10 Things to Make and Sell for Extra Revenue

By | November 8, 2019


Several people desire crafts and arts but never leverage that additional expertise to make money. If you’re artistic or crafty and have the space and time to make your artistic items in large quantities, there are a myriad of items to sell for extra dollars from home. As a matter of fact, with a little scheduling, you can come up with a home business leveraging your own crafty expertise.
A home arts business is not meant for everyone, but it is a great way to earn extra income and, at the same time, get accolades for your awesome creations. If you are interested in selling items, you will also have official business tasks to deal with. It’s ideal to plan from the onset how you’re going to complete those tasks, such as making customer receipts, bookkeeping, filing income taxes, and finding suppliers.


  • Nurture your crafty spirit
  • Earn money leveraging your hobby
  • Adjust your inventory if you ever start getting bored
  • Work at your own pace
  • Follow many alternatives for selling your items offline and online


  • You may not possibly make enough profit to cover all your overhead expenses and time (packaging, materials, etc.)
  • Building inventory and coming up with crafts can be time-consuming
  • You may have to collect sales tax from customers and file a return to remit that to the relevant tax authority
  • Coming up with the same items again and again may become tedious and repetitive

If earning extra cash from your creativity sounds exciting, much like fun, and full of of abilities, here are 10 crafty ideas to create and sell, with tips on where and how you can create your hand-made goods.

1. Jewelry

High-quality home-crafty jewelry is famous because every item is particularly unique. A benefit to jewelry is that it’s compact and extremely easy to pack when it comes to taking to craft fairs and shipping. Materials for jewelry can differ and they include hand-craft stones, crystal, polymer clay, leather, and many more.

2. Décor/Art

Most people desire unique crafty works to be displayed in their offices and homes. Creativity does not have to be about painting alone. It can also include fabric-made wall hangings, photographs, wall stickers, and many more. Plus, it does not have to be hung on the wall. You can come up with decorative items that sit on a bookshelf or mantle




3. Bath/Soap Products

Handmade bath and soap products are famous, especially if they are created with natural products and for sensitive skin. You can get molds; make regular bar soap, and dyes to create colors and shapes. You can as well add scent to your items. Aside from soaps, you can come up with bubble bath, bath bombs, and lotions. These products can bring about repeat sales since they are consumable products.

4. Candles

Like soap, you produce candles in a myriad of colors, shapes, and scents. Plus, you can make use of unique products for housing those candles, like teacups, mason jars, and shells.

5. Sewn Items

If you’re good at sewing, there are a couple of things you can simply make and sell, such as coin pouches, purses, pillow covers, bags, blankets, aprons, pot holders, and many more. You can as well sew clothing, such as children’s doll clothes, costumes, and dresses.

6. Organizers

Several people need help organizing and storing their daily offices and household items. While a plastic bin or cup of coffee can suffice, several people love to purchase unique decorative products. These include painted glass or wooden utensil holders, decorative boxes for photographs or file storage, pencil holders, and many more.

7. Decorative, Cups, Dishes and Glasses

Are you skilful with a paintbrush? Painted cups, dishes, and glasses, most especially wine glasses are famous. Or you can simply engrave on a Mason jar or beer stein. Instead of engraving or painting, you can utilize decoupage while decorating kitchen items. Decorative mugs, dishes, and glasses bring about good gifts, which turn them, an ideal item to make.

8. Pins/Magnets

A lot of people desire to buy individualized buttons, magnets, or pins to give away to their prospective customers. Or you can create your unique products and begin a trend.

9. Pet Items

Some people admire their pets and love to impair their downy friends; thus, creating a home business in the pet niche is a great idea. Products you can create for this market include clothes, pet beds, and collars. Additionally, you can come up with decorative products, such as a locket or arts that are capable of holding the pet’s image.

10. Paper Goods

One benefit to making paper items is that, in most cases, you can sell them virtually. You can make an individualized planner, stickers, checklists, and these can be presented as a virtual file that the clients can print from their end (they can purchase sticker paper at the office warehouse.)

