3 Good Ways to Monetize a WordPress Blog

By | January 26, 2020




How to monetize your  blog

Years ago, when WordPress was first started, it was known as a basic blogging platform. Back then, people could implement website installation even without the knowledge of HTML.
These days, WordPress has grown wider and bigger than a mere blogging platform. It is leveraged as a structure for building blogging portals, e-commerce websites, membership websites, and many more. This comes via the use of blogging functionalities introduced by themes and plugins.
Themes create the feel and look of your website while plug-ins suffice with WordPress the same way mobile apps do with androids and Smartphone. Research shows that more than 30 percent of sites on the web are powered by WordPress.

Earning with WordPress

As part of the effort to monetize your blog with WordPress, you simply need to strategize your business. Earning with WordPress isn’t some sort of magic. It only requires a bit of self-denial and some online searches to acquire certain skills on how to do it.
While there are numerous ways to set up a business leveraging WordPress, the most prominent way for most potential entrepreneurs to kick-start with monetizing a WordPress website online is:

  1. Building out great content on your blog
  2. Sending visitors to your content via free promotional techniques and paid ads
  3. Leveraging that traffic to monetize your blog via affiliate marketing or Google AdSense

3 Ways to Earn via WordPress

These money-making programs are quite easy to join and leverage on your website. Here are the fundamental ways to monetize with WordPress:

1. Build out Quality Content

Quality content is content that readers love to read even down the page. It has to be well curated and unique. Quality content aims at solving other people’s problems and responding to their questions like “What are the Good Ways to Monetize a WordPress Blog?”
Quality content is such that educates, entertains, or does both. To identify the kind of content that really does well on the web, you need to focus on how-to and list posts.
By now, you’ll have read several list posts and seen how readable and digestible they are. They can be structured as “11 Steps to Print a Book” or “Nine Great Ways to lose body weight”. Obviously, this very post is a sort of list article because it explains three ways to monetize a WordPress blog.
The type of content that seems to be more in-depth and self-explanatory is the how-to posts. Whichever question sounds like How to may be responded to in any how-to post. It could be similar to any of the following illustrations:

  • How to book a coaching session with clients
  • How to start a blog and monetize it via Google AdSense

Once you’re done building out a ton of quality articles, start promoting the content and earn some decent amount of traffic.

2. Drive Real, Targeted Visitors to Your Blog Content

When we mention Traffic, we simply refer to human readers who visit your blog to read. You have a good number of ways to send visitors to a WordPress integrated site. Here are 5 great ways:

  • Forum posting: Forums are a great avenue for you to participate in discussions, help others out of one problem or the other, solve specific problems, share useful thoughts with others and create threads. Most forums would allow you adding a signature so that this appears at the bottom of every thread and reply you post to the forum. This way, you can earn a lot of referral traffic to your WordPress blog. This is popularly known as Forum Marketing and it can help you build backlinks to your WordPress site which is a significant factor for Google ranking.


  • SEO: This is called Search Engine Optimization, which involves the practice of applying some special skills that lead to ranking your blog high on search engine results pages (SERPs). Implementing the numerous SEO tactics isn’t that daunting, but it involves identifying the working strategies.


  • Guest Blogging: This involves writing quality articles for other blog owners in your industry. It’s a great source of generating quality blog traffic and it can as well help build a ton of high-quality backlinks which helps in improving your overall Google PageRank. While guest posting can be so helpful in building backlinks and traffic, it’s a center of attraction for Google, as they focus much more attention on it than other traffic-driving methods. You can get penalized by Google if used solely for link building.


  • Reddit: Like in online forums, Reddit is a great social network where you share personal opinions, help others answer their questions and gain some valuable clicks back to your own site.


  • Facebook Paid Ads: Facebook is equally a great social media platform where you can kick-start your advertising campaign for as low as $3 per day. Though there are many people out there who are earning paid traffic from Facebook ads, it may not work out for you upfront. You need to start first with a low budget, then increase later once you’ve tested things out and you’ve got to know what really works for your Ad campaigns.
    Once you’ve built out a lot of content and have started sending real visitors to that blog, the next step should be to monetize it:


3. Making Money with Your WordPress Blog

While there are numerous ways to make money via a WordPress blog, the most viable way, especially for the newbie is either joining the Amazon affiliate network or monetizing via Google AdSense, or both. Through Google AdSense, you’re allowed to run advertisers’ ads on your blog and earn a share of the revenue.
Through the Amazon affiliate network, you’re given the chance to link to a product listed on Amazon and you receive a due commission on buying through your link/


Monetizing a WordPress blog is absolutely feasible. To get the hang of it, time, energy and resources may have to be dedicated to it, but there’s nothing sweeter than earning that first dollar from a website you own.
Do you want to start making money from your own website this 2020? You need to receive some important certifications first and these are provided in full on Wealthy Affiliate. If you are truly ready to start making money online via your own website, don’t hesitate check it out here.

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