5 Things You Must Do Consistently to Succeed with Your Blogging Business

By | August 19, 2020


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Every day we hear the success stories of bloggers making a six-figure income from blogging and we wonder if it is real. I know of bloggers who do not even make three figure incomes in a month.
Now, where does the disparity come from? How do some bloggers become successful while several others do not? Why does it take some bloggers a very short time to succeed while several others struggle for many years without getting it right?

Yes, I know that these and more questions do run over your mind from time to time. It is true that many bloggers make a six-figure income from blogging monthly. But that is the beautiful and interesting part of the story that every successful blogger will like to share.

How about all the struggles and learning curves that they passed through before they got it right? Many times, you don’t get to hear such stories, probably because they would not like you to get distressed or discouraged.

In truth, bloggers go through a lot of difficult, stressful, and hard work before the success begins to show.
Sometimes, you are not really sure if you are on the right path and then you keep moving from niche to niche, trying to find the one that will bring you good income. Remember that in every niche, you will find successful bloggers which means you too can succeed in any niche you choose.

There is no need to try out all the niches before you make your choice. You will not be able to grow your audience if you keep moving from niche to niche and that is what you really need to succeed. Having an audience for your blog is very important for success with your business.

What you will really need is a strategy on how you can succeed in your niche or interest. If you have a strategy, you should be able to follow it consistently as you work on your blog and grow your audience.
Sometimes, you will find a part of your strategy not working out fine; at such points, you will need to find out the problem, so you can reevaluate your strategy. But the important thing to note is that blogging success does not come so quickly.

You will have to consistently follow and repeat your strategy before you will begin to see the signs of success. Now, let’s look at some important factors you should take note of as you design your strategy and which you also need to consistently follow up on.

1. Focus on a Niche

Most times, you will succeed more if you are in a niche you have an interest in. So, it is better if you go to your niche of interest. Even in your selected niche, you need to restrict yourself to particular subject matters.
You do not need to talk about every aspect of that niche; rather, if you narrow down your interest to a particular area, you will be able to focus on what is right for a particular group of audience and it will be easy for you to draw that audience to your niche.

When you choose topics to write on, they should be topics that can relate to one another or topics that have some relevance or value it adds to your audience. Now, if you can focus on topics for a particular category of audience, it will get much easier to attract traffic to your site and get much of your audience returning to visit your site whenever they need more information or updates.
You will also be able to win their trust and develop a social relationship with them. One thing you can do with your audience is get them to subscribe to your blog as you collect their email lists and reach out to them from time to time.

2. Be Persistent

As soon as you are blogging for the right niche, you will want to begin to see the monetary results of your efforts. Often, you may not begin to earn as soon as you start blogging. It may take some time to show, just like every good thing takes some time and groundwork to be seen.

At this point, you will have to be patient and keep doing what you are doing right. You don’t need to panic; instead, you should be reviewing your analytics to know how you are progressing.
Make sure that you keep creating content on your blog. If you regularly have new blog posts, it will be much easier to attract traffic to your site

Sometimes, you should not wait for the audience to look for your site. There are many ways you can look for your audience on the internet. One important way is through social media. On every social media, there is an audience for you. So, you need to strategize on how you can reach out to these audiences through all available media

Create your brand. Having a brand is very important as it will make it easy for your audience to recognize content that comes from you wherever they meet with it. As you grow your blog, your brand and reputation will grow with it and so will your audience grow. So, a brand is very important in marketing your business to your audience

There are indices you can use to find out how your business is performing. Look out for them and use them to evaluate your business from time to time. Put in more effort as you record success with your strategy. Look for more information that can help you improve on what you are doing. And be consistent will everything that is driving success to your business. More than that, you need to always remember that your audience is the reason you are doing what you are doing, so, let every content on your site add value to them.

4. Strategize with Social Media

Social media is one way through which you can successfully grow your audience. Join groups and forums, make relevant contributions, advertise your content, follow what your competitors are doing and be consistent too.

5. Repeat all the Right Steps Over and Over Again

You need to take note of every step you have taken and know also how successfully they worked out or not. Never get tired of repeating the steps that have worked out. Do them over and over again and take note of your successes. Continue to do them as long as they bring you the desired result.


The saying that “Rome was not built in a day” can also be applied to the blogging business. Before you can reach the desired “six-figure income” point, there is much groundwork to be done and you have to consistently and routinely do them to be able to grow your audience. Just like the most successful bloggers have made it, you too can make it.
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