How to Sell Your Products

Once your goods are made, it is high time they got them ready for sale. Here are good tips to turn your products into revenue:

  • Brand your goods: Look for a way to include your business name, personal name, site, or other contact details on every item. This may be a home-printed information or sticker on the company’s card paper. If your clients are requesting more, they can easily reach out to you.
  • Price your goods for profit: While you wouldn’t want your products to be overpriced, you want to ensure that you cover your time, not just the cost of materials alone.
  • Target a particular type of clients: For instance, several authors look out for unique swag products that come with images of their books attached with them, such as charm bracelets, earrings, and many more.

Where to Sell Your Items

Once you’re done creating your items, it’s time to sell them. The awesome news is you have a lot of opportunities to sell products, and in most cases, you don’t get out of home.

Digital Places to Sell Your Homemade Crafts

One of the most popular resources for people to sell their hand-craft items is Etsy, but there are still places you can have your items listed and sold, such as:

  1. Artfire
  2. Aftcra
  3. Dawanda
  4. Handmade at Amazon
  5. Handmadeology Market
  6. Handmade Artists
  7. iCraft Gifts
  8. Hyena Cart
  9. Zibbet
  10. Made It Myself

Offline Places to Sell Your Homemade Crafts

Online places aren’t your only choice to sell goods. Selling face-to-face simply means no stress of packing or shipping.

  1.  Bazaars
  2. Craft Fairs
  3. Farmers Markets
  4. Consignment in local shops
  5. Local events that allow vendors.

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  1. Barry Ovb

    Being creative is gold. Creativity is needed every where and crestives are earning alot these days. Art is one lucrative stuff to do. It may not be easy because one may not get good pay at the start but definitely if a good deal shows up, that one deal can change your life forever. I was surprised when I read an article of an being sold for millions of pounds; I got blown away!

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      Hi Barry, thanks for visiting! I agree with you that at the beginning, it ‘s not easy to sell your products but  passion is a good booster.

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    If you are creative and artistic then you can make some good money by doing work that you enjoy. 

    I have always enjoyed art. I like drawing and painting. I am also a musician an I am I guitarist to be specific, 

    The key is to have a good fan base. Have lots of people checking out what you have for sale and become an expert on what you selling. 

    Spend time with people and find out what it is that they need more of that you can help them with. 

    Do they have stains on their couch cushions, find a Afghan and put it over the middle. This is an awesome article and very cool to read. Thanks very much for this, 

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    Unimaginable are the things I can see on this post as the various ways and things that can be created by individuals like us to generate enough interest and money through their sales. Thank you. It seems rather small but then, most people would want to buy anything that makes them unique and lovely more than the normal ones by just adding a little bit of creativity to it. Great post

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  5. Wildecoll

    Art and craft is now a very common thing in every society and it’s making waves in so many places. It’s true that it can be time consuming and also not be able to make as much as its always expected of it, for those who would love to use it as discount gifts and also sell, it’s good, what is essential here is the mindset that you have to make you understand it is not a get rich quick business.

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    To some extent, i think people are making some money from Craft and artworks that are handmade like the ones you’ve mentioned in this article, it’s actually true that it’s always hard to make a great deal of money for may people but I know of some stores that sells online for a quite reasonable price and I know they’ll definitely make profits. I’ll all depends on how much energy and time you have to invest into it. It’s nice to read this post.

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    A long time ago I wanted to start a sideline to get extra income, thank you very much for providing this. Many people like to do handicrafts, you don’t need very professional knowledge or equipment to do the work. The question then is how to get your customers to buy your product. Innovative and beautiful. Everyone loves something unique. Selling your product may not be a difficult thing on the internet.

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    Foe a side hustle, this is nice but for someone with a busy schedule and time fix it’s not advisable as he or she won’t be able to meet up with the demands because these crafts takes time to be made. I’ll like to chip in something, there are many other things that can be done online that makes you too and reasonable earnings like photography, Blogging, affiliate marketing, they are all home online businesses that can be done remotely from anywhere. This post is very helpful.

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