5 Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic in 2020

By | January 23, 2020






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Are you contemplating on boosting your blog traffic in 2020? Of course, every blogger finds all possible means to get traffic to their blog/website. Sit back and follow me as I break out 5 working ways to boost your blog traffic. I use these constantly and they really work out for me as expected. If you find any of these ways working for you, don’t hesitate to get back to me via my site contact.

Upset about getting zero traffic on your blog? That’s frustrating as you cannot make a penny either from promoting affiliate programs or monetizing your blog via Google AdSense. You need a ton of real, targeted traffic to make money from your blog.

If your blog is generating 10 unique visitors per day, chances are you can begin to see some earnings flow in from Ads displayed on your blog or from an affiliate program you promote. This traffic is significant to your blog, but not a success determinant.

Literally, your blog requires relevant, targeted traffic to make money for you; otherwise, the traffic becomes useless for you if it’s irrelevant to your blog. A relevant traffic flow of 20 visitors a day is more valuable to your blog than an irrelevant traffic flow of 500 visitors a day.

So, when it comes to getting traffic conversions and making cool money from a blog, relevance is instrumental in achieving that.

Here are 5 great ways to boost your blog traffic in 2020

1. Create Keyword-Optimized Content

Most newbie bloggers try to implement this tactic of creating keyword-optimized content, whereas, they don’t really have a clue of how this is literally done. As it sounds, creating keyword-optimized content means finding a low hanging fruit keyword, then coming up with a piece based on that topic.

To find low-competition keywords for your content, try out Jaaxy – the most integrated yet the simplest and easiest keyword research tool.

Here’s the tip: Use these keywords in your post title, then in your introduction, especially in the first sentence, and then write the rest of the piece naturally bearing in mind your chosen keywords, but do not get caught with keyword stuffing. Let your keyword usage happen naturally across your content and get ranked for them in search results.

Due to the technicalities involved in SEO, you can always do things the wrong way, and that may hurt your ranking in SERPs. In order to avoid this, try doing the following as well:

  • Include relevant screenshots or images in your content
  • Use low-competition keywords in your first subhead following the opening paragraph
  • Incorporate the keyword into the title of your blog post
  • Make the LSI keywords bold across your content
  • Build internal outgoing links in your industry
  • Include keywords in your image Meta description and Meta title

Build external links from authority blogs in your niche
Creating keyword-optimized content is a fundamental step to boosting blog traffic. Ensure you are not writing outside your niche in the course of building out keyword-optimized content because that will be of no benefit to you.

2. Be a Problem Solver

Making frantic effort to solve a specific problem in your specialty could be an open door to massive traffic flow. If you experience a problem or challenge, it simply means others go through the same.
What am I emphasizing here? If you once had a problem and you’ve got that solved long ago, you can share your acquired experience or recommend your secret formula to others who are currently going through the same problem. Not alone with these people appreciate your help and solution, but they will likely become your followers.
While trying to solve specific problems, ensure to do that only within your specialty; otherwise, you won’t achieve the aim for which you’re doing it.

3. Trail for the Hottest Topics to Discuss

Hot topics are always found in every specialty, but it does not signify that you’d find them immediately. It would either entail a bit of experimentation or require some time.

So, I’d strongly suggest hunting for the hottest topics that could lead to your online fortune – probably it may not happen to your first 100 blog posts, and the 101st may hit the SERPs, you never can tell. Thus, never say you can’t find those hot topics to write about. I’ve always found them and I’ve practiced it.
If it does not work out for you, then find another niche and create a better blog for yourself. I closed more than 3 blogs having figured out that I could create a better blog.

4. Include Pinnable Images in Your Content

Let me say this fact that I didn’t initially know about the traffic potentiality of Pinterest not until I read some blog posts recently enumerating how to drive traffic from Pinterest. I was so exhilarated about this social media platform that I had to start researching.

Once you’re done adding pinnable images to your blog posts, chances are you’ll have each of your blog posts taken onto Pinterest through those pinnable images.
After posting pinnable images to Pinterest from your blog, chances are you could see one or more of them go viral, and within a couple of days, you could be getting thousands of impressions. Then, I figured out the power of Pinterest and took it up as a powerful source of driving traffic to my blog. Pinterest truly has a great traffic potential for blogs.

5. Become an Authority in any Specific Area

If you actually think it has everything to do with solving a specific problem or creating keyword-optimized content, then you could not be more inaccurate. What becoming an authority implies is finding a topic in a specific area that you want to rank for in Google search results, and you make frantic effort subjugating the space.

In simpler terms, visit your GSC (Google Search Console) and find the keywords in demand as well as the most visited blog posts via search engine traffic. You’ll, of course, find a good number of popular posts or topics. The next step you might want to take is writing more blog content relevant to your popular posts. There you are!


Are you ready to move your blogging game to the next level? Do you really want to have a breakthrough with your blog in 2020? If yes, why not come around and let’s show you the rudiments of blogging and how that can be a game-changer for your affiliate marketing success in 2020? Check in via this route and learn more

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