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This review is to show you the important features of 3dcart affiliate program and to help you make your choice – using these factors – to either go for the 3dcart affiliate program or not. The reason you must read this review is that, it’s not every affiliate program that deserves your time and resources.
Having said this, it is one thing to find the right affiliate program to participate in; it’s the other to get the right traffic to your affiliate link in building a successful passive income Business Online.

What Is the 3dcart Affiliate Program?

The 3dcart affiliate program is a program, like most other affiliate programs, designed to enable online entrepreneurs to make money in the form of commissions by proposing 3dcart’s products and services to others.
An affiliate, by recommending the products and services to others, stands to earn a percentage of the sales made to those he refers.
3dcart is a software and service provider for dropshipping and e-commerce businesses. An affiliate can key into the program by promoting their wide variety of solutions for individuals and Enterprise businesses.
It’s worth being noted that this review is not entirely about 3dcart products and services, but about the 3dcart affiliate program as well.


Though 3dcart does not give you a recurring commission structure, it gives you a massive upfront commission fee on their products – most of which are subscription-based – you make people purchase.
On every product you sell, you get a commission of 300% for the first month of the purchase.
They offer you such a huge amount because they do not offer a recurring commission. Though the recurring commission sounds so nice, in most of the affiliate programs, the recurring commission is not feasible. So, it is not a bad deal being offered an upfront commission of 300%.

In fact, it is not only 3dcart that uses the upfront commission structure. The upfront commission comes as a flat pay. Most web hosting companies employ a flat fee of $30 to $50 for any of their products sold.
The only area where the 3dcart affiliate program differs is that, no matter how expensive their products you sell are, they still give you the 300% of their sold product as a commission, instead of a flat pay.
You should also note it, that the commission is not the end in making money through an affiliate program. You should still have a close watch for a good conversion rate.
So, when you have a combination of a good commission structure, a decent conversion rate, and a great marketing strategy; you have a healthy affiliate program.
To rate them in the area of commissions, they have a 5-star rating.

Tracking Cookie

3dcart offers a 120-day cookie period. This is an outstanding cookie. And what does this mean? When someone clicks on your 3dcart affiliate link and makes a purchase from 3dcart within the 120 days period, you earn your commission.
What is common among affiliate programs in most niches is a 30-day cookie period. It is, therefore, hard for one to turn his eyes away from an affiliate program that offers an amazing 120-day cookie.

In most cases, tracking cookies are under-looked by most affiliate marketers and affiliate programs. It is even absorbed that most affiliate programs do not list the tracking cookie and prospective affiliates do not also bother.
It should be noted that there is a correlation between the length of the cookie and the conversion rate, most especially when the items you deal in are high ticket ones.
3dcart has a variety of expensive software products and services. So, you will not want to lose the great commission that will come from selling this due to the short-duration cookie.

How You Can Promote 3dcart?


  • If you are a blogger, write a post about 3d affiliate and include your link.
  • If you have a list of subscribers, you can send them articles of 3dcart including your affiliate link.
  • You can as well promote 3dcart on your social media accounts.
  • If you have a youtube channel, you can create a video where you explain what 3dcart is all about and leave your affiliate link in the description.
  • Also, if you have a website, you can place banners and affiliate link on your site.

3dcart Brand Popularity

This is the only aspect where 3dcart scores less. Other aspects have impressive ratings. The reason for the low score is that 3dcart is not among the most popular e-commerce solution providers.
While promoting 3dcart, you might find yourself explaining the kinds of software products and services that 3dcart provides its users and let them see why it is a better solution than other brands in the industry.

As an affiliate, the popularity affects you in the sense that, it takes you a lot of time and effort to promote them. Although you are not directly affected by the brand unpopularity, you have to take your time to explain to people.
As an affiliate, you are left with the responsibility to consider if the program is worth your time, or if it would be better you choose a more popular brand.
Most times, you find it worthy to dedicate your time and effort to promoting a brand that is well-known to your audience.

3dcart Conversion Potential

3dcart has impressive overall potential. They also offer the best affiliate terms and you cannot do away with a good commission rate and a great cookie which are unusual to get from most other affiliate programs.
For you to make a decent passive income that you desire, you need to belong to an affiliate program that converts at a decent rate.
One amazing thing about the 3dcart conversion potential is that they have services and products for a wide range of income levels for individuals and businesses.


3dcart is an incredible program to partake in. They have one of the best sets of terms to find in the e-commerce or Software-as-a-service niches.
There is rarely anything you would not like about this program. Though they are not the most popular in the industry, you can curb this with a clever means of promotion.
The best way to go about this is to work out what your audience wants and use this to your advantage by comparing the 3dcart best features with other brands in the industry.



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