put in much energy. You rather continue writing online classes, blog content, or whatever stuff you are passionate about, and charge a fee for users to access.

The only sensitive part is coming up with the appropriate balance between paid and free content. Giving out too many free posts for free might eventually create a feeling in users that they may not need accessing the content you’re charging for. The drawback is that most users may click away from your site if your charges are too high.

Therefore, paid memberships or content suffice best for websites that have got a huge following already. If users realize that your content is worth being paid for, they won’t hesitate to keep paying for it.

Plus, educational websites that offer webinars or digital courses can frequently leverage this technique efficiently. You can make the introductory courses free for them, while advanced and intermediate ones may attract some charges.

5. Cross-Promote and Diversify Your Content

Coming up with multiple streams of revenue is a great move. If there’s a period when your blog experiences a slow speed, there are a lot of niche-related influencers who are always available and willing on Instagram to get you covered until things come back to normal. Diversifying your posts can help maximize your revenue potential.

No matter what category of website you have, or what your specialty is, you can come up with more and a broad variety of articles by exploring several strategies.

While it may feel awkward to venture into self-promotion initially, cross-promoting is a great way to set up a personal brand and expertise in your specialty.


Products and Ads are constantly the go-to techniques for monetizing a site. However, these tactics are not always the most prominent. Products require beforehand investments you might possibly not be able to bear and Ads can lead users to losing complete trust and credibility in your website.

The awesome news is that you have alternative ways at your disposal to monetize your site, and these include:

  • Purchase, flip, and resell websites.
  • Organize in-person events and charge for admission.
  • Write exclusive posts for paying users.
  • Take funds from members in form of donations.
  • Diversify and cross-promote your posts.


3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Make Money on Your Website( Without Products or Ads)

  1. Lauranne

    Hi ! Wow, thank you for your article ! I would have never thought about those alternatives ! I would maybe not start with the second option as you have to invest in it, but once you are ready to invest, and if you have enough skills to “refurbished” the website, I think it’s a great idea ! Exclusive posts for paying users seems to be a great idea, but I am not sure about when would be the best time to implement them. I mean, it does require a lot of traffic and “loyalty” to your website before. But in that case, how would you do that, what option would be the best for you : weekly, monthly, yearly fees? But I would like to thank you again for this amazing post, I would probably use it in the near future.

  2. Amelita

    This post has been an interesting read. I have often pondered what else I could do to make money on my website without Ads. Thanks for the 5 ideas. I especially like the idea of purchasing, flipping, and reselling websites.

    One question I have is about who you would recommend as a hosting company for someone wanting to create a website to eventually sell?

    I have a website with ads on it and I have been thinking about removing those ads because I think it may be taking away some of the value for sure. Thanks for making that point. Your article has me thinking.


    1. admin Post author

      Hi Amelita! Thanks for your visit! You are most welcome!

      The best platform for Web hosting  is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s secure, cheaper, no hidden cost. They can prevent hacking before it happens.

      Success in your online venture!


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