5 Techniques to Become a Successful Content Writer

By | February 3, 2020





Writing is a fantasy job, but is not meant for everybody. Some site owners hire writers to help them come up with product reviews and descriptions for prospectus. Sad to say, most writers would have got a better chance of coming up with product reviews and descriptions than they’d do if they had become best-selling book authors on Amazon.

While prosperous content writers appear to have a sought-after lifestyle – they schedule their work activities, work from the comfort of their home, and work as little or as much as they desire – most writers have a hard time earning a living from it. They do not have the expertise needed to be successful – reason being that no matter how intelligent they are, writing expertise wouldn’t be sufficient.

Thus, if you desire to become a prosperous writer, you need a full set of software tools for promotional skills. Here are the five techniques you need to become a successful content writer

1. A Successful Writer Doesn’t Choose Topics Arbitrarily

Formation of ideas is a marketing niche item that illustrates the innovatory process of finding a topic, headings and subheads to create on; and concept formation starts with analytics. Most idea formation is carried out using a team setup, but usually freelance writers do things all alone. And this is the reason it is great to find out how content marketing teams come up with concepts. Prior to doing that, a professional writer must:

  • Start with keyword research. From a recent study it was found that a better keyword makes Content Writing than just a content writer. If you are good at writing how-to articles, you can have most articles on your blog shared thousands of times.
  • Get to know members of their audience. Online marketers refer to it as a “Customer persona”. If you really understand your blog readers, you’ll be able to come up with the kind of content that will satisfy their appetites. You do not create for your brand or yourself, but for your audience.
  • Form a catchy title. Once you’ve got the right keyword, reader and competitor proficiency, sit back, select your topic and form a title that will captivate the vast majority of the readers. It must be a compelling and remarkable title. And most importantly, you need to mind your Meta title and Meta descriptions.

Look into the competition. Find out which content is being shared by most people? You can leverage several tools online that will assist with knowing not just what the rivals are sharing, but the quality of links they’re getting back to their content, the people that are creating blog posts about it, publishing it elsewhere and tweeting it as well.

2. A Successful Writer Must Learn Thoroughly different Content Styles

Why must a successful writer learn different content styles? This is because every content format has its own respective style. For instance, information paragraphs are the heart of the content at the top and AP, the style for delivering news.
Blogging is friendly, appealing and frequently dogmatic. White papers are lengthy; they address a challenge and provide a resolution. Ad copy is compelling and short. However, each content style writers learn turns them more demanding and valuable and each category is content.

3. A Successful Writer is an Expert in HTML, SEO, WordPress and CSS

Do not be afraid – you just need a few fundamentals. WordPress designs have different levels of programmed functionalities, and most times the only way to ensure your text shows up as you desire is to plough into the HTML/text tab and resolve a spacing issue or operate the code to create a title tag. Learning the fundamentals is really worth your time.

Up to date knowledge of search engine optimization is equally castigatory. Google algorithms evolve at constant intervals, and content writers need to update themselves. Something is left constant: Quality is always demanding. Once you can create long-form content from an original viewpoint, you will certainly be demanding.

4. A Successful Writer Must Be Unique and Original

It’s your personal dignity. You must ensure every post you publish with your name is original and unique. It may sound insane, in spite of the millions of people writing virtually similar topics, but it’s a lot easier than most people see it. Any prolific writer can come up with a unique voice or varying viewpoint.

Duplicate content is extremely deficient for SEO, unacceptable for your clients and even more unsatisfactory for you. Build your career and protect your credibility by being cautious. Prior to delivering your work, ensure to check each written work using a web plagiarism-checker. With the millions of posts out there, it’s possible to eventually come up with plagiarized articles.

5. A Successful Writer is a Social Media Expert

Brand reputation is significant. Everything needed by you is put within your control by Social Media. Grow your ideal audience, build rapport with industry specialists and reach out to publishers. Once your write-up gets published, you’ve just started with the fun. The more active you stay on social channels, the more probably the number of followers you’ll get to share your content. A successful writer is friendly, public and active.

Thus, consider successful writing. Content writers are search engine optimization experts, marketing specialists, social media managers and on-page programmers. With the right expertise in place, you will be successful and discover that your work is unique in the whole world.


You can become a professional content writer by putting everything into constant practice, writing an article of 1,000+ words per day. No one was really born with these skills. We all got in here and started learning it. We learned and became experts like we attended the college and bagged degrees in our respective disciplines.

Being a blog owner and content writer, there’s nothing so significant like finding every possible chance to create content. Your content is your online asset. It stands as your valuables that you can always refer to. It creates passive income streams for you and lets you make cool money even while sleeping or in office.

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